Rediscover Catholicism

At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world, the voice of one man cries out to the world s largest faith community with a clarity that is rare and inspiring.
Rediscover Catholicism At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned questioning their faith and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world the voice of one man cries out to the world s l

  • Title: Rediscover Catholicism
  • Author: Matthew Kelly
  • ISBN: 0984131892
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I am torn over this bookOn the one hand, the core message rings extremely (and sometimes uncomfortably) close to home. In many people's lives,religion has become an afterthought. Church is something to drag yourself to on early Sunday mornings and praying is often belatedly remembered when you want something. On the other hand, Kelly's book comes off like a angry motivational speech. Which in itself isn't bad, but I disliked how many of the short stories felt like they were designed toemotionall [...]

    2. My 3-star rating is simply a composite of the two ratings I'd prefer to give this book. I was skeptical after I glanced through this book at my church. I'm careful (some would say picky) about the books I read about my faith, and this one didn't seem particularly well-researched. I could find no sanction from any priest or a sign that what the book contained was "valid Catholic teaching." I took it home anyway - couldn't hurt, right? - and let it sit on my bookshelf for a few months. Only after [...]

    3. Every Catholic needs to read this book. Not just practicing Catholics, but non-practicing. Every Christian needs to read this book. Not just those who want to understand the Catholic faith better, but those who think they know what Catholicism is all about. Every spiritual seeker needs to read this book. Not just those who are trying to find a spiritual home, but those who are actively trying to find more reasons and justifications not to believe. Every atheist needs to read this book. Not just [...]

    4. Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Catholicism could serve as the basis for a parish renewal effort, a personal spiritual conversion guide or a supplement to the prayer portion of any R.C.I.A. program. Kelly begins by asking ‘where to from here?’ so far as the Catholic Church is concerned—acknowledging our recent past hasn’t exactly been rosy. ‘We have spent more than two billion dollars settling lawsuits, but we have not spent a single dime on any special initiatives to encourage Catholics [...]

    5. I have completely mixed feelings about this book.On one hand, the writing is cheesy, overdone and repetitive. Kelly's constant use of his catchphrase 'best-version-of-yourself' gets incredibly annoying. I also felt Kelly made some sweeping generalizations about the church, Catholics and non-Catholics that were either unfair or untrue, especially in Part Four of the book.On the other hand, in getting past the annoying writing style and the generalizations that bothered me so much, I found some in [...]

    6. I, personally, felt Rediscover Catholicism, by Matthew Kelly, was much too repetitive and, at times, I hoped and wanted this book to be more than I found it to be.The constant repetition and grammatical and editing errors throughout were, at times, very difficult to move beyond. And I almost did put down the book several times because of simple annoyance. The book could have been, perhaps, half its length and, thereby, more effective. I also found the abundance of trite stories used to exemplify [...]

    7. Copies of this book were given away for free in the archdiocese of St. Paul around Christmas time. I wasn't excited to read it, but there were some book studies getting started and I thought it would be a good way to meet people. After actually giving it a chance, I think of it this way:The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People +Catholicsm +Physical/Spiritual Trainer =__________________________________________________________ Rediscovering CatholicismI felt challenged so many times when I read [...]

    8. I read this fairly quickly during the school year. It was gift from a good friend, and even though it was directed towards those Catholics who have fallen away from the Church, it was a refreshing take on the beautiful Catholic faith. Simplified some of the major theological tenets of Catholicism into simple apologetics, but more importantly, infused reasoning with emotion, reminding the reader of the vibrant, strong, unique Catholic culture and history that we ought to be so proud to claim. I p [...]

    9. I have been giving copies of this book away left and right. It's so easy to read, and while Kelly goes deep on some Catholic insight, he keeps things accessible. I rate it as one of the best books about Catholicism that I've read. I reviewed it in full on my blog, here.

    10. I rated this high because I want to support the book it was designed as a tool to draw Catholics back to the church and I think it will be effective to that end. It is visually attractive and quickly illustrates some of the glory and genius of the Catholic church. At the same time, it meets people where they are (if they have left the church or at least have a foot out the door) by acknowledging “issues" with the church and the culture in general. It also uses modern ideals like “being the [...]

    11. No matter what your religion is this book will shed light on how to be a better person, how to give, and how to be a better version of yourself. Might even learn how to become Holy! I am sure becoming more aware.

    12. Matthew Kelly has done a public service for the rest of us. This is a pep talk, a field guide, a spiritual work of mercy, and the literary equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Kelly sometimes repeats himself, but in my opinion, the book's only significant shortcoming is that it lacks an index.

    13. This book was a difficult one for me to read because I truly believe there is some legitimate truth and wisdom in its pages, but ultimately that truth and wisdom are compromised by Kelly's black-and-white approach to something as complex as morality and religion, along with his in-crowd approach to Catholicism (vs. other religions and belief systems).Kelly hits on some interesting themes like discipline, confession, and authentic knowledge of self in this book, and at times he does so with the g [...]

    14. Very down-to-earth in his writing, Matthew Kelly points out where modern Catholics have gotten off track and gently reminds us of our call to holiness--to be the 'best-versions-of-ourselves'. He describes what holiness is--not an unattainable goal only grasped by saints, but choices we make in small everyday decisions. He then tells us why we should want it since in our hearts we know we already do, and then how to go about it.In the last part, he describes the Seven Pillars of Catholicism. As a [...]

    15. This is a great easy read. It opens with the statement that the Jesus and Catholic Church has done more positive things for mankind than any other person organization or nation in history ie healthcare & education.It caused me to think about what I am as a person and ask if I am the best I can be. It encouraged me to look at who I want to be in the future and then take the steps to make it happen. It also details the "Jesus philosophy" is the key of true happiness. That contrary to what cult [...]

    16. This is a book to help Catholics who have fallen out of step with the views of the Catholic church and for those practicing Catholics who want to review their faith. I fall into the latter category and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It buoyed my faith and made me aware of things concerning faith and introduced me to nuances I was ignorant of or poorly aware of. I gave this book five stars as a rating but understand that it might be something for Catholics though a Christian of any denomination [...]

    17. This book has inspired me to make our church a more spiritual place. I hope every Christian person will read this to learn the Truth

    18. Matt Kelly does a terrific narrative of why Catholicism is structured in a way that not only is a pathway towards God but is also a recipe to being the best person we can be. My father-in-law originally recommended this book. Every 10 pages or so, there would be a point made that I’ve often thought but never fully realized until Matt Kelly draws it out. The book appealed to my common sense and even more, to my sense of rationality in an increasingly irrational world. Just a couple of examples [...]

    19. So, here's the thing about this review. I'm not Catholic. I was for about five minutes when I was born and my grandfather freaked out that my nonreligious parents didn't have me baptized, putting my tiny immortal soul into terrible danger of burning for all eternity. After that, however, I drifted between Catholic, Protestant, and the universal church of Religion Is A Waste Of Time.I am now decidedly Protestant, but a good portion of my family is Catholic and I study the medieval Catholic church [...]

    20. For the first hundred pages I was skeptical; the prose wanders quite a bit, and reads like a motivational talk filled with generalities but little of substance. I kept waiting for him to dig in and tell us how to get from here to there.The overarching theme is that to revitalize our faith, the Church and the world, we must strive to become the "best versions of ourselves." It is a a worthy theme, but it took a long time to make every point; the book could have been cut by a third and still had t [...]

    21. Oh my. Catholicism for super-dummies, or Catholicism explained to the YA crowd (that includes adults who read YA books of course). While the spirit of this book is absolutely positive and hopeful, the book itself is disappointingly shallow, I would say almost borderline insulting if you understand the level of sophistication that catholic doctrine can reach. Some comments are even misleading. Imagine Tony Robbins talking to a huge audience about Catholicism: a lot of energy, a lot of catch-phras [...]

    22. I enjoyed connecting with the approach of this book. Better suited for someone who has a Christian background.We are called to move beyond the surface concerns of our lives, to explore and experience something deeper. We are hungry for truth. The theme of the book is to live an authentic life.The way we consume leads us to think less and less about more and more.Kelly describes three philosophies of today:1. Fruits of individualism: greed, selfishness, exploitation- what is in it for me2. Hedoni [...]

    23. I've rarely, if ever, read such an enthusiastic book on Catholicism that wasn't written by a former, current, or future pope. I learned some new things, many of which I found enlightening and reassuring. However, the sweeping statement that "all non-Catholic Christians are Protestant" and then the generalization that these "Protestants" don't even know what they are protesting is highly offensive to me. The author himself takes offense at Catholics being labeled unChristian by other denomination [...]

    24. I liked this book a lot better than Kelly's, "The Rhythm of Life." In "Rediscovering Catholicism," Kelly talks of the importance of evangelization. I kept wanting evangelization to happen in "Rhythm," and it never did. As a Christian, I don't think Kelly (or any Christian for that matter) can accurately speak about being the "best version of yourself" without speaking of Christ as "the way, the truth and the life." (John 14:6.) I felt this truth was missing in "The Rhythm of Life." Where Kelly f [...]

    25. Oh my I really loved this book. Quite hesitant at first, I plowed into it during Lent. No matter what your religion, this book will inspire you to be a better self. There is discussion on the many 'faults' of the current church, from pedophile priests to people just not interested in the Mass. Best of all are solutions that YOU can do, on your own, within the parameters of your life. I was ready for a jolt to smack me out of my complacence about many things. This read delivered it. I found so mu [...]

    26. My mom gave me this book and I really enjoyed it. It's a great reminder of what it means to be Catholic in today's society. It's also got some fairly stern messages that we are drifting further and further away from our roots as a religion and getting back to a strong faith can only be accomplished through things like reconciliation and self-discipline. It made me take stock of some things I want to change in my life to become the best version of myself. I've already established two areas that I [...]

    27. I'm currently reading this book, and loving it. At least so far.As a cradle Catholic who has struggled with the Church's teachings for most of my adult life, I have finally found a book that's helping me to understand the basics of my religion and how they pertain to both my everyday life as well as my eternal life. I definitely recommend this to anyone who's missing spirituality in their lives, and to anyone who wants the keys to "living with passion and purpose."

    28. This book was challenging in the best way possible; not in that I struggled to read it, but in that it was so thought-provoking. I have never finished a nonfiction book before and said, as I whipped out a pencil and highlighter, "I can't wait to read that again." I have already recommended it to all my Catholic and formerly Catholic friends. I have the sneaking suspicion that I may sound like a walking infomercial after this.

    29. This is an excellent book. It clearly states the purpose of our lives is to become holy--the best version of ourself as one can possible be. It explains many doctrines of the Catholic Church and explains what is wrong with our culture these days that inhibits living the Catholic faith. It gives an excellent summary of our faith, and makes me excited about living the faith.

    30. An insightful and challenging book regarding how we have fallen away from holiness (our goal as Catholics) and becoming the best-version-of-ourself God is calling us to be. I think it's a MUST READ for all Catholics, especially those who are struggling with their Faith and Catholicism.

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