Please Mrs Butler

Happy 30th birthday, Please Mrs Butler This witty collection of school poems by Allan Ahlberg, re jacketed for its 30th anniversary and for a whole new generation of school children to fall in love with, is full of typical classroom events that will be recognized and enjoyed by everyone From never ending projects, reading tests, quarreling, making up, excuses and Please,Happy 30th birthday, Please Mrs Butler This witty collection of school poems by Allan Ahlberg, re jacketed for its 30th anniversary and for a whole new generation of school children to fall in love with, is full of typical classroom events that will be recognized and enjoyed by everyone From never ending projects, reading tests, quarreling, making up, excuses and Please, Sir, it isn t fair Fritz Wegner s line drawings beautifully complement the hilarious and poignant verses.Please Mrs Butler was voted the most important twentieth century children s poetry book in a Books for Keeps poll.
Please Mrs Butler Happy th birthday Please Mrs Butler This witty collection of school poems by Allan Ahlberg re jacketed for its th anniversary and for a whole new generation of school children to fall in love wi

  • Title: Please Mrs Butler
  • Author: Allan Ahlberg
  • ISBN: 9780140314946
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Please Mrs Butler was a poem book that was read to me while in primary school and i still think it is a really fun book. It relates to school life and highlights different incident within the school. A child continually asks her teacher what to do about a boy who is constantly disturbing her, copying work and stealing rubbers. These are likely incidents all children have experienced while in school which makes it relevant to them. The unexpected responses the teacher gives makes the book humours [...]

    2. This is a light-hearted poetry book which children from all year groups can enjoy. It is relatable to all children as explores scenarios which could occur within every school, for example "Back to school" and "Excuses". The poems can also be used to introduce pupils to basic poetry techniques, and therefore inspire pupils to write their own poetry based upon school experiences.

    3. This is a very amusing and comical collection of poems, all centred around the on-goings of the classroom and the daily life at school. What makes these poems original is the way that they are written, in that they can appeal to children, teachers and parents. The poems are categorized into the following sections- School Time, Play Time, Dinner Time, School Time Again and Home Time. This structure also cleverly mimics the outline of the primary school day. The poems featured in this collection a [...]

    4. ‘Please Mrs. Butler’ is very entertaining for both children and adults. Reading it is like a trip down memory lane, and for children it is entertaining whilst effective in making them reflect upon rituals such as "picking teams" and "Swops". Through rhyming couplets and short punchy lines Ahlberg creates a fun yet informative read for children of all ages. Younger children can enjoy the musicality of the poems when read aloud, whilst older children can appreciate the rhymes and relatable con [...]

    5. Allan Ahlberg's collection of witty and comical poems about the trials and tribulations of being at school is superb. Although some of the content is pretty dated, having been written in 1983, the comedy contained within still manages to produce laughter in the classroom. Children of all ages can relate to the various aspects of school life such as friendship, breaking up and making up, misbehaving and getting into trouble, and mean and unsympathetic teachers.From the opening verse of the first [...]

    6. Please Mrs Butler is a great poem book. It is a collection of poems set in a primary school. Within the book are poems such as ‘Supply Teacher’ and ‘Picking Teams’. The poems reflect the aspects of the schooldays such as playtime, friendships, home time, quarrels and tests. The poems are popular within the primary and can be used as discussions in Circle Time. This poem book can be used for various different lessons within the primary school. A fun lesson that I have taught is reading fo [...]

    7. The first time I read Please Mrs. Butler was as a year 6 pupil. is a journey through the school day - School time, Play time, Dinner time, School time again and Home time - all from the prospective of the children.It is full of wit and wisdom, each poem heart felt and full of life. brilliant collection of poems written by an ex-teacher all about the primReading each poem made me chuckle, or sigh, and each and everyone made me think back to my own school experience.Reading again as an adult I no [...]

    8. Please Mrs Butler This boy Derek Drew Keeps copying my work, Miss. What shall I do?This collection of poems is full of many incidents that occur daily within a primary school from children telling tales to the classic issue of the “copycat”! Ahlberg adds a humorous twist to each and every poem, such as the title poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’ where the teacher gives foolish suggestions to the pupils who continuously whine about the behaviour of another child in class (such as “Lock yourself [...]

    9. This was another nostalgia driven buy for me. I'm not sure if I remember reading it myself, or having it read to me, but I remember thinking it was brilliant. Reading it again now at the age of 30 it didn't quite do it for it me any more. I still enjoyed reading the poems, and it is definitely worth a look for 'Emma Hackett's Newsbook' and 'Dog in the playground' alone.The book is a collection of verse, all set in the school environment on familiar themes. Organised in to sections that follow th [...]

    10. This is a brilliantly child friendly book that they can relate to due to the wording and the way the poems are written. Children will really love the poems as they are a focussed around children's everyday lives and their lives within school. The poems are also written in a way that adults can relate to, as quite often the poem is from the view point of the teacher or the adult. There are many types of poetry used throughout the book, mainly written to sound like children speaking, and also full [...]

    11. Having read this book myself as a child and now introducing it to my class at school I would describe this collection of poems as fantastic. The book can be used to provide children with short poems read aloud when there is spare time within the school day and as an introduction into reading and writing poetry. The poems within the book are humorous and introduce poetry to children within a school based context. The book would be best suited to KS2 children in terms of using the poetry to encour [...]

    12. I have been reading the poems from this book over and over from my own childhood as I enjoyed them so much from a young age. Now, as a teacher, I see them for more than their entertainment value. For example, I have used 'Scissors' to indicate that it was time to clear up in an Art lesson and 'Picking Teams' to begin a difficult PSHE lesson dealing with bullying. The poems are as relevant today as they were when I was a child and when they were written. Great for Literacy and Drama as well as ai [...]

    13. A book packed full with funny poems about life at school as if seen through the eyes of a child. Whether it be poems about friends falling out, who's to blame, being late or kids with nits, there's something in this book for everyone - even teachers! I remember how my primary school teacher would read this to the class during story time. We loved the rhyme and being able to relate to the poems so much that we kept reciting the "Please Mrs Butler" poem for weeks.This would be a great book to read [...]

    14. This is a light hearted, humorous verse written about playtime. I like the way it is easy to read as a verse and by adding a touch of humour to a subject all children can relate to gives added interest to the listener.Age Range: 7 – 10 yearsA simple verse that would be useful in the classroom to either read to a class or to have on the class bookshelf for independent reading. It could also be useful as a guide for children to use when attempting to write verse themselves.

    15. I purchased Please Mrs Butler as a concession to my great enjoyment of poetry. As poems I enjoyed this collection a great deal – they were sprightly, had splendid rhymes, and were extremely realistic. As literature for children I did not enjoy them at all.Praises. None except that the poems are well-written. But what’s the good of that if they aren’t fit to be read by their intended audience? The Ordeal of Robin Hood is the one exception to this; I laughed heartily at it.Dislikes. All of t [...]

    16. My favourite book of poems of all time!This collection of poems relate to typical primary school situations, such as copycats, being picked last for a team, having a supply teacher, arguing with a friend and being best friends by the end of the day, and having something random and exciting happen in school such as a dog in the playground. Everyone can relate to at least half of the poems in this book and they are guaranteed to make you giggle!In my school days I remember "Dog in the playground" [...]

    17. Emma Hackett’s Newsbook - Allan AhlbergWon a school poetry public speaking contest with this poem :). Nostalgia :)."Emma Hackett’s Newsbook - Allan AhlbergLast night my mumGot really madAnd threw a jam tartAt my dad.Dad lost his temperThen with mother,Threw one at herAnd hit my brother.My brother thoughtIt was my sister,Threw two at herBut somehow missed her.My sister,She is only three,Hurled four at himAnd one at me!I said I wouldn’t Stand for that,Aimed one at herAnd hit the cat.The cat [...]

    18. The book is about school based poems, which incorporate a rhythmic sense. I enjoyed of the poems from this book, especially "Please Mrs Butler" as it related to real life incidents in the classroom. Very good book to use in the classroom, particularly at home time to read a purple of quick bits, or even to introduce poems to the children. The only minus in the book is that there are not many pictures to go with the poems (not attractive at all). This book can be used by all children in primary s [...]

    19. This is now a classic for me, a book I've owned and used for yearsThe humour is contagious, it'll have you in happy tearsAs teachers it is easy to relate to the tales that are toldIn this book, some are so true and never will grow old!Children enjoy them too, So check them out please doI just hope that I'm never as unaware of children or so sadThat I'd treat them at all like Mrs Butler - oh so badThe others in it are memorable, so why don't you give them a tryThey're great at reminding readers o [...]

    20. I loved this book when I was in KS2!This book is full of funny verses about primary school life. My personal favourites are 'Scissors', 'Please Mrs Butler!' and 'Supply Teacher'.I worked on rhyming poetry with Year 3s and I used 'Scissors' for a starter in a literacy lesson. I enlarged the poem on A3 sheets and chopped them up. The class got into groups and they had to piece the poem together by looking at the rhyming words. Every now and then, I also enjoyed asking some of the children to read [...]

    21. A lovely collection of school-related poems, ordered like the school day. The reader is guided from the early morning grumblings of pupils, through events in the playground, right up to home and bed times. The funny, relatable poems are the perfect hooks for KS1 children first exploring poetry, and nearly all of them lend themselves to being learnt by heart and/or performed, therefore meeting National Curriculum requirements for English.

    22. Please Mrs Butler is a collection of poems about events which happen in a typical primary school. The poems are clever and funny and despite the book being written 30 or so years ago, it is still relevant and all children will be able to relate to it. This book is most suited to KS1 and lower KS2 and could be used to teach poetry and well as being used as a stimulus for children to write their own poetry.

    23. An amusing and comical collection of poems, which have been created around the on-goings of the classroom and the daily life at school. These poems are great as they appeal to children, teachers and parents. They are categorized into the following sections- School Time, Play Time, Dinner Time, School Time Again and Home Time. This structure also cleverly mimics the outline of the primary school day so they are very relate-able to children in primary school, particularly with KS2 children.

    24. I re-read this recently, as a friend commented on how it was one of their favourite books of all time. I remembered reading it as a young child, and was certainly a fan of Ahlberg's other books so was pleased to revisit this one. The poems are evocative of a primary school day at school and with simple language, it is a collection of poems that a novice reader could certainly read without much help. A great collection to introduce children to the concept of poetry rather than prose.

    25. I found this whilst cleaning out some stuff at my mums and it brought back a lot of fond memories. Whether it's still relevant to kids today I don't know, but I don't know anyone from my generation that didn't love it. It perfectly captures the primary school experience and manages to engage everyone from the naughty kids through to the teachers, and bits of it still made me chuckle rereading it now. Excellent stuff.

    26. I think this book is great. It has a range of poems at different levels for children and the understanding of the poems is varied also for many abilities. The poems are based around school and really quite funny. I remember it from when I attended school and I have done work from it with children recently and they were very excited to do indepenedent reading and discuss the poems with their peers.

    27. Please Mrs Butler Please Mrs Butler is a book of poems. Every poem is related to school life making them very relatable to students. Many of the poems are in the voice of a student who can be very honest! The poems cover real life school situations from scissors going missing to whining children. An amazing book for all ages with guaranteed laughs.

    28. This is one of the very first books I have full on memories of reading when I was younger and it was/is one of my faves. When we had to choose something of our own to read in class, this was chosen. Alas, my copy seems to gave disappeared to the realms of storage, well I hope it has and that I will find it soon.

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