X-Men: Age of X

In a world where the X Men never existed, and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants have banded together to make their last stand They spend each day securing the walls of their stronghold, Fortress X, beating back the anti mutant forces that would see them wiped out But when a conspiracy is discovered within Fortress X itself, could it be tIn a world where the X Men never existed, and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants have banded together to make their last stand They spend each day securing the walls of their stronghold, Fortress X, beating back the anti mutant forces that would see them wiped out But when a conspiracy is discovered within Fortress X itself, could it be that mutantkind s last bastion will crumble from the inside out When the dust settles, no one will be left unscathed.Collecting Age of X Alpha, X Men Legacy 245 247, New Mutants 22 24, Age of X Universe 1 2, Age of X Historical Logs
X Men Age of X In a world where the X Men never existed and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction the few remaining mutants have banded together to make their last stand They spend each day securing the walls o

  • Title: X-Men: Age of X
  • Author: Mike Carey Clay Mann Steve Kurth Mirco Pierfederici Gabriel Hernandez Walta Jay Leisten Carlo G. Barberi Walden Wong
  • ISBN: 9780785152897
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This started out with promise and, if I could, I would rate the first half a 4 star and the end a 2.5 star. The X-Men find themselves in an alternate reality, defending Fortress X, which is constantly under siege as the last mutant stronghold in a world where mutants are routinely exterminated and sterilized. In this world, Professor Xavier and his school never existed. The characters and their traditional story arcs have been altered, as have their appearances and their memories: Cyclops is ins [...]

    2. So, I got this because I was looking up comics about Legion, since I am hooked on the TV show. (The show is amazing, btw.) This is a weird, weird little short run about an alternate world where the X-Men never existed, and Magneto and the surviving mutants are holed up in a fortress that they defend endlessly against human soldiers. Or . . . do they?Sort of fizzles out at the end, and there's a strange couple of comics about the Avengers that don't really fit into this included. Not 100% sure wh [...]

    3. This looks like a simple alternate world like Age of Apocalypse, but there is so much going on in this story. All the characters get beautiful redesigns and the artwork is worth taking time to explore. The world and characters are mysterious, allowing suspense over simple things like identity and setting and encouraging close and repeated reading. There are some really lovely moments of emotional relief and release. Also, this story has lasting effects on the X-Men which are just as compelling a [...]

    4. This post apocalyptic world has the X-Men fighting against a variety of foes. I found the artwork panels hit or miss in driving the story at times. A nice twist at the end. OVERALL GRADE: B minus to B.

    5. Legion A mi parecer, Legion es el mutante más poderoso que ha sido creado. Por encima de Franklin, Stryfe, Nathan Summers o ese que inventó Bendis para el last will of Charles Xavier. No sólo puede tener cualquier poder que al escritor en turno quiera debido a sus múltiples personalidades, es también un personaje con propósito: entenderse y explorarse. Age of X muestra otro lado suyo: lo peligroso que puede llegar a ser también. Simplemente tomó una sola de sus personalidades para crear [...]

    6. I wanted to like this more, and started out liking it quite a bit as the premise is excellent.But I really hoped they could have taken it further than what often feels like a Sit-Com's marriage to continuity. Especially as this seemed to be an alternaverse type story.Not that I want characters to die, (and not that they can't be brought back, Lord knows they usually do come back) but there needs to be a sense of danger for there to be a feeling excitement.The non-X-men stories at the end had mor [...]

    7. I like Carey's work on the Vertigo lines he's written, but this X story just seems like a hollow shell, a sort of nod to the great alternative timelines the X-Men have seen (Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past) but doesn't live up to any of them.

    8. Mutants have been outlawed. One thousand days ago the United States passed legislation making it a crime to be born a mutant, the rest of the world soon followed. The few remaining mutants in the world have locked themselves within Fortress X where everyday they must battle human armies to stay alive. The mutant gene is something these refugees have been born with but now they are being persecuted to the point of extinction. Age of X is the latest story in the saga of the X-Men from Marvel Comic [...]

    9. Carey starts this apocalyptic vision out with a very strong writing streak - tightly written, just enough to keep us from understanding it all before he jumps to the next interesting interchange.As a guy who's been writing a lot of background character development in thelegacy book for so long, it's somehow a surprise how he writes a war story so well. The massive setups, the deep strategies that would've had to have been developed - all of it so artfully presented that I'm surprised he doesn't [...]

    10. This book starts off weak and ends weak. The "Alpha" issue spends way too much time on the backstory of Age of X, really undercutting its oppressive, claustrophobic feel. But the "Universe" issues at the end are just bad: mediocre, anticlimactic, and in direct contradiction of the main story.Fortunately, you can ignore all of that. In between you have a story that runs through three issues of Legacy and three issues of New Mutants. It's a fun alternate universe that doesn't feel quite like any t [...]

    11. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that the existence of these X-Men in an unfamiliar setting is not real. One character describes it this way: "This world is a fantasy. A skein of nonsense." I think that's a pretty fair summation of the book. It's a tale set in a false universe, a "what if?" story, an elseworlds story, packaged into continuity in such a way that it will never be referred to again. And that would be fine if the payoff mattered in the least. I like many of those stories, but thi [...]

    12. First of all, this storyline is not nearly as good as Age of Apocalypse or Days of Future Past, two obvious sources of inspiration for the writers and illustrators. However, taken on its own, it is a fun story with lots of twists and thrills. The Age of X version of Cyclops is easily the coolest variation on the character that I have seen and I generally do not like Cyclops. I thought the best part of the collection though were the Age of X: Universe issues. I like how they remind the reader tha [...]

    13. Better than most X-Men crossover events, but I still felt like I have read this before. The main concept is a bit flawed. The point being that all of the characters are changed in significant ways. But the story doesn't land on more than a few of them for more than a few panels. Anyway, the fallout is a bit more interesting than the Age of X Universe because it leads into many stories that are coming up. Art is well done, with little attention paid to the backgrounds, which feel a bit spare. Art [...]

    14. Great adventure this was a story I was worried I might be confused about since I hadn't read an x-men book in awhile, but to my surprise it was very easy to get into and read as a stand alone story. I know with x-men books sometimes it's easy to get lost in what's going on, but this book doesn't suffer from those problems.

    15. Very interesting self contained parallel universe story. Probably the best X-Men story I have read in a while

    16. A good ride, got me hooked from the start. I liked the way it started, and the resolution was satisfactory to me.

    17. X-Men: Age of XAuthor: Mike Carey, Simon Spurrier, Jim McCann, Chuck KimPublisher: Marvel ComicsPublished In: New York, NYDate: 2011Pgs: 256REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:In a bleak alternate reality world where the X-Men never existed, mutantkind is being hunted to extinction. The end is near. The last mutants are making their last stand. If you were the last of your kind, how far would you go to survive?Genre:ApocalypseComics and graphic novelsFictionMultiverseScience fictionSuperheroesWhy [...]

    18. Age of X gives an interesting recreation of well-known characters from the Marvel Universe in an alternate reality where mutants (and all who bear the mutant X gene) are being hunted down to extinction. Fortress X is the mutants last safe stronghold, where it is ruled by its creator Magnus or more commonly known as Magneto. Many other mutants share such name changes as well. Cyclops is now known as Basilisk, perhaps named after his tragic past where he was used as an unwilling executioner of mut [...]

    19. It's funny because, much like most of the other reviews, I really, really like this book in the beginning, but then it goes downhill midway through.And I know exactly why this is, but it'll spoil the plot for you if you haven't read it. So you might want to stop reading if you're worried about stuff like that.Basically, Rogue, who is known as Legacy or Reaper in this universe, unravels the reason why the world is as it is without the X-Men. Basically, none of it is real, and it was all created b [...]

    20. 4.5The art is something of a letdown, but its overall sketchiness helps develop the story.I love stories with lots of X Men, especially ones we don't see in every book. The alterations in their characters adds to my enjoyment. Wolverine is Jimmy, a guy who sacrificed his mutant abilities in order to save all mutants, although most of them don't realize that. Pixie has batwings; she's now named Nightmare, and she doesn't call out that Excalibur-y spell every time she does something. Cyclops is Ba [...]

    21. Legion inadvertently creates an alternate universe in which Xavier's X-Men never existed. If that sounds familiar to you, I recommend you put this book down and go read the far superior story you were just reminded of. I know Age of X is a "new" story, but everything here feels like I've already read it two or three times before. The X-Men love their alternate time lines/realities. It's handled well enough to not be terrible on it's face, but suffers from a fairly recent plague afflicting more a [...]

    22. 3.5 stars rounded down here. Again like other reviewers here I liked the beginning then felt it started to dwindle half way. In theory it should be better than it is, I wanted to like it more than I did, I usually really enjoy alternate universes and while this one starts off well it becomes predictable and a bit too easily 'fixed' in my opinion. I did really like Rogue though, she was probably my favourite part. I enjoyed everyone's altered backstories as well. What irked me though was the repe [...]

    23. Mutants are to be killed. There is no curing them, no helping them, they are to be annihilated. In this alternate reality the X-Men never existed, and now all mutants are confined to their fortress where they barely survive. Many of the original characters have been brought over and redesigned to match this new, darker universe. Names too differ, for example Rogue is Legacy, and Cyclops is Basilisk. Finally, personalities are vastly different, with backstories given for the most prominent, expla [...]

    24. Enter a parallel world where the X-Men were never formed and mutants have been all-but exterminated. Those few that remain cling to their safely guarded stronghold, Fortress X, from which they must stage daily defensive maneuvers to prevent their kind from being wiped out for good. Old favorite characters and some lesser used and more obscure ones are redesigned and molded into quite different versions of themselves in the same vein, but on a smaller scale, to what was accomplished in the epic A [...]

    25. Initially read this story-arc as single issues, but reading the collected edition has left me loving it even more. Mike Carey does a fantastic job of creating a fascinating alternate timeline in which the typical X-Men status quo of "hated and feared by humankind" is kicked up several notches and has the heroes existing in a Fortress under the command of Magneto. The storyline is fairly long, but this serves it well as it means there's plenty of time to look at how the majority of the X-Books' h [...]

    26. You need this in your life. It starts as a parallel universe in which the mutants fortress is attacked on (literal) daily bases by humans hoping to extinct the race, and it shows the X-men in different positions. Emma doesn’t exist here, and Scott and Joanna are a thing. Namor and Ororo are together. Rogue only deals with the dying men. Wolverine is powerless. Magneto is their leader. And, of course, there’s David, Charles Xavier’s son. It tells us about this messed up world driven by war, [...]

    27. I like well done alternate reality books and this one was well written. The only problem I run into is identifying who's who when I don't know the original versions of the charcters well enough to understand the personality difference in the new reality. Still, I knew just enough to get a kick out of the story and even characters I don't know in the 'real' world were interesting. The story is a great mix of action and introspection, mystery and intrigue. The art in the main series was very good [...]

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