All Falling Down

Flower petals, leaves, apples, snow and rain all fall down, but Jimmy does not fall because Daddy catches him.
All Falling Down Flower petals leaves apples snow and rain all fall down but Jimmy does not fall because Daddy catches him

  • Title: All Falling Down
  • Author: Gene Zion Margaret Bloy Graham
  • ISBN: 9780437893505
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Board book
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    1 thought on “All Falling Down”

    1. • 1952 Caldecott Honor Book •Quiet book with poetic-like text and great illustrations. This is all about things that fall down like rain, snow and leaves. I think this would have been my pick for the Caldecott Winner in ’52. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    2. This book holds up so well (1952 Caldecott Honor), perhaps b/c gravity still works the same way. This book shows all the things that fall down.

    3. This book reminds me a lot of All the World, which is easily my favorite picture book published since I was a child. The story is all about the concept of things falling down, but like All the World, it includes a lot of images of kids enjoying nature and engaging in activities not explicitly stated by the text. The illustrations lack any sort of ethnic or racial diversity, which is somewhat disappointing, but the figures have very sweet faces and the whole book has sort of a comforting feeling, [...]

    4. All falling asleep.Pretty boring book. The pictures are very quaintly 1950s. A man walking a dachshund, wearing a plaid jacket, with a cigar between his two fingers makes me think of Disney cartoons from that era. Everything just looks precious.It's basically a long prose poem with a sentence or two on each page about various things that fall, most of which are natural like rain and shadows. There's really not much to it, just a list of things that fall. The premise itself isn't very interesting [...]

    5. 1952 Caldecott HonorFavorite Line: Petals fall from the flowers gently on the table . . . gaily in the wind.Favorite illustration: The illustration that accompanies the above line, with the living room and the cat at the french doors.Kid-appeal today: I enjoyed this short and sweet book about all the different things that can fall down. I think preschoolers and kindergartners would still like this book.

    6. Caldecott Honor: 1952. Favorite illustration: the children playing in the park.Several things fall in life: leaves, water, apples, snow, and stars, to name a few.This is a gentle flowing, sweet little story about the world around us, especially from the point of view of a young child. The illustrations are adorable and match the text beautifully. I definitely enjoyed this better than the 1952 winner and would have chosen this for the award.

    7. The illustrations feel a bit dated, but the downward movement throughout the story is a very inventive approach to the yearly cycle, turned on its head by the upward exuberance of a father's love for his son.

    8. **** Caldecott Honor (1952) ****Gentle scenes of objects falling, snow, sand castles, flower petals, shadows and stars. Very pleasant.

    9. Thank goodness for a short book on #nerdcott list. After all the lengthy books of the 30's and 40's, it was nice to have a 5 minute read.

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