Roots of the Reformation

As a faithful Catholic, Karl Adam gives a historically sensitive and accurate analysis of the causes of the Reformation, one that stands as a valid and sometimes unsettling challenge to the presuppositions of Protestants and Catholics alike.
Roots of the Reformation As a faithful Catholic Karl Adam gives a historically sensitive and accurate analysis of the causes of the Reformation one that stands as a valid and sometimes unsettling challenge to the presupposi

  • Title: Roots of the Reformation
  • Author: Karl Adam
  • ISBN: 9780970262103
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Roots of the Reformation”

    1. An excellent look at what lead up to and the start of the Protestant Reformation. It reminds me of Dicken's famous opening line "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The situation of the Church at that time could boast of various saints, reform movements, the writing of "The Imitations of Christ", wide availability of devotional materials. But also extremely worldly and corrupt clergy, religious life, along with its echo among the laity. The situation in Germany was already in tu [...]

    2. Adam's gives a fair and well thought out explanation of the historical background and thoughts of reformers and counter-reformers of the most turbulent time in Church history from the times of the Church's youth.

    3. Professor Adam presents clearly written and very informative work. He undertook this in an effort to support the movement in Germany to reunite the Lutheran and Catholic denominations. He presents lessons for both denominations.

    4. this book is highly informative. I didn't know the history of the reformation. If you have questions, as i did, you should read this book!

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