Resuming the Deep Winter story after the second book, Shatter , Remnant follows the Drummond family into new territory As a Second Civil War rages, Rick Drummond finds himself amid those who are learning anew, the cost of freedom.
Remnant Resuming the Deep Winter story after the second book Shatter Remnant follows the Drummond family into new territory As a Second Civil War rages Rick Drummond finds himself amid those who are learn

  • Title: Remnant
  • Author: T.C. Sherry
  • ISBN: 9780615400785
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was the final volume of a trilogy by Thomas Sherry. Over the time I've been reading the books, i've been more than a little disturbed to see my political ideology changing somewhat. But most, I'm sad today that the story has come to an end. I throughly enjoyed following Rick Drummond's adventures, and his family's, as they try to survive an America we all hope we never live to see. This series also taught me some important aspects of critical thinking, and why it's important that we teach o [...]

    2. This book is actually the third book in the author's Deep Winter series. The series takes place in Spokane WA following an eruption of Mt Ranier, a major earthquake, the collapse of the American financial system, an invasion of the US by Mexico, a flu pandemic which kills something like 30 -75%of the world's population, a nuclear war, and eventually another Civil War in the US. Sound like a lot of things for one family to deal with? It certainly is, and it tends to strain the believability of th [...]

    3. Another great book in the series. The country totally falls apart corrupted government allowed to take things to far before "we the people" can stop it.This book was way more impersonal, focused on the happenings rather than the people it was happening to. He wrapped up the ending vaguely enough I still see a possibility of another book or two. Maybe named "The Frontier Years" then "The Rebuild" ? This could take that vague wrap up and tell us what happened next. Going back to the more personal [...]

    4. The first half drags and drags, not unlike the first two (very slow) books, but when it finally picks up the entire book is redeemed. That is, other than the way-out-of-right-field conspiracy theories and adherence to homeopathic and other alternative "cures". The characters are still human and likable but I felt like slapping the author for including such BS, and soured the entire series for me.

    5. I will reread the first two books in the series but not the 3rd and final book. Other than the names of the primary characters there is very little resemblance between the 3rd book and the first two.

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