Prudence Wants a Pet

Prudence wants a pet Desperately No, says Dad, pets cost too much to keep No, says Mom, pets make noise But Prudence is determined She finds her own pet It is a branch But Branch isn t exactly the pet of her dreams, and neither are Twig, Mr Round a car tire , or her baby brother Milo Poor Prudence Will she ever find the perfect pet
Prudence Wants a Pet Prudence wants a pet Desperately No says Dad pets cost too much to keep No says Mom pets make noise But Prudence is determined She finds her own pet It is a branch But Branch isn t exactly the pet

  • Title: Prudence Wants a Pet
  • Author: Cathleen Daly Stephen Michael King
  • ISBN: 9781596434684
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I feel like such a stick in the mud for giving this otherwise charming book such a low score when almost everyone else gives it 5 stars. The illustrations are terrific and the humor is droll, but I have issues with the idea that Prudence leaves two of her "pets" (a tire and a shoe) in the junkyard because they will be "happier" there. So many real pets are abandoned each year in such a manner. This book reinforces the idea that it's perfectly fine to abandon your pets in the junkyard. It would h [...]

    2. Prudence Wants a Pet by Cathleen Daly, illustrated by Stephen Michael King, follows a girl who so desperately wants a pet that she keeps trying to find a variety of substitutes. Prudence's parents say pets cost too much to keep, make noise, are messy, and take up space. So Prudence got a branch for a pet. She dragged it to school and back. After Dad tripped over branch eight times he broke it into twigs. Prudence tries out twig, shoe (Formal Footware), her little brother Milo, and Mr. Round (a t [...]

    3. Prudence wants a pet. She REALLY wants a pet. Her parents say NO. But this endearing book tells the story of how she gets one. Or, more than one. You see, her first pet is named Branch. Because it is a branch. Prudence takes very good care of Branch, giving it lots of exercise. It doesn't eat much, just air. But one day Dad trips on Branch while it is sitting on the doorstep.Prudence's next pet is named Twig. It lives in her pocket. Then, there is a little incident with the washing machinePruden [...]

    4. I always wanted a dog when I was growing up and I’m still attracted to “I want a pet” type books. I have many on my shelves, including these four with similar titles: I Want A Dog and I Really Want a Dog and I Want a Dog! and I Want a Dog!. And here’s one I haven’t read yet, with the same theme but a differently worded title: Wanted: The Perfect Pet. And there are others. I couldn’t have a dog or cat when I was young. I was fortunate to have a dog for nine years as an adult but most [...]

    5. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Realistic FictionPre-reading strategy: I would mix two strategies with this book. I would have my students take a faster-paced "Picture Walk" looking only at her possible pets. As they are taking their picture walk, students will fill out a "Two-Column Notes" sheet. On the left hand side, they will list each "pet" she owns and make one prediction of why or why not that pet is a "suitable" pet. Then as we read, we will fill in the right hand side with the actual outcomes o [...]

    6. This is a hilarious story about a little girl who is determined to have a pet. Despite her parents repeated denials, she is willing to use her imagination and creativity to make it happen on her own, even with inanimate objects. She is such a sweet and persistant little girl, and it shows that she really just wants a pet to love and care for. I would warn parents who are loathe to bring an animal into the house - this is a story about getting a pet and any child who reads this will likely hope t [...]

    7. Prudence is so desperate for a pet that she begins adopting household objects and trying to domesticate them. It begins with a branch named Branch, who becomes dismembered when dad trips over him one too many times. Later, Pru turns to such things as a car tire, her brother, Milo, and - my personal favorite - a shoe called "Formal Footwear." But none of these is the pet of her dreams, and she persists, until finally Mom and Dad give in.While I was somewhat unsure why Prudence's parents eventuall [...]

    8. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Picture Book/Realistic FictionThe book Prudence Wants a Pet would lend itself well to the pre-reading picture walk strategy. I would use this book as a read aloud during our animal unit. The picture walk strategy uses the illustrations to stimulate questions to get the students discussing and predicting what the story may be about. It helps children to connect the illustrations to their own experiences (making connections) and activate their prior knowledge, using text to [...]

    9. AUDIENCE: PrimaryGENRE: Realistic Fiction, HumorPRE-READING STRATEGY: Activating Background Knowledge/Making Connections* The Activating Background Knowledge/Making Connections strategy is a strategy where teachers ask a specific question relating to a text prior to reading. Asking a specific question allows thinking to spark and then make a connections chart prior to reading that will grow during and after reading the text. * I chose this strategy for Prudence Wants a Pet because I feel that mo [...]

    10. This is such a cute story, and one that received some great laughs from both my kids and myself. Prudence desperately wants a pet, and no matter how many times she asks she's constantly told no. Using her imagination, Prudence decides to adopt various things around her house and make them her pet, and in the end a tree branch, a shoe, her little brother and even a tire aren't very fun pets.This is a delightful read that kids will really enjoy. It's a story both kids and some adults alike will be [...]

    11. Holy cow, after reading two pages of this I stopped and said, "This is Ally!" Prudence reminded me so much of my younger daughter, who wanted a pet so badly when she was little she got a little desperate from time to time. Prudence wants a pet. Mom and Dad say no. So she finds one. How about this branch? He worked out okay for a little while. Was never hungry, didn't drink much. But Branch tripped Dad one too many times, and the scene was ugly. Then Prudence had a pet named Twig (you can figure [...]

    12. Prudence is a young girl that really, really wants a pet. Every time she asks, her parents say no. Prudence decides to take matters into her own hands and finds herself a pet. First has a pet branch, then a twig, then a shoe, then her brother. Next is a car tire, and then sea buddies. None of these give Prudence the fulfillments of a real pet. After feeling sad and upset, Prudence spends the day in her closet. A week later it is Prudence's birthday. Her present is in a big pink box with holes. W [...]

    13. Okay start counting how many books you have read about a child who really wants a pet and the parents say no. No, it’s too much work. No, you won’t look after it. No, we don’t have time, space, energy . . . I can think of many. So how can another book on this theme really seem fresh, new, inspired? Prudence Wants a Pet written by Cathleen Daly and illustrated by Stephen Michael King will sweep you off your feet. This book is simply about the determination and charisma of Prudence. And yes, [...]

    14. Really great for slightly older kids that will get the humor. My son (five) laughed so hard at her pet shoe (and its name) that he didn't breathe for almost a minute.

    15. We read this book at bedtime last night and everyone, ages 3 to 37, laughed so hard we cried. Very, very funny.

    16. An excellent, quriky new addition to the kid-wants-a-pet genre of picture books. Full review to follow at my3books.

    17. This one really worked for me. Both text and illustrations. I nearly laughed pretty hard when Prudence tried to use her baby brother as a "pet" when other things failed.

    18. This book was kind of like a picture book version of "When Life Gives you OJ". I am in love with Prudence. Can't wait to use this book to help me teach character.

    19. There is no doubt this is an adorable book, both the story and the illustrations, but is adorable enough? I think not as this book has to compete with so many other fiction books in the market place. As other readers have noticed, the endings for each pet including her little brother Milo were less than ideal. In addition there really was no instruction on proper care for pets. Some may think me petty but the illustrations by Stephen Michael King looked so blonde and Caucasian. Why is it that il [...]

    20. I, too, was bothered by the way some pets were discarded "set free" as a way of moving on to the next one weren't there other options available than just abandonment? Hmmm

    21. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Realistic FictionPre-Reading Strategy: I would use the first lines pre-reading strategy for this book because the first sentence is the main idea, and this would get the students thinking about the story. Also, the illustrations under the first sentence would get the students thinking about what kind of pet Prudence might get or what she might need to do in order to get a pet. First lines is a strategy where a teacher or the students read the first sentence or the first f [...]

    22. 7 July 2011 PRUDENCE WANTS A PET by Cathleen Daly and Stephen Michael King, ill Roaring Brook, June 2011, 32p ISBN: 978-1-59643-468-4I can just imagine how I'd set it all up beforehand: a stack of two-foot-long branches; an assortment of large stones; a selection of discarded grown-ups shoes; a box of conch shells; and a few smaller-size worn-out tires.There is nothing better than finding a book that feeds the imagination of a child. Back in my preschool director days, when kids walked away from [...]

    23. Audience: K-2Genre: Picture Book, Fiction, realistic, humorousAwards: Nebraska Golden Sower nominee 2013-2014This book is very funny. When my daughters were little, this book would have been in our family library to be read over and over. Prudence wants a pet so badly that she adopts many inanimate objects in her attempt to fill the need for a pet. She even goes so far as to try out her baby brother. The text and illustrations are sparse, to the point, and comic.Pre reading strategy: Reciprocal [...]

    24. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Realistic FictionThe prereading strategy that I would use for Prudence Wants a Pet would be list-group-label. List-group-label is a strategy used to help students categorize concepts and improve their vocabulary. It also helps students build on prior knowledge, in this case what they know about pets. The first step of list, group, label is to give the students a chance to think of words that are related to pets and pet ownership such as walks, collar, meow, food and so fo [...]

    25. Prudence wants a pet really really badly but her parents keep telling her no but one day she decides that she is going to have a pet, well actually more then one pet no matter what her parents say. You see, her first pet is named Branch and it in fact is a branch. She goes on to explain how she gives Branch exercise but it doesn't require much exercise because well it doesn't eat much, just air. But one day Dad trips on Branch while it is sitting on the doorstep. So Prudence goes on a hunt for a [...]

    26. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Realistic FictionPre-Reading Strategy: PLAN (Predict/Locate/Add/Note)This is strategy of note-taking that helps students to summarize their reading, use their imagination, discover new words and information and apply it to everyday tasks. Use this strategy with this book, model the steps, and provide example. Step 1: Have the students scan the story and make predictions from the title and any key words (pet, desperately, cost, keep, noise, branch, exercise, twig, ect) Ste [...]

    27. “When I was your age, I had my very own pet. I asked my parents everyday for a pet of my very own. It took some time, but they finally decided to let me have a pet. I went to the pet store and picked out a pet bunny.” This book, Prudence Wants a Pet, reminded me of my pet bunny because it is about a little girl who is determined to have a pet. Do any of you have a pet at home? [Children respond] Let’s see if this book has any pets like yours and at the end of the book we will talk about ea [...]

    28. Prudence Wants a Pet is a the perfect book to read to young kids about pets and teaching the responsibility of having a pet. This book is very cute and talks about a young girl--named Prudence--who is very concerned about finding a great pet that she can take places. First Prudence finds that a stick is a perfect friend until her dad keeps tripping on it and it gets broken into a bunch of little pieces! It was a tragedy and then Prudence had to find a brand new pet. Next she found a shoe and she [...]

    29. Primary. Realistic Fiction. Pre-Reading Strategy: Anticipation/ReactionTo apply the Anticipation strategy to Prudence wants a Pet, you would begin by asking questions to find what the students already know about having a pet, such as: What kind of pets do you have? What makes a good pet? What are some reasons your parents might not let you ahve a pet? Asking them questions about the topic of the story helps to get them thinking of what is coming up and what to expect. For the Reaction part of th [...]

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