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  1. A friend of a friend recommended this book because my background is in newspaper journalism and this captures a small town newspaper pretty well. It's also an interesting story about a peeper with some victims enjoying being peeped. The author nails small-town politics but the sexism throughout is off-putting. The storyline has an undercurrent of the male gaze. And, while I enjoyed the dynamics of the newspaper, it's so out of date both technically and how news is reported today that it becomes [...]

  2. A newspaper colleague of mine lent me a hardbound copy of “Peeper: A Comedy,” a novel by William Brinkley because he and I had both been editors of small-town newspapers years ago. I was glad he did because this 1981 book is fun and brought back memories of the workings of smaller newspapers. The novel alternates first-person chapters narrated by newspaperman Daniel Baxter and third-person chapters about a peeping Tom, whose identity is not revealed until the end of the book, all taking pla [...]

  3. Funny light story about a male peeper in a small town and how the women react to the possibility of someone secretly looking in their windows.

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