When Dreams Come True

This daringly real, intensely moving love story gives vision and hope to everyone in search of a love worth waiting for In their bestseller When God Writes Your Love Story, Eric and Leslie Ludy described the breathtaking perfection of God s plans for each young person and offered fresh guidelines for being Christlike in relationships with the opposite sex When Dreams ComThis daringly real, intensely moving love story gives vision and hope to everyone in search of a love worth waiting for In their bestseller When God Writes Your Love Story, Eric and Leslie Ludy described the breathtaking perfection of God s plans for each young person and offered fresh guidelines for being Christlike in relationships with the opposite sex When Dreams Come True shares the Ludys personal story, illustrating how they lived out the principles of the first book in their own romance and marriage Includes an all new chapter from Eric Ludy, What Happened Next I had a God who knew my every desire He also knew how I would fall And yet He was waiting on the other side of my failure and my shattered dreams with some dreams of His own Here s hope for anyone in search of a love worth waiting for From the bestselling authors of When God Writes Your Love Story comes this daringly real, true life account of Eric and Leslie Ludy s own journey through the struggles and triumphs of a God written romance Story Behind the BookEric and Leslie Ludy know that most young people today have never seen a successful, Christ centered relationship modeled, and believe that happily ever after is a thing of the past The Ludy s wrote When Dreams Come True to offer their own example of a God written love story, providing the vision for that something better that so many young people have never seen.
When Dreams Come True This daringly real intensely moving love story gives vision and hope to everyone in search of a love worth waiting for In their bestseller When God Writes Your Love Story Eric and Leslie Ludy descri

  • Title: When Dreams Come True
  • Author: Eric Ludy Leslie Ludy
  • ISBN: 9781590523032
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Wow. I don't even know what to say. When Dreams Come True: A Love Story Only God Could Write was intensely beautiful. I cried. And cried again. I giggled a lot. I felt wonder touch my soul. And hope grow in my heart. And joy filled me. Reading this amazing love story, I kept getting glimpses of how great God's love for me, personally, is and that brings so much joy! Makes my soul sigh with longing to know Him more.Such an incredible book. Interesting, humorous, poignant, gentle, deep, adventuro [...]

    2. Before I read this book, I read their first one, "When God Writes Your Love Story," and while I found it interesting and drew some helpful points from it, I felt a bit detached as I've never been in a dating relationship and didn't feel like I could relate.Taking that into consideration, I was surprised how encouraged and inspired I was by this beautifully written tale. Even though I still couldn't relate to Leslie's or Eric's backgrounds, the story of God knitting their story together in His ab [...]

    3. This is not a book with directions on “the way” to do things. It is simply the very honest story of how God worked in the Ludys’ lives to bring them together. Eric and Leslie take turns writing chapters throughout this book. They begin by describing their childhoods, their adolescences, and how they lost their innocence. They tell of different relationships they went through and left them hurt and feeling dirty and defiled. I thought they were rather too descriptive for young people withou [...]

    4. This book not only is one of the best love stories i've read its also very educational. It helped me very much with wanting to wiat for the right guy in my life. Not by dating every guy i thought was cute but waiting the timing is right and i was reading for it. Many times in the book i was crying and laughing. It talked from the girls point of view and then the guys also. They got married and then told thier story of how it all came together and how God planned it all out perfectly. It was real [...]

    5. I loved this book so much! I've had this book for a while, but was saving it until close to Valentines's Day. It didn't disappoint! It was hard to put down. I loved their writing styles."And amazingly, through it all, there was a God watching me fall, watching me break His heart, and loving me still" - Leslie"The next hour passed like a hiccup attack in the middle of a wedding ceremony." - Eric(Those two sentences are from different parts of the book, by the way.) It pulled me right in.  I d [...]

    6. Such a beautiful story! What an amazing testimony these two have for the next generation of couples. May their story continue to impact others, as it has impacted me!

    7. Probably skimmed half of itdid not need to be that long. And maybe I'm just not there yet, but had a hard time buying the reality of their teen spiritualityt so much when I think about it, but just on a cursory read it made me kind of doubt the authenticity of the narrator. Overall, it goes on the shelf as another one of those Christian books that's maybe worth one read. I suppose it is encouraging that they found each other - but look around you and you'll probably see similar stories.

    8. A very good book. I would recommend that any Christian read it. Whether you are married or single, or 13 or 50 years old this book is for you. It is a beautiful loves story of which God is the author. First Eric falls in love with God, then Leslie falls in love with God, and finally they fall in love with one another.

    9. I enjoyed reading the story of these 2 and thinking of how God brought them together and what He is doing through their union in the world and for their kids is wonderful.The writing might not neccessarily all have been to my taste, but hey, they were telling a love story so it's obvious that it will get a bit mushy over and over.

    10. One of my favorite books of all time! It is a beautiful TRUE story of 2 people who surrendered their love stories to the Lord and God took them to a story only the Heaven can write. It is a MUST READ.

    11. Ah, this is such a sweet, beautiful book! Eric and Leslie's love story is a amazing example to all. It did not come without a lot of heartbreak and mistakes though and I really appreciate how real they were. Definitely would recommend this book!

    12. The Ludys tell their beautiful love story and showcase God's faithfulness to those who are committed to waiting for His hand crafted love story. A wonderfully encouraging read that provides insight on how the principles in their book 'When God Writes Your Love Story' are put into practice.

    13. I LOVE this book. It's AMAZING to see how God was orchestrating Eric and Leslie's love story, even in the midst of all the mistakes they were making. Truly an encouragement!!!

    14. I absolutely love this book!! It's one of my all time favorites!! I challenge everyone to read this book and allow it to change them! Because it will! In a good way of course

    15. I love the story!!! It is amazing what God can do. I can't say I loved the way it was written though. The style was just not for me, but I still think its worth the read.

    16. I really liked understand the background behind Eric and Leslie's love story. It was encouraging to know that they weren't perfect, like me, but that they still were able to press in to know the fulness of God's plan for their lives. I wish i had read this 16 years ago!Knowing they married so young, though, with her barely 20, kind of hurts their street credibility when it comes to experience in waiting for the Lord to bring someone to one's life, now that the average marrying age is around 26. [...]

    17. This is a beautiful, lovely, precious story of a young couple and how they gave their relationship to God even before they met. Their lives become entwined with each other due to church and friendship, and then they slowly took their relationship to another leveld then anothere events in this book lead up to a gorgeous wedding, the union of two people who built their relationship on purity and principle. Even though both Eric and Leslie had made mistakes, messed up, screwed up, and previously ha [...]

    18. what do you think when your dream come true? Leslie Ludy menuliskan pengalaman yang berharga dan menarik. Leslie dengan gamblang menuliskan detail ombak dan riak di hatinya. Bagaimana dia mempergumulkan hidup, cintanya dan kesetiaanNya kepada Tuhan hingga menemukan pasangan hidupnya.Eric Ludy, @ faithfull man. kesetiaanNya kepada Tuhan, mengajarkan kita bagaimana belajar mempercayakan setiap kehendak dan rencana dalam hidup kita ke dalam tangan Tuhan, termasuk memilih pasangan hidup kita. Jika k [...]

    19. Love is really complicated in our generation, and as christian teens its hard to stay pure! Even though both Eric and Leslie thought they had a good idea of what love was, they found that all of those ideas were false and was just what the world called 'love'. When they decided to have God be the author of their love story, they found that it was more beautiful then they could have ever dreamed of! This is a beautiful love story that is encouraging more towards young Christian teens to young adu [...]

    20. I pick this book up and read the whole thing in one when I'm feeling a bit down about my love life. It gives me a new found strength and it's a good reminder that Jesus is the only living Man I must center my universe around. I was given this book by special friends who are still one of the best, God driven couple I know and will ever meet. Their love story was written by God just as much as Leslie and Eric's were and it makes me look forward to what God has in store for me too.

    21. Amazing! Eric and Leslie recount their entire journey from childhood to marriage in an informal way. Their story is not only amazing, but also inspiring, challenging, and encouraging. The way they kept their relationship with each other pure, even after their personal experiences in the world, challenges me. A definite re-read possiblity!

    22. Wonderful. Not what I expected exactly; Leslie was pretty young compared Eric when they met, but they still walked in complete and beautiful purity. I am encouraged by this oned the authors truly urge me on to purity and true love - most of all a life-long adventure with God. It's written in story, first person style and very simply. I read through it easily in 2 days. Loved it!

    23. This was a very good book it's Eric and Leslie's love story which was beautiful, but not everyone's story will play out just as their's did. The most interesting part is the age difference between Eric and Leslie and how it all fell into place at the right time with prayer, guidance, and patience. It was romantic in an innocent type of way.

    24. This is even better than the first one (When God Writes Your Love Story)! This one definitely reconfirmed in me my desire for God to be the author of my love story. Eric and Leslie's love story is amazing, romantic, and truly touched by God.

    25. This was a good book with advice and tips I have never thought of before. My main issue, however, is that I cannot relate to the book. There has not been one single similarity in my life to the authors' lives, so I unfortunately can't fully appreciate what they wrote.

    26. This book was fantastic. It is exactly what I needed to read. What an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness in the area of relationships. I love being able to read about stories like this. They are an encouragement to all those who are trying to do things the way God intended.

    27. This is simply SOUL touching!when we let the Universe guide us, we give ALL control to her and trust when she opens the door to another like minded soul, the ONLY true love is when it's Universal and NOT worldly, my feelings on the message from the book:)

    28. This is an amazing book. It give guidance and hope for your entire existence, not simply your love life. I loved reading about the way the couple gave up dreams and aspirations only to receive greater gifts from God. It's easy to read and interesting.

    29. Is God calling you to turn your love life over to HIM? This book shares Eric & Leslie Ludy's first hand account of their love journey, miraculously unfolded by the hand of God. A different version/perspective on their story can be found in "When God Writes Your Love Story".

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