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  1. The second volume of Skyworld has a different theme from the best. Apocrypha was more mythological, a retelling of the fall from paradise, but it was not only man that fell, a god joined, bitten by a serpent.Testament was a retelling of significant historical event, the Battle of Mactan, which revealed hidden history. It amped up that intensity, which had Lapu-lapu and a host of mystical creatures slaughtering Ferdinand Magellan’s raiding party of Spaniards.It segues into the present day, as e [...]

  2. Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta.Maria have created in Skyworld what I think is the most promising re-interpretation of Filipino myths since Mythology Class. Calling film production outfits! Once the seriesis complete, this work definitely deserves to be adapted as a movie!RE de Leon9:50 PM January 1, 2011Agoo, La Union

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