Hold the Dark

Demons in a feeding frenzy drive the world weary Markhat to the brink A Markhat story Quiet, hard working seamstresses aren t the kind that normally go missing, even in a tough town like Rannit Martha Hoobin s disappearance, though, quickly draws Markhat into a deadly struggle between a halfdead blood cult and the infamous sorcerer known only as the Corpsemaster A poweDemons in a feeding frenzy drive the world weary Markhat to the brink A Markhat story Quiet, hard working seamstresses aren t the kind that normally go missing, even in a tough town like Rannit Martha Hoobin s disappearance, though, quickly draws Markhat into a deadly struggle between a halfdead blood cult and the infamous sorcerer known only as the Corpsemaster A powerful magical artifact may be both his only hope of survival and the source of his own inescapable damnation Markat s search leads him to the one thing that s been missing in his life But even love s awesome power may not save him from the darkness that s been unleashed inside his own soul.
Hold the Dark Demons in a feeding frenzy drive the world weary Markhat to the brink A Markhat story Quiet hard working seamstresses aren t the kind that normally go missing even in a tough town like Rannit Martha

  • Title: Hold the Dark
  • Author: Frank Tuttle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Hold the Dark”

    1. Squee. I can't put this series down. Witty, interesting, well-written, an actual investigation--happy girl. Why, oh why can't work put me on-call today?Markat has returned to the office after successfully solving a missing-persons case, and can only shake his head at the innocence of some people:"You'd think that surviving the War would teach a man certain things--don't volunteer, don't go in first, don't put wads of cash in paper envelopes and ask a mob of strangers to take it cross country--bu [...]

    2. Whoa! What an emotional roller-coaster! There are some unexpectedly dark turns in this story and just as F.Tuttle's humour works for me and makes me burst out laughing at the most unexpected moments - so does his horror and pain terrify me.A very gripping dark story that starts of deceptively light and full of humour and keeps you at the edge of the seat through the rest of it.

    3. 4.5If it weren't for the prologue that tells you about something that will happen in the book way past the halfway mark, Hold the Dark would be perfect.This time Markhat is hired by the Hoobins to find their missing sister, a seamstress. She seems to be one of the best people in the world, so there's no way she left her family or any other bad thing. Even the ogres liked her! And they don't like anyone.Through her brothers you are given a glimpse of life of the New People. Unlike so many other b [...]

    4. These Markhat books are really something special. Frank Tuttle creates Markhat's world effortlessly. Everything is revealed bit by bit. Nothing feels forced or contrived. You discover things and learn about the world as Markhat experiences them. And although the books are short, they are so good that you don't feel disappointed with them. Hold the Dark is no exception. In this volume Markhat is hired to track down a missing woman - a seamstress for a brothel. In the course of his investigation t [...]

    5. I can’t figure out why I like this series so much. I’m not a big fan of mystery noir nor I usually enjoy dark macho fantasy heroes, but I really like this series and its hero, the Finder Markhat. I look forward to reading more of his adventures. I guess the writer, Frank Tuttle, is to blame. He writes too well.The plot of this short novel is running. It never stops and it’s so swift, I can’t relax. I know that on the next page, something unexpected will happen; some new and probably magi [...]

    6. I've mentally divided this book up into the first two thirds or so, which I loved, and the last third, which was a bit of a disappointment.I'll begin by writing about the first two thirds. That part of Hold the Dark was really good, and, I think, played a big part in helping to break the mild case of reader's block that had been weighing me down. As usual, I enjoyed Tuttle's sense of humor and Markhat's “voice.” The mystery was interesting, and I wanted to see if Markhat could manage to find [...]

    7. 4.2 stars rounded down.I know that each book in this series can be read as a standalone, but I'd like to think that this novel is one of the "major" ones of the Markhat series, since important secondary characters are introduced in this novel, and it's also longer than the previous installments.The mystery was pretty interesting, though a tad gruesome.Markhat and Mama Hog's relationship is really explored in this story, and we see just how much they trust and care for each other. Even though Mar [...]

    8. Markhat - finder, is on the job again. Mama Hog, Evis Prestley (giggle) and Corpse-master oh my! Brimming with characters that are giant, unique and memorable. This one was a bit creepier in my opinion, I'll never think of a stagecoach in the same way again. Just Eew! A missing seamstress, a love found, a vampire and a bloodsucking rogue cult. Markhat is taken through the ringer on this job and nearly looses himself over to the darkness and all the while the corpse-master toys with him. Who can [...]

    9. Everyone should know Frank Tuttle and The Markhat FilesI got the first book in this series (The Mister Trophy) for free, it was a short story and I read it in a few hours, I purchased the next 7 books before I finished the first and have not been disappointed. This is a fantastic series that blends fantasy urban fantasy, mystery, supernatural beings, a smart ass finder (detective) and a one of a kind Mama Hog (my favorite character in the series) and winds up with a highly entertaining collectio [...]

    10. But. . . but. . . Darla's alive? No! So Markhat has turned into Mr. Valentine? So his spirit has been botoxed by Love? No! I thoroughly enjoyed this book until Darla reappeared, skin and bones intact. I actually groaned out an expletive. I don't want Markhat the boyfriend, and certainly not Markhat the husband. One of the reasons I've so adored this series is that it's been blessedly free of romance. I mean, romance is wonderful -- we all know that -- but once in a while I crave superb, imaginat [...]

    11. I've started turning to Frank's books when I'm just fed up with my world because Rannit is way worse but also very entertaining. It's kind of like a fantasy version of the Jerry Springer show but with more blood. This was another great tale with some disgustingly evocative and effective descriptions, and Markhat finally meets up with a potential romantic partner who can handle him. I won't say any more about her, just that it was fun to read Markhat's feelings as they dawn and then as he recogni [...]

    12. First real book in the series It did not fail to amaze! Much of what didn't impress me in the previous short-stories got cured in this one Much more depth, two-three important characters got introduced and fleshed out nicely. We got a really nice taste for the magical aspects of the universe. Cool plot-threads that i expect will be taken up later got introduced. In all, I enjoyed myself immensely throughout I recommend this very highly to everyone who liked the Dresden Files, Garrett PI or in fa [...]

    13. I was happy to have a full length Markhat novel at last. This character is too much fun to be satisfied with short stories. This novel was twisty and mysterious as always, and while the Corpsetaker was a bit grim, the gore was not overwhelming as it can be in some books. Further character development was nice to see, and I look forward to more of this in the future. Another great read from Mr. Tuttle.

    14. This is the first novel-length story about Markhat, and I think that helped it out. A lot of the stuff I wondered about from the first two stories still isn't explained in this one, but the story itself was more involved. It was a missing person type mystery, and that part of the story really pulled me along. Markhat also gets a love interest in this one, although that's not really developed as well as I was hoping. Still, it was an enjoyable read. I'll be reading the fourth book too.

    15. The series gets better and better. The world that Markhat lives in is a dark and gruesome world. A place where to win a war an uneasy peace was made with vampires who now hold a legal place in society. A legal place that allows anyone outside after curfew to be fair game for hungry vampires. So far none of the books have been long, but they all have been page turners from the start.

    16. I feel bad giving these stories 4 stars. They are solid 4.5 material, and it's only because I've started strictly enforcing my own private "5 star" rule that I don't go ahead and bump them up. I LOVE these stories and this author. The material is fresh and fun, despite being a tad dark. Definitely not the sort of thing you run into every day.

    17. This was excellent. The Markhat series is starting to feel like cross between the Dresden files and Terry Pratchett. Which is very high praise indeed! I really enjoyed the longer length compared to the previous two short stories and the additional world and character building this leads to.

    18. I liked the longer length of this one - more novella than short story, although I was rather disappointed that the last 10% was actually promo, not story. (That's not the fault of the story, however, and isn't reflected in my rating).

    19. Its got a bit more umf than the previous (chronologically speaking) installments, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I feel three stars is a little generous at this point, but what the hell. Ratings are pretty frivolous anyhow. Sometimes. Concerning this type of book at least.Ramble.

    20. Only 3 1/2 stars from me for this one. It is a gripping mystery so perhaps I just was in the wrong mood to properly appreciate it, however I enjoyed the side jokes more than the main story.

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