Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was one busy man He had a country to run And a war to win And a family to care for But when it came time to honor all the soldiers who had died in the great battle of Gettysburg, President Lincoln still took time to say a few words Two hundred and seventy one to be exact Here is a true story about a great man and his famous speech.
Just a Few Words Mr Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was one busy man He had a country to run And a war to win And a family to care for But when it came time to honor all the soldiers who had died in the great battle of Gettysburg Presi

  • Title: Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln
  • Author: Jean Fritz Charles Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780448401706
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This level 3 book about Abraham Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg is well written, and presents President Lincoln as a real person, not just a politician or leader. Children will enjoy it, and there are some details I was not aware of, and I have done quite a bit of reading about Lincoln.

    2. Main Character/s: Abraham LincolnSetting: 1863 in Gettysburg, PAPOV: Narrator (focus on Abraham Lincoln)Summary: This book is a historical true account based on Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and his journey leading up to that memorable speech in history is the main focus of the book. In this book Abraham Lincoln is currently the President and he is fighting two important battles, Civil War and slavery. Lincoln has a lot of pressure on him to win the Civil War and perman [...]

    3. The book entitled “Just a Few Words” is an interesting historical read appropriate for 2nd-3rd grade. The book highlights the era in which Abraham Lincoln was president and what obstacles an issues that took place in the era in the 1800s such as the battle at Gettysburg. The book explains in a way that children can understand the issues that President Lincoln faced with the circumstances of slavery as well as northern and southern states wanting to be separate. The book exposes historical fa [...]

    4. This is a Penguin Young Readers Level 4 Fluent Reader, Guided Reading Level "N" book. It has lots and lots of text in an easy to read font for kids, colorful illustrations and a soft cover. There is also good contrast between the color of the pages and the type, which is easier for young eyes to read.This book gives a different perspective of Abraham Lincoln the man, the father, the President, and the writing of the Gettysburg Address and it's delivery, than what is commonly taught in school. Th [...]

    5. Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln is a non-fiction book for Primary readers. The book offers background leading up to Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address, which includes information on the Civil War. A very simple, yet poignant book for a young reader to be able to learn a bit of history on their own.I rated the book 4 stars. I found it to be an interesting, age-appropriate book that would hold the interest of a primary reader and would teach them historical facts. The drawings in the book a [...]

    6. This book was about the Gettysburg Address and the events that led up to it. Lincoln was fighting two battles, the Civil War, and slavery. As the battles between the north and south raged on, the south began to win more and more. Finally at the Battle of Gettysburg the north had a victory, but many had died. Abraham Lincoln went to Gettysburg to give a speech; it lasted only a few minutes, but went down as one of the most famous speeches in history.

    7. This book focuses on the Gettysburg Address but does provide some wonderful background information on the status of the nation at the time (engaged in a great civil war) and Lincoln's duties as a president. It is simplified, in both concepts and vocabulary, which is appropriate for the intended audience. I enjoyed the incorporation of real photographs with the illustrations.

    8. A wonderful advanced elementary school reader book filled with fascinating information about Abraham Lincoln, his family, the Civil War, his writing of the Gettysburg Address, his delivery and the people’s response to that speech. Jean Fritz did a wonderful job covering so much in so few pages, much as Lincoln himself did with his 271 few but powerful words.

    9. Abraham Lincoln is such a giant of a man. This is the short and true version of his 10 sentence dedication of the cemetery outside Gettysburg, PA. I love how connected he was to his 4 boys--only 2 of whom survived to adulthood. One author talks about how he and Mary were very non-traditional parents when the mantra of the day was that "children should be seen and not heard".

    10. Every child deserves to read Jean Fritz books. Well researched, a touch of humor and fascinating small facts. I continue to love history because of Fritz's writing.

    11. Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln is a book about when Abraham Lincoln wrote and gave the Gettysburg Address. It has great pictures and information. The book brings Mr. Lincoln to life. Read and enjoy.

    12. This would be an awesome book for a unit on American Presidents!!! Such a good book about Lincoln and his story.

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