The Xenophobe's Guide to the Russians

Highlights the unique character and behavior of the nation Frank, irreverent, funny almost guaranteed to cure Xenophobia.
The Xenophobe s Guide to the Russians Highlights the unique character and behavior of the nation Frank irreverent funny almost guaranteed to cure Xenophobia

  • Title: The Xenophobe's Guide to the Russians
  • Author: Vladimir Zhelvis
  • ISBN: 9781902825410
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “The Xenophobe's Guide to the Russians”

    1. I like this series, but this one is far too old to be interesting. A lot of what is mentioned is simply not true any more since Russia and Russians have changed a lot during the 10+ years since the book was written. Sure, there are some funny parts, so still interesting to read. But fact wise i would definitely go for another book.

    2. Quite an entertaining read if somewhat stereotypical. What I really liked about this "guide" is the humour. It did feature several stereotypes, which one would expect from a book with such name. However, all in all it gave quite a full picture about the character, values, and the style of life of "an average Russian". I also appreciated that the author emphasised that not everybody who lives in Russia or speaks Russian is a Russian, which is an important piece of information that foreigners ofte [...]

    3. It was okay. It's out of date, yes, and some pieces of humour were out of date too, but whatever. As I understand the book was written in the end of the 90s and more or less it's okay for those time, but not for 2016. If you want some more up to date information about Russians, read a book by a Finnish journalist Anna-Lena ;)

    4. One of the better-written in the Xenophobe series, completely tongue-in-cheek and wry in contrast to many of the others which just assume that the humour is all within the stereotype. Well, this does do that too, but the Russian one has panache. Also noteworthy is the fact that this author has written a book about swearing.

    5. Even though the book is quite outdated, it is spot on! If somebody outside of Russia wanted to have an idea about how people live there, I would definitely recommend to read this book, it covers all the main issues. Plus, it's very funny - at least, for someone who has spent a lot of time in Russia :)

    6. I had a very good laugh while reading this book. Of course some of the stuff is way exaggerated, and for non-russian reader will probably seem very bizarre but that is the point. Russians are unique in their own bizarreness and you probably have to be born one to truly understand that.

    7. This satire was laying around the Peace Corps lounge. I did not read this book to learn how to become more xenophobic as one person was mistaken.

    8. Read this book for letter X for Alphabet Challenge.Didn't realize this was written in 2001, until quite late. Obviously it didn't hold up to test of time. But what this book was trying to do, and considering when it was written, it did manage to achieve it's goal. The stereotyping bugged me a bit, and I would've liked it to incorporate more about Asiatic Russian culture

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