No Child's Game: Reality TV 2083

No Child s Game Reality TV None

  • Title: No Child's Game: Reality TV 2083
  • Author: Andrea White
  • ISBN: 9780060851002
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I picked this book up at the Warehouse Sale -- it is excellent. Set in futuristic 2083, society has been decimated by poverty and lack of food. The federal government has taken over education and history is taught by a kind of historical survivor game. Only in these historical event games, people really do die. This time, the education secretary has chosen five 14-year old kids to re-create William Perry's journey to the South Pole. In real life, Perry and his team perished; so the cards are st [...]

    2. Students have been recommending this book for years but I was unable to get near it until this year when I snuck in and grabbed it while the librarian was giving a lecture to the students.It's really good. The one thing I didn't like about it was the ending. I'd have liked to have stayed with the team that went through to the end. I also have a hard time believing that Americans could agree 99.7% with anything.Still, this is good escapist reading. I will definitely be recommending it during the [...]

    3. It was OK, but half of the book was spent leading up to the point of them leaving for Antarctica. So I was not very interested until that point. Was very slow

    4. The Death Race Have you ever watched one of those reality shows where people have to go against each other and to race to somewhere to win a contest? So the book I am reading, "No Child's Game", is pretty much about the same thing but with a twist. The reality show is about five fourteen year olds racing to the finish line which is on the other side of Antarctica. On the way, there are problems that they have to face in order to win, one problem is that they encounter people and things that will [...]

    5. 9/19: In this book the are 5 kids who are selected to travel to Antarctica for a game show. In this the kids face a lot of problems in Antarctica, which in this book no one lives, I think that this book has a lot of themes, I think that the theme of the book could be that you can do anything that you put your mind to because these kids face a lot of challenges but persevere and manage to survive, for example on page 258 one of the kids, Andrew gets his toes badly frost bitten when he gets caught [...]

    6. No Childs Game was a very interesting book because it had a totally different atmosphere than what we experience today. It reminded me of the Hunger Games because their government controlled everything they did. They watch the education on T.V. instead of going to a school, they have a coin toss to decide if you will be rich or poor, and they use a T.V. show, typically ending in death, to entertain everyone. There isn’t one narrator for the entire book, it switches between each character and t [...]

    7. No Child's Game is the story of a futuristic society where the television game, Survivor, has taken on a whole new meaning. Contestants are now part of a life and death game recreating famous events in history, such as, Civil War Historical Survivor, Bubonic Plague Historical Survivor, and Alamo Historical Survivor. The script of these events is controlled by the Secretary of Entertainment whose job is to educate the masses through television since only a very few are allowed to go to school if [...]

    8. Not a bad little book although like so many "kidbooks," the idea is much better than the execution.The premise is very good: A futuristic Survivor TV show that is based on impossible historical situations and contestants can, like, die? Historical Survivor: Little Big Horn, Historical Survivor: Donner Party, etc.And now Historical Survivor: Robert F. Scott's Antarctic Expedition but with kids. Who might die! I like the way author Andrea White incorporates actual diary entries from the Scott pa [...]

    9. This was a pretty good one. The characters were likable, and I felt very invested in their success. I especially enjoyed Steve, the video editor who wanted to help them and ended up saving them by being the voice of Birdie Bowers.This was an exciting book, and it had some interesting themes. It explored just how far reality TV can go. In this case, people all over the nation watched on TV as five kids would likely die. However, in the end, due to Steve's heroism and the kids' determination, it t [...]

    10. An epic story of survival as five kids are thrown into the middle of Antarctica to re-enact Robert F. Scott's Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. In real life, Scott's expedition perished and all died. Set in the year 2083, the reality show Historical Survivor takes adults and has them re-enact events from history like Historical Survivor: Donner Party or Historical Survivor: Little Big Horn. In this show, people die. This season, however, it's Historical Survivor: Antarctica. And with kids [...]

    11. If you liked the Hunger Games, you would love this one. The book is based on Scott's expedition to the Antarctic. Kids are chosen to relive the expedition and it is televised on TV. Kids quickly learn that calamities are set up to mimick those events of Scott's journey. However, some one intervenes to help the kids. Will the kids survive? What will happen to those that intervene on the show?

    12. This book takes place in the future when Reality TV has taken the place of education. Five 14 year olds are sent alone to recreate the race to be first to get to the south pole. They have only the equipment, food, animals and clothing worn by Scott and his men in the early 1900's. The race is filmed with tiny cameras implanted in the kids's eyes. It is not a great book but I enjoyed reading it and I think upper elemudents would like it a lot.

    13. Finally got through this one during exam week when I had nothing to read. I didn't like it very well, but it was worth reading. Some of the things at the end didn't make sense, like they either should've happened a long time ago or not happened at all. I would at least try it, but don't spend all your time on it.

    14. I gave this book four out of five stars because it was suspenseful and exciting although I did not particularly like the way some of the characters were made to act. I would recommend this book to teens because they would easily relate to the characters in the story who are teens around the age of fourteen years old.

    15. I think this book is the best book I've ever read I love it. But I think there should be a second one because I think Steve meeting Billy,Polly and Andrew at the end wasn't enough, there should be a second one about Robert and Graces journey to the pole. And what Billy,Polly,Andrew and Steve do when they meet.

    16. I didn't expect to like this, but I do. I think anyone who loved Hunger Games would probably enjoy this book. It got me from the first page, but then I like dystopian fiction a lot. The only disappointment is that it ended very abruptly.

    17. Maybe it was the kids' teamwork or maybe it was the plot, but this book was way better than I thought it would be. I loved the different points of view and their actual journey through the snow and ice. I'm surprised it's not that well-known, because i really enjoyed it.

    18. Started reading in elementary school or middle school but never got around to finishing it, I lost interest and time to read it about half way through. I remember it being an interesting story so I want to go back and actually finish it.See Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 for full review.

    19. I absolutely loved this book. I am amazed at the courage that the kids had. And I am also impressed with their survival skills. I hope that the author has written a sequel. She did a fantastic job with the book.

    20. Awesome!! Amazing!! Very unique story!! I loved everything about it. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Reminded me a bit of the "Hunger Games". A must read if you love adventure.

    21. This book is almost like a frontrunner for the hunger games. However, in this story participation was voluntary, it is not nearly as violent or graphic and resolves itself in one book.

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