The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist

The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist None

  • Title: The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist
  • Author: Caleb Carr
  • ISBN: 9780316644990
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    1 thought on “The Angel of Darkness and The Alienist”

    1. I tried and tried to finish this book. But after three months of falling asleep, I just can't I loved "The Alienist," and this book has an equally interesting story, but MAN is it sloooow. Too slow for me. Also, it has a lot of typos/grammatical mistakes, which are a big turn off and a big contradiction to the book's otherwise immaculate diction. Maybe someday I'll finish it.or the ending.

    2. This is actually two books. The Alienist is one of my favorite historical mysteries. The characters and story are very well developed and of their time. I liked the sequel, but not quite as much. The change of narator was not as strong. I always wanted another sequel from the female character's perspective.

    3. As always a great story combined with factual history thrown in to give an indepth depiction of the period. Carr delves into the underbelly which was the hardscrapple New York City streets. A tour de force which is hard for other authors to attain. My only wish is for this author to write more books!!!!! Bravo!

    4. Five stars for the pure candy corn delight of a read that is "The Alienist". Can't say the same for the sequel which is also part of the set, "Angel of Darkness". However, if you ever felt like you were a member of the Blood Hound Gang then The Alienist is the book for you.

    5. I didn't have any expectations when I picked up this book but I really liked it. Carr really draws the characters beautifully and the setting is as clear as can be. Haven't read Angel of Darkness yet.

    6. The Alienist is one of my all time favorite books. Mr. Carr casts an amazing picture of Teddy Roosevelt's Manhattan, at a time when the serial killer phenomenon was just being noticed in the civilized world. Very compelling thriller, with a very vivid depiction of historical Manhattan.

    7. The Alienist is one of my favorite reads and rereads. If you like a mystery and a psychological thriller, this is historical fiction at its best.

    8. The Alienist is an awesome historical fiction detective novel set in turn of the century New York. The sequel, Angel of Darkness, proved he was a one-hit-wonder

    9. Loved this one too! Haven't read anything else by him that even approached these first two. ( The Alienist & The Angel of Darkness)

    10. This is actually two books. I read The Alienist and loved it. I am currently reading Angel of Darkness and can't put it down!

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