Have I Told You Lately?

He released her hand and placed both his palms on the counter behind her, caging her in Tell me when s the right moment to tell another person your past bullshit, your damn secrets that you don t wanna face, your skeletons His eyes skewered hers Everyone claimed to want to know shit, but there was a price to the telling I know people who marry and never share some ofHe released her hand and placed both his palms on the counter behind her, caging her in Tell me when s the right moment to tell another person your past bullshit, your damn secrets that you don t wanna face, your skeletons His eyes skewered hers Everyone claimed to want to know shit, but there was a price to the telling I know people who marry and never share some of their secrets, he said, inching closer A lot of shit dies with them How do you know when it s right to share Because I ve no idea how to ride that train The pink tip of her tongue leisurely moistened her lips I think when you care about someone, you build to a level of trust and you take them into your confidence A level of trust, female bullshit Yeah, but that s the problem It s easier to give your body, than your deep personal shit She ducked her head.He continued speaking in a low whisper I mean the real stuff that s close to your heart The fucked up shit everybody keeps locked up Most folk don t get close enough to ever see the dark places inside He watched her swallow hard So I ask again, how do you know when s the right time He leaned next to her ear and whispered After how many dinners, or dates Before or after we fuck What s the magic number that opens the door to my personal shit, cause I damn sure ain t telling everybody my personal business His voice remained conversationally low, calm, while nerves jumped and pulsed at the thought of sharing some of the things he d done in the past He d rather buy anything she demanded, or take her anywhere in the world, than fully open up and let her see some of the dark places in him Shit, he didn t like to look inside and rarely did.She narrowed her eyes This isn t about everybody It s about you and me She pushed his chest He stepped closer Okay, what signals do I get to let me know I should trust you with my shit You ready for that They looked at each other.Her eyes slid to his chest I don t know And therein lies the root of our problem He dropped his arms.She shivered You want me to tell you everything without securing my trust Why should I bare my soul to you What would you do with the knowledge Trust me Or judge me He pulled back and stared into chocolate pools of light Whatever this was between them marked him He d never considered telling a woman he dated about his past The price of admission, Red called it It s like leaving pieces of your soul around and that s too damn dangerous to do on a small tip.
Have I Told You Lately He released her hand and placed both his palms on the counter behind her caging her in Tell me when s the right moment to tell another person your past bullshit your damn secrets that you don t wann

  • Title: Have I Told You Lately?
  • Author: Erosa Knowles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. It's amazing to me that so many female African American authors seem incapable of writing likeable AA heroines. What is that about?? The controlling, angry black woman thing is neither flattering nor entertaining. Sassy is hot, bi-polar is not! And then people wonder why I stick with the gay boys. I DO, however, love IR romance and this author does write wonderful alpha males so I thought I could do it. Even though I was warned about the women in this series, I figured I could stick it out for t [...]

    2. I'm having a reading slump where het romance is concerned. Why? Particularly because of the heroines.I loved Ross, the hero, in this book. He's a self-made success, confident, a hard worker, honest and he doesn't play games. His speech is pretty urban but not so much that he sounds ignorant. The author gets a high-five for creating a character like Ross.CheriseCherise is so very annoying, self-centered, hypocritical and full of herself. Cherise basically gets in Ross' face more than once about h [...]

    3. This is my second book by this author and all I can say is Ms. Knowles is DEFINTELY on my list of authors to keep an eye onCan hear Ross whispering this right now“Tell me when’s the right moment to tell another person your past bullshit, your damn secrets that you don’t wanna face, your skeletons?”. LOVED IT

    4. This is my 2nd book from this author and I have to say she is two for two.  I was a bit iffy about this book because of the premise, 3 cons running a construction business; I didn't know if it would hold my interest but it certainly did. I love the way she describes how hot Ross is, I could really picture in my mind exactly what he looked like. I liked bow his and Cherise relationship developed from start to finish. Cherisewas a semi nutcase, and although she faulted Ross for things he did in h [...]

    5. Great ReadI really enjoyed this book. There's a lot of passion and a lot of suspense. I love Ross and Cherise's relationship and it doesn't matter that they are in a interracial relationship. Oh and I can't forget Ross's daughter Lenora. She is a smart little 4 year old. But someone is trying to take all of what Ross and his 2 partners built away from them all. I can't wait to find out what happens next in the next book. I think everyone will love reading this book/series.

    6. Another romantic read. I enjoyed this couples' story too. I found it annoying when Cherise applied a double standard to their relationship. She wanted Ross to open up and tell her everything about his past and yet she was not willing to come clean about she was hiding. I love how these men are not afraid to show their strong women that they truly love them and they don't care who knows it.


    8. Initially I thought this was a heart string puller novel. The kind where good girl meets bad boy, loyalties are tested then bam! Magic. But for me it came off like a weak 'poof'.The two main characters felt too disconnected for me to believe in their romance. Even their individual traits clashed with how I perceived them to be. Perhaps with some major editing it will settle and realign its focus.Another thing I found annoying was The End. If you don't like stories without a clear HEA and has a r [...]

    9. A woman on the move, Cherise is finishing up her Master’s degree and finally back on track mentally after a diagnosis that left her on a therapist couch and in a state of panic. A fender bender is the last thing she needs but Ross is another story. Fine, gritty with a harsh edge Ross Stemple is a sexy, bad boy partner of Three X Construction and a distraction she really doesn’t need. Ross is used to loving and leaving the women he encounters but there’s something about Cherise that keeps h [...]

    10. 31/2 stars. I think the book could have made do without the subplot of someone trying to frame the men running the construction company. The romance should obviously be pivotal, but when 90% of the book is main plot and 10% is subplot, just let the subplot go, especially when it has no impact on the main plot. I really liked Ross. He built his company along with his partners from the bottom up with odds set against him. He has loads of money, but doesn't flaunt it, he's down to earth and hot. Ch [...]

    11. HMMMMMMMM What can I say about Ross Stemple the White Chocolate. I really enjoyed "Have I Told You Lately" A boy/Man that had some bad breaks in life, dealt with the consequences and instead on living in the past he decided to make a change & better himself. And I must say he's doing well but what is great about living out your dream if you don't have that special someone to share it with. Cherise is a good candidate; however she also comes with alot of past baggage. So I ask you can two peo [...]

    12. I hated the abrupt ending, but loved the book overall. I could have done without a lot of Cherise's 'tude, but then again I liked that she was a realistic character. I believe in flawed characters and both Ross and her were. Speaking of Ross, does he have a brother? LOL Now he is my definition of perfection, even with his flaws. I'd surely take on his fine ass or someone just like him. I'm looking foward to the next book in the series. I've been craving to read Red and Denise's story since it wa [...]

    13. 4.5 stars. Love Ross, Red and Smoke! But Cherise, hmm, her character felt awkward to me. I know she had a very bad series of things that happened to her. But Ross character was strong, he was a hardcore angel that loved her unconditionally. Cherise had to many doubts, she wanted know everything about him, but she wouldn't give at least two cents of her, that was being selfish. I know, at the end it was great, but dayum a cliffhanger. To the author loved it. Thank you.

    14. Good Googly Moogly!!!This story was hot and sinfully good. In love the redemptive quality and the loving involved with two people from different backgrounds but finding common ground.I can not tell you how good this story is and how much the other books in this series keep on point. Get them all today!

    15. I finished this book in one night. Couldn't put it down. The hero was a real alpha male. He was like everything you want a thug to be but more (aggressive but gentle). I would love to read more about Ross and CheriseW, I just loved "when's the right moment to tell another person your past bs, your secrets that you don't wanna face" LOVED IT!!!

    16. great story for a second i though i was reading one of my non interracial read. with that being said i don't want to compare this author to any other author. i read two books from the series The Men of 3X CONStruction and i'm still not convince to read other books ready for love, where there's smoke. anyway it always great to see both dominant hero and heroine.

    17. i agree the alpha H was very likeable despite the annoying female character. i need to be able to quote other reviewers when i agree with them i can simply include the good points without typing it again.

    18. Love Ms. Knowles!As always Ms. Knowles have delivered again. I could not put the book down. I LOVE Ross, Cherise, and her mom. This was a real adult relationship. I would recommend this book to friends.

    19. This one was kinda boring. I didn't like Ross nor Cherise and I didn't feel the chemistry. I gave a1/2 star extra for the concept of the story but it could've been a lot better. I hate books where the heroines are weak. I like badass chicks.


    21. Great book, just finished the first two in this series can't wait for the third book to see how this panes out.

    22. Good book read!!!!Good book to read and it wasn't boringI hate that it ended that way but I guess I will have to buy the next book to find out

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