Hot Gimmick, Vol. 5

Things are about to get really hairy for Hatsumi, as her too good to be true boyfriend reveals his true colours and they re a lot worse than she thought Will the unsuspecting Hatsumi wise up in time to escape Azusa s lizardly revenge plot
Hot Gimmick Vol Things are about to get really hairy for Hatsumi as her too good to be true boyfriend reveals his true colours and they re a lot worse than she thought Will the unsuspecting Hatsumi wise up in time t

  • Title: Hot Gimmick, Vol. 5
  • Author: Miki Aihara
  • ISBN: 9781591161448
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This falls under the category of "why am I still reading this" and "don't make me like any of these characters, darn it all." I don't even know what to say - when someone treats you as badly as ANY of these guys do, why in the world do you want any of them for a boyfriend? And her brother????? Seriously????? He's been RAISED WITH HER - regardless of blood bond. He should be thinking of her in a brotherly wayARGH

    2. If you read the back summary you will get spoilers, so be warned. I was already thinking it was going there but it kinda killed the volume. This volume is a lot less physical and has more drama. it was a little nice to dial down the sex.

    3. Okay does Hatsumi have Stockholm Syndrome?! She thinks she loves the man who has made her his slave, emotionally and verbally abuses her, and constantly tries to sexually assuault her?! What is she thinking?!And Aihara why are you trying to make Ryoki into a manga prince? He is a control-freak, manipulative, mood-swinging deviant. That's not charming or romantic.However, thank God Shinogu is not related to Hatsumi I don't think I could have coped with an incest love story I'm interested to read [...]

    4. This volume stood out a bit more. Ryoki is really coming into his own with his feelings as is Hatsumi. Sure she is still conflating the pounding in her chest with her hating Ryoki, but for the first time we really see how far from the truth that is. Ryoki is willing to do a lot of her.Shinogu is an interesting character. He is Hatsumi's brother. He was raised that way, but he's not. For some reason his emotions are getting mixed up. Personally I'm not too found of all his confusion and jealousy [...]

    5. The way things are going between Ryoki and Hatsumi is interesting, to say the least. Between his unabashed advances and Hatsumi kind of reigning him in, it's interesting to see how these two are growing as characters more or less because of each other.

    6. Now the love triangle gets another angle because surprise! Hatsumi's brother isn't her real brother and surprise! He's in love with her. I don't know why but I think Ryoki is my favorite and he was pretty funny in this oneMUST BE A CONSENSUAL KISS! 6.5/10.

    7. I don't remember anything from this comic except for Hatsumi and her love triangle between her long lost friend Azusa I guess, her adoption brother and the wealthy grumpy guy. That's all.

    8. the gimmick is getting a little cold now. too much going on from too many angles, and nothing shocking to pull me along with the story.

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