Through His Eyes: Rethinking What You Believe About Yourself

What do you believe about yourself Is there any clutter in your mind and heart that keeps you from getting to the truth Chances are, it s time to do some spring cleaning a little discovering, sorting, sifting, and discarding in your personal belief box Why Our beliefs drive our emotions and actions They provide a filter through which we see ourselves and our world BuWhat do you believe about yourself Is there any clutter in your mind and heart that keeps you from getting to the truth Chances are, it s time to do some spring cleaning a little discovering, sorting, sifting, and discarding in your personal belief box Why Our beliefs drive our emotions and actions They provide a filter through which we see ourselves and our world But not everything we believe is true Some of our beliefs were established in childhood and have outlived their usefulness Others are left over from situations or circumstances that are no longer relevant Some are rules that we apply only to ourselves And some of our beliefs are simply based on half truths or lies Learning how to identify and challenge those untrue beliefs enables us to replace negative thoughts and emotions and to embrace the life that God intended for us In her first inspirational book since A Heart Like His, author Virginia Hinckley Pearce helps us Examine and reevaluate negative beliefs that wreak havoc with our emotions and behavior Challenge rules that we apply only to ourselves Discover self defeating thoughts to toss out of our belief box Learn to identify and strengthen truths that encourage and uplift.
Through His Eyes Rethinking What You Believe About Yourself What do you believe about yourself Is there any clutter in your mind and heart that keeps you from getting to the truth Chances are it s time to do some spring cleaning a little discovering sorting

  • Title: Through His Eyes: Rethinking What You Believe About Yourself
  • Author: Virginia H. Pearce
  • ISBN: 9781606412428
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Wow! This book is fantastic! I will read it again and again, as this is something that I seriously struggle with. I have learned so much from this little book. The best thing I have learned is that my belief box was full of lies, and only a few Truths. But I know how to tell the difference now: Who's plan does this belief (or idea) support? Christ's, or Satan's? I am so grateful Sister Pearce wrote this book. I really wish I would have had it when I was in YW and struggling through all those emo [...]

    2. This was a short book, but it was very impactful! I really enjoyed it.Just as Marie Kondo would tell you to take out everything from a closet and put back only what belongs there, Virginia Pearce advocates taking an inventory of the "truths" we tell ourselves -- our thoughts that go through our head about ourselves -- and decide what's worth keeping. Some of these are Truths (e.g I am a child of a Heavenly Father who loves me). Some are truths (e.g if I work hard, I will be successful). And some [...]

    3. This is a simple message, but SO important! Do we see ourselves as God does? Can we stop and clear out the voices and clutter in our thoughts and emotions that tell us that we are less than we are? We must stop and think about what we tell ourselves and what we believe about ourselves. Is it true? It's important to find real and lasting truthabout ourselves and the eternal TRUTHs that will bring us closer to God.Sister Pearce's message is timely. I could hear the voices of a couple of sweet room [...]

    4. This was one of those books that was just a good reminder for me. Obviously aimed at an LDS audience it is worth reading although I'm sure I would have gotten more out of it if I had taken the time to actually do all the things she suggests. I'm not very good at actually making lists and referring back to them but I did glean some good perspective and ideas while reading this one.Content: Clean (LDS)

    5. AMAZING book! I think everyone should read this book. I love the techniques she has in here to help us "clean out the closets" in our mind. It is a very good way to help look at yourself and see all the lies that we create for ourselves. Definite Must read.

    6. A small book, but very powerful!!! We all have embraced lies and for whatever reason, we have chosen to believe them. Sorting through your beliefs and only keeping those that are pure truth is life changing. I will be purchasing a copy to keep and share with others over and over. Love, love this treasure of a book.

    7. I adore Virginia Hinckley Pearce. Ever since reading her first book, "A Heart Like His," I've admired the author's spirit and wisdom, willingness to share personal experiences, and writing style. I admit that after the first book, I had high expectations for this one. But it didn't grab me until about halfway through, probably because it felt too much like a typical self-help book in the beginning (asking for the reader to write lists and dig deep into one's inner murkiness--never a pleasant tas [...]

    8. I liked this book so much that I bought my own copy. I intend to use it as a reference to help me in life. I highly recommend it.

    9. This book gave me so much to think about. She discusses how if you have an inaccurate understand of God and his qualities, your thinking can become skewed and you can actually get off base and your testimony can be affected. This was food for thought. She talks about the missionary who sees his companion riding his bike without hands and immediately starts to feel like a failure. Only by discussing this with his mission president and realizing that his thoughts were completely off base, does he [...]

    10. The premise of this book, that we all have incorrect assumptions about ourselves and life that prevent us from excelling, was appealing to me. Correct those misperceptions and free yourself to do better in life. It wasn't a bad read. I was very excited about Pearce's "unpacking" exercise in the beginning (write down all the things you believe are true) as a way to discover what some of my misperceptions are. But I found that exercise had me writing down a bunch of really good and generally true [...]

    11. If you follow my goodread's stuff, you know I read a lot of self-improvement/discovery books. And I've been on a hiatus from this genre, but I bought this book as a gift and wanted to make sure I chose appropriately before I gave it. This one ranks right up thereI didn't give it 5 stars because it starts off a bit too broad for my taste. The first couple of chapters are pretty standard, although the author asks the reader to do a "Belief's Box" exercise that I thought was helpful and revelatory [...]

    12. I like this book. It is good. I'm almost finished and have about 20 pg to go and expect to finish by tomorrow. I just have to add that I am a bit disappointed. I was really looking forward to reading it as I thought the author would have put new insights into this topic. The first couple of chapters were great, and then the solutions she offered turned into the typical Primary answers. I guess I can't blame her as doing those things are generally the answer to a lot of personal issues. I guess I [...]

    13. Through His Eyes inspires introspection and personal growth on behalf of the reader. Virginia Pearce shares her own experiences as she explores how to rethink and evaluate what you believe. Compared to cleaning out a closet, she encourages examining each belief we hold so you can decide how to file it away or disregard it altogether. She maps out how our interactions with others are dictated by first our thoughts and suggests helpful solutions to improving our current thoughts and beliefs there- [...]

    14. I like that she didn't tell me what to believe. However, I'm not at a spot right now where I feel like I need to do any major introspection. (I'm sure there are some others that doubt this. :) ) I was reminded a lot of the story of the man that asked his wife why she cut off both ends of her ham. She replied, "That's how my Mom does it."When he asked his Mother-in-law why she cut off the ends of her ham, she replied, "That's the way MY Mom did it."When he got a chance to ask his wife's Grandma a [...]

    15. Virginia Hinckley Pearce is a champion of women. I am indeed indebted to her for the time she takes in her life to ponder and share Truth.This particular book took me down a road of self - examination and taught me a lot about the way I think. I loved this book because it was about me. I don't say that in a self centered way, but it helped me to look at truths I hold about myself and the world around me. It's surprising to step back and see just how many falsehoods creep into our mode of thinkin [...]

    16. Short and sweet, but with some powerful concepts. Not particularly original ideas, but important ones packaged in a straightforward, appealing-to-an-LDS-audience kind of way.Sr. Pearce has a great conversational tone and shares many personal stories that are perfect metaphors and examples of her message. She uses quotes from both general authorities and women church leaders, as well as non-LDS sources, too. I especially appreciate her emphasis on the Spirit and having experiences with the Holy G [...]

    17. This book wasn't quite what I was expecting. It is really geared towards people who have more serious struggles with self-worth. Most of the book is set up like a therapy session that takes you through a series of writing assignments and reflection. I quickly skimmed through a lot of this book and didn't do any of the suggested writing or internal processing. I was expecting a book with just uplifting stories that remind the reader of God's love for them or something along those lines. This book [...]

    18. This was a quick, easy read. Having personally wondered before how it is that emotions can add such depth to some experiences, yet at other times deceive us altogether, I really like the model she uses to explain how our emotions are related to our thoughts. Basically our thoughts/beliefs are a filter through which we interpret our experiences and they (thoughts) inform our emotions. We can learn much about our thoughts by observing our emotions and that can help us unpack & discard lies &am [...]

    19. I expected to read an inspiring book about how Christ sees us and how special we are and a better perspective about ourselves. Instead, Pearce addressed the topic with a very formulaic approach, a load of logic and analytical commentary that was, at best, an elementary level. Her last few chapters were more of what I was expecting to read, but by the time I got to those pages I was worn out from being asked to make a list, and organize the list, and refer to my list that I wrote, and write a new [...]

    20. This book is about uncluttering your mind, or in other words, examining your beliefs and discarding the ones that are untrue. Sometimes we hold opposing beliefs and if we really think about it, we can't (or shouldn't) believe them both. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be guided by beliefs that may be true, but are not eternal truths, so we end up getting in our own way.I found it to be very thought-provoking. I have an ongoing belief list that I can examine for the purposes of truth-seeking. I n [...]

    21. (view spoiler)[For me this book read too much like a vague and self-intuitive self-help book. The basic premise of the book is that we have beliefs about ourself that are erroneous and hurtful. In order to remove those beliefs from our lives we first have to identify them and then replace them with true statements. I was disappointed with the lack of depth from this book. There is too much filler with quotes from Church authorities and others. It lacks originality, except for her personal experi [...]

    22. Loved this book! I've told several people about it personally, but forgot I hadn't added a review to my . The principles that Virginia Pearce (President Hinckley's daughter) discusses in this book are applicable, powerful, and true! This is an interactive read, so be ready to start questioning and challenging your thoughts as she encourages you to do your homework. A timely treatment of this process I have studied this topic from other sources, and was delighted to see an LDS approach in print. [...]

    23. I love Virginia Pearce's writing style. She is so "real". This was another great resource that extols the power of thinking realistically / positively. The idea for this book came to her as she was cleaning out a closet in her home. Rather than rearranging everything that was already in there, she decided to take everything out and only put back what was useful or needful. Our beliefs are much the same way-- they filter the way we see ourselves and the world and are not always true. If we can id [...]

    24. A wonderful opportunity to think about how you actually think, how you react to the world and situations. I think especially for women the thought-paths of guilt are more worn than the paths of "give-yourself-a-break" or "it's-going-to-be-OK". This book helped me to stop and reconsider my considerations about what I believe to be actual truth. Satan is so good at making you put so much stock into a lie or misconception and that can form really bad habits and really bad people skills. I recommend [...]

    25. "All of us carry around troublesome little pockets of small untruths or lies that cause us pain." It is time to clean out the closet of our mind and throw out the stuff that is not true. This is SO important! Do we see ourselves as God does? Can we stop and clear out the clutter in our thoughts that tell us that we are less than we are? What is really the truth? We must stop and think about what we believe about ourselves, because it filters our reality and creates our life. There are "costs" to [...]

    26. This is a great book. I agree with another reviewer that the first half of the book fits nicely in the self-help section. I especially enjoyed the second half because it provided a significant amount of "meat" -- giving great insights into why the so-called Sunday School Answers "work." It's a quick and easy read with solid doctrinal underpinnings that are presented in a very accessible way.

    27. This book was an amazing mind bending experience. If you have something challenging to do, if you have fears that beset you, if you have problems and baggage from childhood, this book can help if you let it. I will probably have to read it more than once. It is an experiment on "cleaning out the clutter of your mind" and filling you mind with truth that will help to overcome some of the negative self talk we all carry around with us. I highly recommend it!

    28. One of the most helpful books I've ever read. I often felt like Pearce was writing just for me, and I think nearly everyone who reads this will feel the same because she addresses seemingly universal struggles and provides examples, explanations, and solutions with tremendous clarity. I suppose this is more of a personal work-book than a reading book; the marvelous thing is that it's remarkably effective.

    29. Great book for people who are searching for a way to make a positive change in their lives. This is a self help book and even includes pages for you to write on and break down your thoughts. It teaches you how to become more postivie and how to become stronger and less insecure. It demonstrates how the main thing that holds you back in life you! Great for someone who is searching for some spiritual guidance.

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