I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 02

After the sudden disappearance of Black Rabbit from her blog, a series of surprises continues to shake up Hikage s world What if someone you met online turned out to be someone you knew in real life In this volume, Hikage, Hinata, and Teru overcome jealousy and betrayal, and together learn valuable lessons about friendship, love, and forgiveness.This bundles features volAfter the sudden disappearance of Black Rabbit from her blog, a series of surprises continues to shake up Hikage s world What if someone you met online turned out to be someone you knew in real life In this volume, Hikage, Hinata, and Teru overcome jealousy and betrayal, and together learn valuable lessons about friendship, love, and forgiveness.This bundles features volumes 3,4,5.
I Am Here Omnibus Vol After the sudden disappearance of Black Rabbit from her blog a series of surprises continues to shake up Hikage s world What if someone you met online turned out to be someone you knew in real life I

  • Title: I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 02
  • Author: Ema Tōyama Ema Tōyama
  • ISBN: 9781935429432
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I really loved volume one, and I'm very happy that I can say that I liked volume two every bit as much. There's a love triangle here, which normally makes me cringe. But it was handled very nicely here. Both boys really liked and respected Hikage, and they remain friendly towards each other until they think that the other has been pressuring Hikage into choosing him. No friends are lost over this. It's a very sweet romance over all. I also liked the bonus story, featuring Mega Pig from Hikage's [...]

    2. This was cute, but being too predictable ruined this series for me. Sadly, I knew who Hikage was going to end up with before the middle of the book, even though the author did give the twist about the identity of Black Rabbit.It was just that there was way too much of a slant towards Hinata in all of these books. Teru was never given a chance to get a relationship with Hikage (and didn't get the OMG he's so great thing), so I knew he was out of the picture almost right away in terms of choice. S [...]

    3. *Spoiler Free Review*“I am Here!” is a concise and sweet shoji manga that any introvert will appreciate at least, and love at best. Written and illustrated by Ema Toyama “I am Here!” or the Japanese title “Ko Ko Ni Iru Yo!”/“ココにいるよ!” consists of five tankoban originally but was brought to us here in the United States by Kodansha into two well constructed omnibuses with extra content that wasn’t released in it’s original serialization in Nakayoshi.I would recomme [...]

    4. I thought this was a good story til the end. There are still some questions I would like answered and it makes me wonder if there is going to be a third one, although others that I have talked to said no.

    5. The continuing saga of the ever kinda Hikage as she continues doing her best to step out of a shade of shyness that hides her from those around her. The truth about Black Rabbit is out (we also see something about Mega Pig in a bonus story at the end) and trouble brews as Teru finally understands how important she is to him as well causing a rift between him and his best friend Hinata who both helped Hikage make friends.I can't help but feel for the various characters in the story as love is que [...]

    6. Following up my reread of I am Here! Omnibus Vol 01, I reread Vol 2. I still feel it's weaker than part 1, but it is still a good read. I still recommend this series to anyone who loves a sappy tale about a lonely girl.

    7. I loved where this story went! Not only does Hikage find a little more of herself, but so do Teru and Hinata in this one. And while I would have liked to see a little more concrete of an ending, I like the openness of the final chapter Toyama gives us. So glad I found this one!

    8. It got better but not by much. I am glad I havethe whole series though so my students get to see the whole storyline.

    9. ~4/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]This little series was very adorable. I am a big fan.I really like Hikage. She’s quiet and shy and invisible and doesn’t know how to open up, even if she wants to. But she has a blog, where she posts often, with pictures she’s taken, and talks about her daily life and struggle with shyness.You guys, I understand Hikage. I get it. I get it so much. I really feel for her. It’s part of what made this series so enjoyable for me, how much I feel for h [...]

    10. So this series is basically kimi ni todoke meets densha otoko. And yes, I've been excited about writing that description since the minute I thought of it. :D It's sweet and Hikage's growth is well done for the confines of a two volume series. I'd check out kimi ni todoke for a more sustained look at the same concept but I definitely liked this too.The first part of this volume is concerned with Hikage trying to find out who Black Rabbit is after he disappears online and she begins to suspect he [...]

    11. One of the most interesting things about this volume is that it was released by Kodansha Comics rather than the person who initially released it here in the US, Del Rey. I was pleased (and a little disappointed, I'll admit) to see that Kodansha stayed with Del Rey's cover designs for this volume. It's identical to what you'd expect from Del Rey, with the exception of the Kodansha logo on the spine. It makes me wonder how much of the work in this volume was actually done by Kodansha & how muc [...]

    12. Oh my gosh. Well, at first, I honestly thought this volume was starting out a bit too melodramatic for my tastes but things just got so much better as the volume progressed. The symbolism did not stop, and not only continued, but got better. Twists and turns ensued, and so much happened. Yet, in the end, everything turned out alright. This manga series has one of the most beautiful romance endings ever, I believe, and one of the best confession scenes ever Plus, I would like to write a little so [...]

    13. Well I finished it.Well not finished, but more like "skimmed through to see what was happening, finding it absolutely boring, and just flipping the pages to find the sidebars with the fucking ADORABLE Sunflower-Lion called Mahi Mahi that the author loves to draw".Seriously, that thing is FUGGING CUTE!And YES I know a Mahi Mahi is the name of a fish -__-The art was almost TOO good, and it felt a littleover-achieverish compared to the storyline. I mean, I guess I'm personally just having a bad day [...]

    14. Synopsis:WHEN THE SUNFLOWER BLOOMSAfter the sudden disappearance of Black Rabbit from her blog, a series of surprises continues to shake up Hikage's world. What if someone you met online turned out to be someone you knew in real life? In this volume, Hikage, Hinata, and Teru overcome jealousy and betrayal, and together learn valuable lessons about friendship, love, and forgiveness.This book collects chapters 11-19 of I Am Here! (Koko ni iru yo!)NAL VOLUME!My Thoughts:This volume is very cute, to [...]

    15. I really love the whole I am Here manga series!!! I love how sweet and innocent Hikage is, and how even when people are mean to her she meets it with compassion. I love both the male characters, (although personally I am Team Teru!*girlish squeal!*)and how they both love and respect Hikage. My favorite part about volume 2 was when Hikage is snoozing on her desk and Teru is watching her, which was super sweet. Plus through all this you really feel bad for him. But anyway, this was a really touchi [...]

    16. Admittedly I first thought this would be a bit underwhelming but I actually really ended up loving Am Here! The story is a little predictable but the artwork is pretty and Hikage Sumino is a relatable character.Due to an accident Hikage wasn’t there at the beginning of the school year, she’s quiet and incredibly shy so she’s become invisible to those around her. Slowly she becomes more confident, spurred on by her online friends and the friendship she begins to build with the boy from her [...]

    17. This series was a school-girl romance, and a cheesy one at that. But owning a blog that has few followers, being invisible, and dealing with feelings for two boys at once is something I could easily relate to. The analogy of the Sunflower was fitting and beautifully portrayed throughout the piece, and the art style matched perfectly. There is a moment with our heroine sleeping at her desk where the art showed so much delicacy and emotion. I read the entire thing in one sitting; it's really easy [...]

    18. I really don't like love triangles, and this volume just brought it front and center. Where are the first omnibus was Sumino trying to find herself and try to make friends, this was all, "Oh no! Who do I choose?!"I hate those story lines.There was also super-awkward-let's-be-poetic love confession. No one talks like that. I mean, come on.If anything, I think the bonus material was better than actual story.

    19. I felt like the ending was a bit rushed, but I was still satisfied with the end results of Hikage's choice (view spoiler)[ (though I did cringe with sympathy for the other guy) (hide spoiler)]. It was also interesting to see and read through MegaPIG's perspective in the last chapter; he instantly became one of my favorite characters in the series (he's so funny and adorable)!Maybe I would've enjoyed this series more if I was younger Still. I had no regrets reading such a kawaii series! :D

    20. A super cute series that'll make you feel happy. The romance in this is incredibly sweet and just innocent. (They are in middle school after all.) I loved the characters and the shorts at the end of this volume were precious. While the plot is simple, it's a sweet story about loneliness, first loves, seizing the day, and friendship. If you like Kimi ni Todoke I think you'd like this. It has a similar premise, but with less complexity and character depth.

    21. I really enjoyed this series. I was kinda put off by the sheer size of these volumes, but once I found out that the 2 omnibus were actually 5 normal volumes in 2 books, I looked past that. I found myself relating to Sumino, who feels that she is "invisible" until the guys come along to save her. I am not the world's biggest fan of love triangles, but I did enjoy this story. I feel like Sumino made the right choice in the end. The SS about Mega Pig was alot of fun as well.

    22. Actual rating is 1.5 stars for I Am Here! volume 2 Thought and PlotFirst off, ugh. So now Hikage is turning into a whiner. She whining because her internet friend has gone away. It's obvious the popular boy is more than likely Black Rabbitbut even though he all but screams it from the roof tops, she can't figure it out because she's dense.That's really all I got to say

    23. See review of 1rst volume. By the end of the book I thought, "that's it?" and searched for another volume. But that is indeed it. My son was also disappointed, wanting to see more of the sunflower's progress into the sun.

    24. Cute little read. Very Kimi ni Todoke, but with more blogging and less character development. I liked reading it, but I am definitely glad it didn't drag on for more volumes, because the plot just wasn't there like it is for Sawako.

    25. I liked the second one better then the first because the main character has grown stronger. And who doesn't like a strong character :) Anyway, it's also a beautiful story of friendship and how great influence friends can have on you and your feelings.

    26. Naturally, I didn't enjoy it as much as Vol. 1, but it's still a satisfactory conclusion. I really liked how the plot deepened and a semi-villain was introduced. Also, the character growth of all three main characters is really cool.I'm just heartbroken that there's no more I Am Here!

    27. I read this book while waiting for my roommate to stop doing stuff so we could watch a movie. The message was one I really liked - we need people in our lives. I wholeheartedly agree.

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