Final Deceit

Trapped in the rubble that once was the auditorium of The New Creation cult, Las Vegas Homicide Detectives Payce Halligan and Gavin McAllister struggle to make it out alive as police, politicians and the powerful head of the cult follow their own agendas of murder, revenge and insanity.
Final Deceit Trapped in the rubble that once was the auditorium of The New Creation cult Las Vegas Homicide Detectives Payce Halligan and Gavin McAllister struggle to make it out alive as police politicians and

  • Title: Final Deceit
  • Author: P.I. Barrington
  • ISBN: 9781612520117
  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Article first published as Book Review:Final Deceit: Future Imperfect Book Three by P.I. Barrington on Blogcritics.In a third installment of Future Imperfect Book Three, P. I. Barrington brings to a close the final saga of her gritty and suspense filled trilogy in a futuristic world. In the previous book, three of the Las Vegas Police force personnel along with a news anchor, were lost underground after an internal power struggle within the New Creation Religious community. They were all present [...]

    2. Final Deceit – Future Imperfect Book Three – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat“We’re here at the scene of last night’s devastating blast that literally ripped apart the huge auditorium owned by The New Creation religious community, destroying the building while a service was being conducted. We have no idea how many people were in that building, and no information on how many may be injured or even dead. If you’re looking at the second news drone, you can see [...]

    3. Barrington pens an edge of your set suspense with "Final Deceit." Set in the near future, detectives Gavin McAllister and Payce Halligan find themselves buried under the rubble of the New Creation explosion. Will finding out the secrets of the New Creation destroy Gavin and Payce's chance at happiness?Set immediately after book two, "Miraculous Deception" ends, the New Creation's above ground facilities are in ruins, but the underground catacombs are still functional. Payce, Gavin, Nick, Amy, an [...]

    4. Wow, P.I. Barrington does it again. I’ve been on the lookout for this third installment of the FUTURE IMPERFECT series, and the last volume was worth the wait.As I’ve mentioned in past reviews, this series is not for the casual reader, even one who likes to pick up in the middle of the action. One would be lost. FINAL DECEPTION begins within moments of Book Two, with the New Order Creation auditorium in ruins after a bomb, and the futuristic Las Vegas in chaos. It took me several pages to re [...]

    5. The Future Imperfect series goes out with a bang as Final Deceit, the third book in the sci-fi trilogy by P. I. Barrington, most definitely measures up to its’ predecessors, Crucifying Angel and Miraculous Deception, and in cliffhanger style, begins where Deception leaves off.The year is 2032. After an explosion rocks the New Creations compound, trapping hundreds, not everyone is present and accounted for. Payce, Gavin and the others find themselves entombed beneath mounds of broken concrete a [...]

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