Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were

Ryken s Worldly Saints offers a fine introduction to seventeenth century Puritanism in its English and American contexts The work is rich in quotations from Puritan worthies and is ideally suited to general readers who have not delved widely into Puritan literature It will also be a source of information and inspiration to those who seek a clearer understanding of the P Ryken s Worldly Saints offers a fine introduction to seventeenth century Puritanism in its English and American contexts The work is rich in quotations from Puritan worthies and is ideally suited to general readers who have not delved widely into Puritan literature It will also be a source of information and inspiration to those who seek a clearer understanding of the Puritan roots of American Christianity Harry Stout, Yale University The typical Puritans were not wild men, fierce and freaky, religious fanatics and social extremists, but sober, conscientious, and cultured citizens, persons of principle, determined and disciplined excelling in the domestic virtues, and with no obvious shortcomings save a tendency to run to words when saying anything important, whether to God or to a man At last the record has been put straight J.I Packer, Regent College Worldly Saints provides a revealing treasury of primary and secondary evidence for understanding the Puritans, who they were, what they believed, and how they acted This is a book of value and interest for scholars and students, clergy and laity alike Roland Mushat Frye, University of Pennsylvania A very persuasive interesting bookuffed with quotations from Puritan sources, almost to the point of making it a mini anthology Publishers Weekly With Worldly Saints, Christians of all persuasions have a tool that provides ready access to the vast treasures of Puritan thought Christianity Today Ryken writes with a vigor and enthusiasm that makes delightful reading never a dull moment Fides et Historia Worldly Saints provides a valuable picture of Puritan life and values It should be useful for general readers as well as for students of history and literature Christianity and Literature
Worldly Saints The Puritans as They Really Were Ryken s Worldly Saints offers a fine introduction to seventeenth century Puritanism in its English and American contexts The work is rich in quotations from Puritan worthies and is ideally suited to g

  • Title: Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were
  • Author: Leland Ryken
  • ISBN: 9780310325017
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Worldly Saints The Puritans As They Really Were Leland Ryken s Worldly Saints offers a fine introduction to seventeenth century Puritanism in its English and American contexts The work is rich in quotations from Puritan worthies and is ideally suited to general readers who have not delved widely into Puritan literature. Worldly Saints The Puritans as They Really Were Worldly Saints The Puritans as They Really Were Paperback Common By author Leland Ryken on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Dr.Ryken s presentation of the Puritan view and style of life is perceptive and accurate He allows them to speak for themselves on topics ranging from Church and Worship to Money and Marriage and Sex. Great Apostasy In Christianity, the term Great Apostasy is derived from the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, in which the Apostle Paul informs the Christians of Thessalonica that a great apostasy must occur before the return of Christ, when the Man of Sin is revealed, the Son of Destruction chapter .As no such thing had yet occurred, Paul says that Christ cannot have returned yet. St Augustine of Hippo Saints Angels Catholic Online St Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions His complete turnaround and conversion has been an inspiration to many who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to Namdev The Divine Life Society This biography is from Swami Sivanandaji s book Lives of Saints. Namdev By Sri Swami Sivananda Introduction Lord Vithoba his only interest His marriage Meeting with Jnanadev Important Spiritual Information You Must Know about to be There are so much blasphemy, adultery, lust, pride, vanity, immodest clothing, idol making of mortal human beings, greed, gluttony and sinful deeds and speech among countless other sins in today s media, that it is a real abomination and sickening to behold Saint Britannica Saint Saint, holy person, believed to have a special relationship to the sacred as well as moral perfection or exceptional teaching abilities The phenomenon is widespread in the religions of the world, both ancient and contemporary Various types of religious personages have been recognized as saints, Why We Are Opposed to CCM Way of Life Literature T he following is an excerpt from our book Contemporary Christian Music Some Questions Answered and Some Warnings Given There are many that do not understand why anyone could be opposed to Contemporary Christian Music CCM Is it not the music that is played on most Christian radio stations and the music that is available in most Christian bookstores and the music used in churches All Saints Homily November st The Saints Remind Us Who Saints remind us who we are and their spiritual growth encourages us Homily for the November st Solemnity of All Saints by Fr Tommy Lane It is quite amazing that we who have faith and believe we will live forever can sometimes allow ourselves to be influenced or contaminated by the unspiritual viewpoint of western culture. Readings for the Memorial of St Ignatius Loyola Ignatius was passionately fond of reading worldly books of fiction and tales of knight errantry When he felt he was getting better, he asked for some of these books to pass the time.

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    1. Leland Ryken offers a thorough examination of the Puritans "As They Really Were". His goal throughout the book was to peel back the layers of unfounded criticism against the Puritans - and in the process help us to see the Puritans in a more balanced and objective light. What results is a story of a movement that was certainly radical in many ways, but also a movement that offers us great challenges for our faith today. Ryken likens them to spiritual giants - and after reading this book you will [...]

    2. Great introduction to the unfairly maligned Puritans. A couple of quotes from the end. 'Like Nicodemus, who was a teacher in Israel but did not know about the New Birth, evangelical Protestants tend toe be strangers to what is best in their own tradition. Puritanism can give us a place to stand. The Puritans believed that all of life is God's. This enabled them to combine personal piety with a comprehensive Christian worldview.' 'In Puritanism, a theology of personal salvation was wedded to an a [...]

    3. Good bookEveryone should know something about these guys. This is a good and thrifty introduction -- the puritans in their own words.

    4. A helpful primer on the Puritans from a fan, but not an uncritical observer. Made me like the Puritans more.

    5. Leland Ryken gives a fascinating and truly informative look at the Puritans, one of the most reviled and ridiculed groups in the history of the world.The genius of the book is that Ryken basically "mythbusts" all the false views on the Puritans--everything from handling money to sex--and we finally get a true historical perspective of them "as they really were."Most of these myths were attributed to the Puritans when the ones actually responsible for the perceived attitudes were the Roman Cathol [...]

    6. If you've ever read C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, perhaps you remember this line Screwtape writes about Puritanism: "[M]ay I remark in passing that the value we have given to that word is one of the really solid triumphs of the last hundred years? By it we rescue annually thousands of humans from temperance, chastity, and sobriety of life."And that's why Dr. Ryken wrote this book: to show us true Puritanism. The modern world and many modern Christians (!) have such a misconception of the Purit [...]

    7. Lelang Ryken sets out to dispel many of the myths surrounding who the Puritans were. Many people have a lot of assumptions about the Puritans, but make them without reading the actual writings of the Puritans. Ryken's sources for his observations are from the Puritans themselves, whom he liberally quotes throughout the book. The book discusses their thoughts on marriage and sex, work, money, family, preaching, worship, education, the bible, and social action. Ryken includes an excellent chapter [...]

    8. A false and distorted picture of the Puritans, a caricature, has gone largely unchallenged in popular culture: the idea that "even if they were in fact responsible citizens,[they] were comic and pathetic in equal degree, being naive and superstitious, primitive and gullible, superserious, overscrupulous, majoring in minors, and unable or unwilling to relax" (p. x). "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy" (p. 1). This grossly incorrect and dishonoring error is simply and clearly [...]

    9. Um livro clássico sobre os puritanos. Neste livro, Ryken deixa os puritanos falarem por si. A quantidade de fontes puritanas utilizadas na compilação e edição do livro, revelam a erudição do autor. Um livro que mostra como os puritanos eram, de fato. A visão que se tem atualmente sobre os puritanos, não é como os puritanos realmente eram. Conforme C.S Lewis afirmou: "os puritanos eram inteligentes, perspicazes, usavam roupas da moda, eram atualizados". Para quem não conhece os puritan [...]

    10. I rather enjoyed reading this book. Ryken sets out to dispel certain myths about the Puritans, especially those myths propagated by the ignorance of our school textbooks. He does a great job at demonstrating what Puritan life was like (family, money, worship, sexuality, etc.), but seems to come close to contradicting himself in a few spots. Particularly helpful are the chapters that summarize what the Puritans did well and where they erred (though it's in these very chapters where he two parts f [...]

    11. This book not only debunks a lot of myths about the Puritans, but also is very inspiring in seeing how our fore-runners ran and fought the race that we also have to endure, and how we can follow after their example. Ironically, one of the things I appreciated most about the book was that Ryken did include a chapter listing all the shortcomings of the Puritans. As much as I love the Puritans, it is crucial to seeing how they erred so that we can avoid falling into the same trap. So I really appre [...]

    12. Really good introduction to the Puritans and their vision of the Christian life. If you think only of negative characteristics when you think of the Puritans, read this book to be challenged. Contemporary people who are obsessed with emulating the Puritans should read this as well for a thicker description of these saints from the past who are, in many ways, worthy examples of faithful Christian piety and practice.

    13. A very different--yet extremely helpful--look at the Puritans from a Christian's perspective. The author outlines some of the controversies surrounding the Puritans, debunks popular myths and accusations, and shares real facts about a misrepresented people group. Ryken allows the Puritans to explain their beliefs themselves with quotes from both well- and lesser-known Puritan pastors, authors, etc. Each chapter is rich with information.

    14. I started this book a while ago. It helps dispel misconceptions of the Puritans, while acknowledging that they had their faults. Chapter 2 on Work is especially useful, since many Christians tend to look at "sacred" callings (as opposed to "secular" ones) as being what God truly values.

    15. I loved this book! Great insight into who the Puritans were. The author presents a well- researched and balanced perspective on the Puritan movement, revealing both the positive and negavite aspects of Puritanism.

    16. They don't teach this in the public school system but they will constantly hammer home the Scarlet Letter and talk of how oppressive the Puritans were. Not true and this book will give you great understanding to those who founded America.

    17. Wonderful. Well rounded introduction into multiple aspects of the lives of the Puritans "as they really were." Detailed references and quotations. Respectful and insightful.

    18. A good generalist account. This one is helpful for its emphasis on the domestic, civic, and vocational life of the Puritans.

    19. Um livro fantástico sobre a vida e obra dos puritanos. Confesso que é o melhor documento que já li sobre os puritanos e recomendo vivamente!

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