1 thought on “Contests at Cowlick”

  1. My favorite children's book. My mom actually threw it away, but my excellent wife found another copy for me and now i have it, and won't let it go. The best part about this book is that the hero uses his thinking cap instead of the instinct of fear.

  2. This book is about a very clever boy. Clever Beatrice was the same type of book. If you want to convey a message to think before you act, this is another great book for that.

  3. A gang of robbers hit town just when the sheriff and his men are off fishing. The grown ups all hide in fear, but one little boy comes up with a clever plan

  4. I was digging around my parent's basement bookshelf a few years and was delighted to find this gem of a book that I only remembered in the most basic sense: kid is brave and outsmarts the bad guys. I was the only one of five kids to apparently read the book, so my parents had no problem with me claiming it as my own. This book instantly became a favorite of our house and is a special shared experience that "No, only daddy reads!" Voices and roles come easily and make it a great oral experience. [...]

  5. This is a fun read-aloud about a clever little boy who tricks a gang of bad cowboys. It's a bit long, and the illustrations don't seem as if they are bold enough to hold a child's attention, but the story itself should be intriguing to kids.

  6. A funny picture book from the 70s! Kids will love the tricks Wally plays on the gang of bandits who roll into his town while the sheriff is away fishing.

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