The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met

Nibble, a young squirrel, must confront an older squirrel who stole his Thanksgiving nuts.
The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met Nibble a young squirrel must confront an older squirrel who stole his Thanksgiving nuts

  • Title: The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met
  • Author: Gene Zion Margaret Bloy Graham
  • ISBN: 9780689707568
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met”

    1. In an email to my family, I referred to one of our Supreme Court justices as "the meanest squirrel I ever met," and only my mother got the reference. How quickly my siblings have forgotten this charming book! No wonder they don't dislike squirrels as much as I do.

    2. I found this book and learned that it’s by the same author who wrote the Harry the Dirty Dog books thanks to friend Constance. I love the illustrations in this book. They’re all in greens and browns and nature oriented and match the story perfectly. The first letter of the first word is created out of twigs/tree branches, which is a fitting touch.The story was sweet although, in my opinion, not of the caliber of the Harry stories. The little squirrel Nibble is also a very appealing characte [...]

    3. This is by the same author who wrote the Harry the Dirty Dog series.I will not talk about the plot because I don't want to spoil the book for people who have not read it.I do think it has a very interesting and unique plot--particularly when you consider the year in which it was written.I found the illustrations incredibly attractive when I was younger. They are not incredibly brashly colorful (mostly green and brown) but they suit the book.I first read this book when I was about 7 years old.I j [...]

    4. OK, well I picked this one up because I love vintage children's books. It is a simple moral tale featuring a cute squirrel. Wholesome, right? However, my insolent children started giggling at the first mention of the squirrel's nuts. The word NUTS is used several times on every page. The giggling got louder. By the time the characters were playing games with the nuts, hitting the nuts with sticks, promising to be careful with the nuts, and offering the nuts to strangers the kids were rolling aro [...]

    5. Humorous tale about a shifty character (Mr. M. O. Squirrel) who takes off with the acorns that Nibbles and his family were going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. I really liked that the story shows the futility of revenge and the rewards of standing up for yourself. The story is not formally broken up into chapters, but it has natural pauses in the story which would allow a beginning reader to take a break.The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and the anthropomorphic animals are very cute [...]

    6. This tells the story of a mean squirrel who steals nuts from a little boy, but mends his ways once the child confronts him. It's a little long and text heavy but has some good lessons behind it. I'd recommend it for ages 3-6. It's good for narrative skill and print awareness.

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