Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?

Everyone knows that John Hancock was one of the first signers of the Declaration of Independence But not many know that he signed his name so large to show how mad he was about how the colonists had been treated This witty book highlights little known facts about this historical figure.
Will You Sign Here John Hancock Everyone knows that John Hancock was one of the first signers of the Declaration of Independence But not many know that he signed his name so large to show how mad he was about how the colonists had b

  • Title: Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
  • Author: Jean Fritz Trina Schart Hyman
  • ISBN: 9780698114401
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In the audio version of this historical biography, John Hancock is presented in a fun, appealing manner. It starts with Hancock’s childhood, describes how he grew up, and became the man remembered throughout history. Hancock grew up wealthy and developed a fondness for nice things. He had a colorful personality and wanted to be liked by everyone. He loved Massachusetts and its people. He enjoyed donating money and things, both for the attention he garnered from it as well as the help it provid [...]

    2. His story is so interesting. After his uncle died, he was the 2nd richest man in the colonies at 28 years old. WOAH!!! He was really good at PR. He entertained and threw huge parties and really liked to be the center of attention. I really like him even if he had certain peacock tendencies. His kids didn't survive him. A baby girls lived a few months and his 9 year old boy died of a head injury when he was trying on new ice skates. So sad.

    3. I loved this book! How did we live this long without knowing the story behind this famous signature? :)

    4. This month, while the Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge has been focusing on nonfiction, I decided to finally sit down and read a stack of the late Jean Fritz's books about the history of the United States. In total, I read 8 titles: And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? illustrated by Margot Tomes (1973) Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams? illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman (1974) Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? illustrated by Margot Tomes (1975) What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? [...]

    5. This humorous brief biography paints John Hancock as somewhat of a dandy (a wealthy one) who always wanted to be noticed, which led him to leadership in the American Revolution, presidency of the Constitutional Congress, and as a result, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, and governor 11 times of Massachusetts.

    6. An enjoyable read. Did you know John Hancock served 11 terms as Governor of Massachusetts? That he was one of the riches men in America? That he served as President of the Continental Congress? That he craved attention?

    7. not especially well written, seems a little "dumbed down" for the child audience. Love the illustrations though

    8. This is a fantastic book for children who are learning about the beginnings of America. When people think of The Constitution they automatically think of the man with the huge signature. This story gives readers a closer look at the man with the giant signature, and who we was and how he affected America. They talk about his riches, his childhood, and his desire for everyone to like him.John Hancock's life would be of great interest to young readers. Especially when the students are going over T [...]

    9. Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? is a biography about a great man named John Hancock. Known for being the first person to sign the declaration of independence. However, this man has much more to do with history than just that.John Hancock is someone who I believe young readers would have some interest in. Being that most people will learn that he was the first to sign the declaration of indepedence, he is well known. The fact that he is known for something that intense, I think he would have an [...]

    10. Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? By Jean Fritz is a book about John Hancock and gives the reader a closer look at the importance of John’s signature and what a vital role it has played in America. This book talks about John Hancock’s childhood, his riches, and the how important it was to him to please others and be a well-liked man. The information in the story is accurate and is a great book to learn about the beginnings of America. The setting of this story jumps around from different tim [...]

    11. This book is a non-fiction book about John Hancock and his life. The book retells the story of how he lived and how he came to power in New England and eventually the rest of America. The story also goes on to tell the different things he did while in power such as, not let English tax collectors on boards his ships, go to battle, and sign the Declaration of Independence. According to the criteria, this book is accurate and authentic in conveying factual material. The events that are portrayed d [...]

    12. Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? by Jean Fritz is a childrens biography book. It goes through the life of John Hancock from when he was young all the way up until the day of his death. This book dealt with a person whose life would be interesting to a young reader while studying the declaration of Independence because he signed it which would spark their interest. The author has presented John Hancock as an authentic and believable human being. It is written in chronological order and has a his [...]

    13. Main Character/s: John HancockSetting: Massachusetts (time changes from childhood to 1776)POV: Narrator (focus on John Hancock)Summary: This book is a historical biography based on John Hancock. The book highlights his childhood and his development into the person many historians know. John Hancock is presented in an appealing and entertaining manner that grabs the interest of all its readers. The book discusses that Hancock grew up wealthy and he enjoyed the finer things in life. Even though he [...]

    14. This book is the biography of John Hancock. Through the pages of the book, the author talks about John Hancock's beginnings and how he came to be a great leader in American History. This story discusses Hancock's original home in Boston, Massachusetts and then follows him along as he travels through history.This story about John Hancock would be interesting to students who enjoy history, but for young readers who do not like history, the story would be boring and monotonous. The author wrote abo [...]

    15. Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? By Jean Fritz is a great book. This book is about John Hancock and how is became a founding father of our country. The story is about John Hannock and he plays a vital role in our history so I think young readers would be very interested to read this book and learn about him and who he was. The author does a very good job for young readers to know he was a real person and that it is not just a made up story. It is about our own countries history so the readers w [...]

    16. Although John was born into a humble home, his fortunes were quickly elevated when his father died and he was sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle. They treated him as their own child, and when John was twenty-seven years old, his uncle died, leaving his profitable business to John. John was now the second richest man in New England.John continued to dress splendidly, and made friends with influential people. When a tax was laid on tea, John refused to let the tax inspectors inspect his [...]

    17. Main Characters: John Hancock, founding fathers of the U.S.Setting: U.S. 1776POV: Third PersonSummary:Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? is a biography of John Hancock. This book tells the story of his life, how he came from money, how he was contributed to American history, and how he was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. It shows the reader why his signature and the size of it was so important- because he was so angry at King George that he signed as big as he could so that Kin [...]

    18. Personal Reaction: I thought this book had some really great information and presented it in a way that was understandable and interesting. It was more like a picture book format so younger children may be able to experience the genre of biography through this book.Purposes: A portion of this book could be read aloud in the classroom especially in a unit on U.S. history talking about the Declaration of Independence. This book could also be used for independent reading for 3-5th graders and could [...]

    19. 1. What is the main idea? John Hancock's life.2. What is a fact? King George III does not like John.3. What happened after John recieved the stuff from Britain? Britain sent taxes.4. Why did the King hate John? Because John disagreed with George III.5. What is the same between the Continental Congress and John? They all signed the Declaration of Independence.6. What do you think will happen next? Colonial America becomes USA.7. What does amid mean? make8. You can tell that John is not a donkey.9 [...]

    20. This is not my favorite book of Jean Fritz's, but that could be that John Hancock is not among my favorite Founding Fathers, especially after reading this book. It seems he is most famous for his signature and may not have contributed as much as other Founding Fathers. I will have to read more to find out. I was glad I read this as it validates my teaching other Founding Fathers more than him. I do think Hanock did some valuable things (ie donations to his community and providing a productie bus [...]

    21. This book is about the life of John Hancock. I love how this book goes right along with the American Revolution. It has many historical aspects and it is about the life of a very important historical figure. I think that since the American Revolution unit is during 4th grade and this is a 5.8 reading level, I would read this book aloud. I know that some students might be able to read it I think that most would n't really understand it. I really enjoyed this story because it is historical facts w [...]

    22. If you are teaching about the Constitution, this is the book for your fourth and fifth graders. Since this book gives a lot of information about John Hancock, I would have the students complete a short analysis of the character. I would hand out an outline of a head that has three quotation bubbles above it. Then, the students will write three things the person is thinking in the bubbles, then draw pictures and symbols of things that would represent John Hancock.

    23. I didn't know much about John Hancock to begin with. I felt that the tone of the book was too demeaning/sarcastic. Hancock comes away looking vain, selfish and petty. I don't know if he was or not, but this just didn't feel balanced. The author very definitely wanted you to think poorly of him.We did learn a lot about the role he played in independence as well as in Massachusetts. But always tinged with that bit of disdain.Not so recommended.

    24. What a fun read on John Hancock! I really felt like I knew him when I was done. I came away thinking that the American Revolution is a stark example of how seemingly completely different men can band together and accomplish a remarkable goal! Each personality had its place-even John Hancock. The illustrator was wonderful as well.

    25. I pretty much love Jean Fritz! She does such a fantastic job of blending a sense of humor in with historical facts. You still learn a great deal about the life of Hancock without being overloaded with political and wartime details. A great intro to the biographical genre for beginning to middle readers.

    26. I LOVE Jean Fritz, she wrote great biographies for younger children. (Ages 5-10 or so). The illustrations of this book were great, and it was fun to learn about one of the cockiest men in American History! But even though he was an extravagant character, Fritz paints him in a very objective light, allowing the reader to form his/her own opinions about him.

    27. Suggested for 9 year olds in What to Read When: The Books and Stories to Read with Your Child--and All the Best Times to Read Them

    28. I read the book "Will you sign here John Hancock?" The book was cool. It changed my thinking about history. I learned that he was president of the congress. My favorite part was when ships brought moldy lemons and clocks that did not work. I also learned he was super brave to sine his name the biggest. THE END:]

    29. I thought this was a great book. I thought it was a pleasant book to read, and it was extremely informative as well. I would use this in my classroom while talking about our history. Fritz does a great job at explaining exactly who John Hancock is and I think it does a better job than a teacher standing in front of a classroom telling the students who he was.

    30. This was informative but cute overall! Great illustrations and loved the page that showed the evolution of his signature. Can't say I'm pleased at how hard they drove the self centered point home though.

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