Casti Connubii: On Christian Marriage

Casti Connubii, or On Christian Marriage is the essential papal encyclical on marriage, the family and society With an insightful commentary by Fr Vincent McNabb, O.P.
Casti Connubii On Christian Marriage Casti Connubii or On Christian Marriage is the essential papal encyclical on marriage the family and society With an insightful commentary by Fr Vincent McNabb O P

  • Title: Casti Connubii: On Christian Marriage
  • Author: Pope Pius XI Vincent McNabb
  • ISBN: 9780819814883
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Casti Connubii: On Christian Marriage”

    1. This should be required reading for all those considering marriage, and, for the priest who is giving them marriage prep. The encyclical is too deep and far reaching to do it justice here, but suffice it to say that one could, and should, study it in depth and put its wise words into practice.

    2. This is a fascinating encyclical on Christian marriage. One reviewer said that this should be required for marriage prep. I agree - and not just for Catholics, but any Christians looking to be married. It touches on deep issues like:- Why divorce is considered wrong, when the sacramental union is still overall intact (that is, when there has been no abuse or anything else that would go against the vows).- What it means for a wife to "subject" to the husband. Paragraphs 27 & 28 sum this up be [...]

    3. Čítal som v českom preklade. Je určite lepší ako Slovenský.Encyklika je o kresťanskom manželstve.Zo začiatku sa to čítalo ťažšie, jednak preto, že je to písané archaickým jazykom (napísané v roku 1930) a jednak preto, že sa to začína tou ťažšou, teologickou pasážou. Som však veľmi rád, že tieto počiatočné problémy ma neodradili a dočítal som to zdarne do konca. Encyklika je veľmi dobre napísaná čo do obsahu i štruktúry, ktorá je jasne viditeľná vď [...]

    4. This is good to read again and again with other encyclicals like Mulieris and Humanae Vita. To read it is to be convicted of the prophetic not just in that simplified way in which most people use it but also in the larger sense. It is also to discover that the Augustinian words were no mere tissue of pretty words. (Its been said Benedict is also more Augustinian) Pause and ponder "conceived in love". I daily reflect how little I know of love and make common purpose with Margaret Redi to borrow s [...]

    5. Well, I'm not sure it's actually the first time I "read" it--I know I encountered it, and I probably read some if not all of it back in 2010, but it's the first reread since then anyway.Also, it feels weird to review Papal Encyclicals

    6. A truly brilliant papal letter on the benefits, trials and how to foster a holy marriage. Pius XI also speaks to the attacks on marriage, which are just as applicable today as they were back then. Highly recommended.

    7. Kind of boring. One little paragraph on dating (115). Most was about the evils in the world today surrounding marriage.

    8. Finished reading it a second time (Jan. 2017) Even better the second time through. May be even more important now than it was in 1930.

    9. Calls out the errors of the day challenging marriage and family. Already may be seen the beginnings of the moral anarchy of postmodernism. This document from 1930 has a prophetic air.

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