Toot & Puddle: Let It Snow

Celebrate the last book in the beloved series with a Christmas story about the gift of friendship and free limited edition Christmas ornaments With a nod to previous books in the Toot Puddle series, Holly Hobbie, shows readers that the best kind of present for the best kind of friend is one that shows just how much you care.
Toot Puddle Let It Snow Celebrate the last book in the beloved series with a Christmas story about the gift of friendship and free limited edition Christmas ornaments With a nod to previous books in the Toot Puddle series H

  • Title: Toot & Puddle: Let It Snow
  • Author: Holly Hobbie
  • ISBN: 9780316166867
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Two friends worry over what to give each other for Christmas. What they finally come up with is worthy of a great big Awwwwww! And the illustrations are beyond charming! A holiday treasure!

    2. Having a wonderful friend especially at Christmas makes it even more special. These 2 Piggies make friendship a real must have for the season. I love the illustrations,and the whimsical touch to each page.

    3. If you have a friendship like Toot's and Puddle's, you are a lucky person! These two charming pigs are perfect friends. Puddle desperately wants it to snow. But there are other concerns for him and his friend Toot. Christmas is coming, and each wants go give the perfect gift to the other. On the day it snows, the two friends go skiing and here comes my favorite line from the book: "'I wish I could take this morning and put it in my pocket and keep it forever.'" The snowy day inspires both Toot a [...]

    4. Great for the three and up crowd. I didn't actually read it to my 22 month old because most of what makes it cute (the word choice: "He knew that the best present was usually something you made yourself, a one-of-kind thingamajig, not just a whatsit anyone could buy in a store.") he wouldn't understand. I can't wait to read it to him when he's a little older. Great illustrations, too! A very cozy read:)

    5. My sister gave me this book for Christmas, and I adore it. It reminded both of us of our friendship over the years, but in addition, the water color illustrations and sweet, simple writing made me want to return to my dream of being a children's author! A perfect book for that snowy January afternoon

    6. I want to love this book, but I can't get past all the horrible names, so I just like it. If his name is actually Tootles, then call him that not Toot. I realize a woodcock is a bird and it sounds pretty good with pocket, but it is icky. Sparrow Glen Raven's HavenChickadee Vale?

    7. Wonderful Christmas story that really captures the magic of giving something special. The wonderful illustrations, great story, and advanced vocabulary words make this a great choice!

    8. This is the first of our Countdown to Christmas books. It's just right for the holiday season, covering winter activities, gift giving, and weather that can sometimes be really great and sometimes quite disappointing. My favorite part is the gift giving. Each character has his or her own personality and skill. Toot and Puddle use their specific skills and what they know about each other to create the perfect gifts. The simplicity of the message makes it easy to deliver and ideal for a young audi [...]

    9. I love that Toot and Puddle have different interests and are still friends. My three-year-olds like it and I like it, but neither of us love it. This is definitely seasonal, so I may read it again in winter.

    10. Toot and Puddle are excited about the upcoming holiday, but what will each give the other for their Christmas gift?This is a cute story about friends and gift giving and snow and stuff and the illustrations are really wonderful, but the most interesting thing for me about this book is the recent discovery about the origin of the author, THE Holly Hobbie.

    11. I adore Holly Hobbie's illustrations. This is a sweet little story about two little pigs who are best friends, and they want to give each other the perfect Christmas gift.

    12. Cute story about thinking of others during Christmas time and how to go about choosing/making a gift for someoneb 12/8/17

    13. This picture book was perfect! Cute, fun and pretty illustrations! I was warmed from the inside out by the last pages. Such a beautiful and cute read!

    14. The beautiful illustrations always get my hopes up and then I always feel disappointed by the story line This was the case for this story.

    15. Love this charming celebration of friendship. Toot & Puddle don't want to buy meaningless whatsits from a store for each other! They want to spend quiet time appreciating the world around them and to make meaningful presents for each other. My favorite passage from this story centers on true friendship and savoring quiet moments in our loud world:"The path through the woods became a magical journey. The two friends skied along in silence, stirred by the beauty surrounding them. When they sto [...]

    16. It's Christmas time again for best friends Toot and Puddle. They each are trying very hard to figure out what to give each other. Since they are such good friends and they want to give something very special. Toot and Puddle books are very wonderfully done stories of two very good friends (whom are piglets) but they are totally opposite of one another. Showing children that being different doesn't mean you can't be friends.

    17. Toot and Puddle's Latest Adventure!It's almost Christmas in Woodcock Pocket and best friends Toot and Puddle both want to get each other the best surprise Christmas present ever! When the long-awaited first snowfall arrives, they both are inspired to make presents for each other. But what will they do when the beautiful snow is ruined by a sudden rainstorm?Also recommended: Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie.

    18. This is a fun story in the Toot & Puddle series by Holly Hobbie. The story has a fun Christmas theme and I love that the two friends found a way to make the perfect gift for each other. The illustrations are colorful and sweet and typical for the series. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    19. Cute story--2 pigs are best friends and they want to make each other great Christmas gifts. They both succeed.We read this book as a goodnight story tonight in NYC--it snowed and Emerson got to play in it.

    20. This book talks about Toot and Puddle wanting to find the perfect gift for the other. In the end, both decide that homemade, thoughtful gifts are the way to go.The pictures, again, are wonderful. Love them! Very sweet book about friendship.

    21. I love Toot & Puddle. This book was a perfect lead-in to a discussion about gift giving and how to give thoughtful gifts. My second graders loved the book, and I think they had a great time with our discussion, too.

    22. These characters are charming and decent friends. In this story, Christmas is coming and Toot and Puddle are trying to figure out what to do for each other that is special. A happy walk in the snow together helps both of them figure it out.Very sweet.

    23. My audience truly enjoyed this Christmastime story about Toot & Puddle who are trying to think of the perfect gift for each other. Illustrations help to simultaneoulsy set the mood of cold winter warmed by true friendship.

    24. I love Toot and Puddles thoughtfulness in giving their gifts. Holly's illustrations of the snow romp are beautiful!

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