Dolores Claiborne/Insomnia/Rose Madder

Titles include Dolores Claiborne, Insomnia and Rose Madder.
Dolores Claiborne Insomnia Rose Madder Titles include Dolores Claiborne Insomnia and Rose Madder

  • Title: Dolores Claiborne/Insomnia/Rose Madder
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780451935595
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Boxed Set
  • 1 thought on “Dolores Claiborne/Insomnia/Rose Madder”

    1. Delores Claiborns is a fascinating story of horror about a women whose husband dies and then later her employer died. They both die due to different causes but she is now being investigated for the deaths of both. A wonderful Stephen King book.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"

    2. I don't understand why Insomnia & Rose Madder are lumped in w/ Delores Claiborne, I read it on its own I have never read Insomnia, but I have read Delores Claiborne & Rose Madder Liked Rose Madder a lot, but I LOVED Delores Claiborne.

    3. It was my first Stephen King novel and loved it. Dolores was so real to me and I looked forward to finding her exactly where I left her: in Vera's bedroom, on her porch, on the ferry, etc. I fell in love with her strength, fearlessness, honesty and humor.

    4. I'm not a big Stephen King fan It was just a book i found at my parents. (which is weird that they would have it too) But, I read it and it was kinda scary to me

    5. I read this book rather quickly, enjoyed it very much. I did see the movie after reading it and as usual the book is better than the movie.

    6. One of my favorite Stephen King Novels. The character of Delores is gritty, and I enjoyed her reasoning and own brands of justice.

    7. Actually, I only read "Delores Claiborne", which came as a single book. I just couldn't find it here in the catalog.

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