Buzby the kitten goes out to look for his first job and finds work as a busboy but he makes a few mistakes His sweetness wins him the support of some VIP customers, who won t let management fire him when Buzby s errors become too public Perky drawings back the story, which should appeal to children s strong sense of fair play.
Buzby Buzby the kitten goes out to look for his first job and finds work as a busboy but he makes a few mistakes His sweetness wins him the support of some VIP customers who won t let management fire him w

  • Title: Buzby
  • Author: Julia Hoban John Himmelman
  • ISBN: 9780064441520
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Buzby ”

    1. I remember reading this book in either first or second grade (I think it was first, based on my memories of the classroom). It was one of my favorites because it featured a cat family (I guess I was always destined to be a Cat Lady). Buzby's accidents and mischief at the restaurant were so funny, and I loved how his mother encouraged his independence by telling him what he was good at and how he could use that to meet his goal. I also didn't know what a busboy was until I read this book.I've ask [...]

    2. My aunt bought this at a book fair and I decided to read it on a whim. Now it's one of my favorites. I read it in 10-15 minutes, but it was soooo cute!!! Things I love love love about this book:-even if it was meant for little kinds (about 3-5), it kept me hooked-how cute Buzby was :3-and the fact that he got a job at the end!!

    3. When buzby went to get a job he felt like he didn't belong but they soon realized he was exactly what the hotel needed. This story shows that mistakes can lead to open doors.

    4. An I Can Read book that felt a lot older than 1990! Part of Buzby's job as a busboy is to empty ashtrays. He spills water on an opera singer. He makes a dethroned king laugh. Fans of Morris the Moose, Amelia Bedelia or other early I Can Read titles will enjoy this one.

    5. This is labeled a Level 2 reader Where I do agree with that I would say it's more of a mid to advanced level 2. Starts out as a beginner level 2 independent reader with repeating lines but then mid story becomes an actual story with harder words and descriptions. So if your child is beginning learner then (s)he may have trouble middle of the book.This book was interesting and kept my 2 year old granddaughters attention. Buzby's mama told him he needed to find a job. But he said that he couldn't [...]

    6. This is a cute story for beginning readers. It's a bit long, but we enjoyed listening to Julia Hoban narrate the story on audiocassette as we followed along with the book. The story is funny, with Buzby confusing his name with the job of busboy and the various animals being amused and helped by Buzby, despite his ineptitude at busing dishes. This kit from our local library came with an audiocassette and a paperback book with ISBN 0064441520. It is narrated by the author.

    7. You don't often find a book for beginning readers that is just as fun for grownups to read. There is a part of this book that used to set my kids into fits of giggles every time. I dusted this off to read with some new kids yesterday, and all these years later they had the same reaction. Gadzooks, what a great book!

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