Tales of Unrest

pubOnefo thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition Of the five stories in this volume, The Lagoon, the last in order, is the earliest in date It is the first short story I ever wrote and marks, in a manner of speaking, the end of my first phase, the Malayan phase with its special subject and its verbal suggestions Conceived in tpubOnefo thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition Of the five stories in this volume, The Lagoon, the last in order, is the earliest in date It is the first short story I ever wrote and marks, in a manner of speaking, the end of my first phase, the Malayan phase with its special subject and its verbal suggestions Conceived in the same mood which produced Almayer s Folly and An Outcast of the Islands, it is told in the same breath with what was left of it, that is, after the end of An Outcast , seen with the same vision, rendered in the same method if such a thing as method did exist then in my conscious relation to this new adventure of writing for print I doubt it very much One does one s work first and theorises about it afterwards It is a very amusing and egotistical occupation of no use whatever to any one and just as likely as not to lead to false conclusion
Tales of Unrest pubOnefo thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition Of the five stories in this volume The Lagoon the last in order is the earliest in date It is the first short

  • Title: Tales of Unrest
  • Author: Joseph Conrad
  • ISBN: 9782819910541
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook
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    1. A hidden gem of Conrad mastery.This collection of short works represent some of Conrad’s earlier work. First published in 1898, four of the five stories had been previously published. A reader will find many of Conrad’s most frequently explored themes: isolation, distinctions between East and West, between colonial and native, a discernment and critique of civilization. But these shorter works also reflect his sharp observation of human nature and his adept ability to dissect relationships." [...]

    2. The stories here are from Conrad's early period, in the last decade of 19th century. Given below are my ratings for each of them, along with the setting.Karain: a memory - 4 (Malaya)The Idiots - 4.5 (Rural France)An Outpost of Progress - 5 (Congo)The Return - 4.5 (London)The Lagoon - 3 (Malaya)Of these, An Outpost of Progress stands out, and can be read as a sort of precursor to Heart of Darkness. In the story, we see the disintegration that befalls when white men stay in an outpost in dark dark [...]

    3. Conrad, Polish born, is recorded as having written his first letter in English aged 28 in 1885. In 1896, aged almost 40, his first novel was published. Of this, his publisher's reader, Edward Garnett, wrote: "When he read aloud to me some new MS pages of 'An Outcast of the Islands' he mispronounced so many words that I followed him with difficulty. I found then that he had never once heard these English words spoken, but had learned them all from books."This is only one of the fascinations that [...]

    4. The early work of famous writers can sometimes be an interesting experience as we see them stretch themselves, attempting new subjects and approaches that they had not tried before, and which we will not see them attempt again. Hence the five stories that make up Joseph Conrad’s Tales of Unrest are full of interesting surprises for the Conrad admirer.The book opens and ends with two fairly similar stories, and I will begin with those. The first story in the book is ‘Karain: A Memory’. Whil [...]

    5. I love Joseph Conrad so much I actually wrote in the margins of this book whenever I came across a passage that blew my mind. And as someone who normally cringes at the thought of defacing a book by writing in margins, it's the highest compliment I can pay.

    6. Tales of Unrest is a collection of Joseph Conrad’s first five short stories, including “An Outpost of Progress,” which is closely linked by setting and theme to Heart of Darkness. In fact, all of the stories in this collection share the existential probing that is so compelling in Conrad’s famous novella. Though the settings vary from story to story (the Congo, upper-class London, rural France and two in Malaysia), in each tale the writer explores how men commit immoral acts, justify th [...]

    7. Early short stories by one of the great stylists of literature. Rediscovering Conrad has been a profound pleasure and these stories make a great reintroduction. Several of them are set in a colonial world where Europeans often behave abominably and are undone by their own natures. One of them is also a ghost story. The one story set in an English home, "The Return," is a masterpiece of agonizing introspection by a man who seems to have no real capacity for the act . . . told in a way that prefig [...]

    8. Worth reading for "The Return" alone: every feeling and thought experienced by a selfish snob of a man when his wife walks out on him, and again when she returns, described with astonishing insight and clarity.

    9. Cinque racconti: - Un Avamposto del Progresso - Gli Idioti - Il ritorno - Karain: un Ricordo - La Laguna I primi tre tra questi sono sconvolgenti: Conrad, a parer mio, riesce a dare il meglio di sé nei racconti brevi, e qui ne abbiamo delle splendide dimostrazioni.

    10. Fantástico uso del lenguaje en cada uno de los relatos. La única crítica que tengo es que durante algunos pasajes, la prosa se va construyendo de una manera que podríamos definir como muy reiterativa y en exceso descriptiva. Supongo que ha sido el fin deseado por el autor para así destacar determinada situación dentro del relato, mediante el uso excesivo de los mismos conceptos pero con diferentes palabras, creando de esta forma una atmósfera que consideré agobiante. No obstante, cada un [...]

    11. PROBING THE MURKY WATERS OF THE SOULThis 216-page anthology provides an excellent introduction for new readers to Polish-born Joseph Conrad, who deftly paints on an English canvass. Having selected five of his tales the editors present readers with settings in both the exotic tropics of Malaysia and Africa, as well as the chilly social milieus of socialite London and pastoral France. Perhaps the editors chose the word UNREST for their title because all the protagonists experience psychological m [...]

    12. The five stories written in this book are somehow related to disquiet and unrest, as the state of mind of some of its characters approaches madness.I liked very much two of them, The Idiots and The Return. Although in all of them the writing is beautiful, I felt only in these ones was Conrad able to keep the intensity of the story with the long descriptions which punctuate them with brilliant results. Personally I couldn't stop reading them, with The Return reminding me of a Bergman's movie, due [...]

    13. The pearl in the collection is "An Outpost of Progress" a simply brilliant story told with enormous economy. The title is obviously ironic but it is hard to know which lines are intended to be comic. The insults like "pot bellied ass" are funny but were they intended rather to be dramatic? Conrad adopts a godlike superiority toward his characters. I am fairly sure the final line of the story is intended to be amusing but I didn't find it so.Conrad's style of writing is fantastic despite the gall [...]

    14. Beautiful writing! I must confess high school probably ruined Heart of Darkness for me, but I really enjoyed this one :-)The Return did drag on a bit (talk about having a strong reaction!!) - the themes etc were interesting enough, BUT the endless(!) inner drama of Alvan irritated me so much that what could have been a 5 star rating was only 4½ :-)

    15. I thought it might be tricky to give stars to a volume of short stories. Not so, every one of these is 5 star. Conrad at his very best with his pitiless yet pitiful delineation of the human condition. And if I could give 10 stars for The Return, I would. His focus on the bedroom mirrors is one of the most unsettling images I have ever read. Conrad, the most underrated writer ever.

    16. More like "Tales of Sleeplessness." I haven't read Conrad since college and had forgotten how deeply unsettling his stories can be -- and also how absolutely magnificent his sentences are, especially considering that English was not his first language. The recurrence of the doppleganger theme is intriguingI would like to find a good biography of this fascinating man.

    17. Livro com cinco contos do início literário de Conrad, onde já se aperce a profundidade e as linhas gerais da sua escrita que mais tarde irá dar livros geniais como o "Coração da Trevas" ou "Nostromo".

    18. What a great storyteller. His fixation on the ills of "modern man" at the turn of the last century. is captivating. Just what you'd expect in short stories from Joseph "The Heart of Darkness" Conrad.

    19. Five Terrific TakesI enjoyed all five stories, liking The Idiots, An Outpost of Progress and The Lagoon the best. I would have given five stars, but these words do not hit the same level as Heart of darkness, Lord Jim, Nostromo or The Secret Agent.

    20. Divers. Hi ha relats massa llargs per tot el què hi diu. I altre relats fsacinants, potser millor si més curts.

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