Hot Gimmick, Vol. 3

Lovestruck Ryoki wants Hatsumi and makes no bones about it But worse, Azusa invites Hatsumi to a private party with her shady friends to find out what he s really up to With people plotting against her from all sides, guess who ends up saving Hatsumi from bad and worse
Hot Gimmick Vol Lovestruck Ryoki wants Hatsumi and makes no bones about it But worse Azusa invites Hatsumi to a private party with her shady friends to find out what he s really up to With people plotting against he

  • Title: Hot Gimmick, Vol. 3
  • Author: Miki Aihara
  • ISBN: 9781591162285
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Hot Gimmick, Vol. 3”

    1. So attempted gang-rape, manipulation, and abuse have no consequences in this book, except to make the victim look like the villain to everyone else. And at the end of the day, it's all 'okay' as long as he likes her. I no longer feel sympathy for the MC. She'd rather hide this abuse and blackmail than get help. She believes that if the guy likes her than it's justified. She cares more about the guy's feelings, who orchestrated her gang-rape, than herself.

    2. In continuation of the last thoughtGH! This goes too farriously! What is the author thinking? And WHY AM I STILL READING THIS?

    3. Fantastic. Azusa's real motives come out, Ryoki learns he's been rapey and backs off, and Hatsumi stands up for herself. Yay!

    4. This series is fucked up. Hatsumi has two guys after her, both of whom think it's perfectly okay to sexually assault women. Azusa is so cold-hearted that he wants to seek revenge on Hatsumi's father by filming her being gang-raped by a group of male models. And what's worse, is that his manager (and thus the author Aihara) tries to make the reader sympathise with Azusa because of a sob story - I'm sorry, but no matter how shit your life is, being involved in sexually assaulting someone makes you [...]

    5. In the last volume I never mentioned how Asuza was revealing himself to be a proper dick. He did majorly, indicating that he was using Hatsumi. If last volume was an indication, this volume was an all out war. Asuza is cold inside. Incapable of seeing what he's done to Hatsumi. He literally arranges for his former childhood friend to be raped by his cohorts all so he could exact revenge on Hatsumi's father. It's perverse, it's twisted and there's no excuse.Asuza's treatment of Hatsumi almost mak [...]

    6. okay i'm going to attempt to review this volume with a minimum of swear words. i'm working on becoming a children's librarian; figuring out how do a clean critical review seems like something i should sort out nowso. azusa needs to die. he is a blight upon the hot gimmick universe and should be removed immediately. the fact that aihara attempts to extend sympathy to him via hatsumi and his manager is frankly mind boggling. setting up a girl to be gang raped is so far beyond the moral event horiz [...]

    7. the volume was a little all over the place. at this point, i'm somehow still more on board with the Azuza-Hatsumi ship than seeing her end up with Ryoki. i realised it's a toss up between two mentally (and physically) abusive bastards but Ryoki is so socially backwards i cannot take him seriously. and sure, Azuza almost got her raped but he apparently he had a sad look on his face, so that makes it okay. apparently.i don't understand the role of Ryoki's mother in anything. that keeps taking me o [...]

    8. I can't believe that this is what shojo is! It's way creepy. I hope teenage girls aren't reading this and thinking this is how relationships should be.First the slave thing is just gross. He's basically molesting her whenever he gets the chance and the only reason why he hasn't raped her yet is because he gets interrupted. I kept reading though the first three books hoping that this was just some joke and it would get better, but it doesn't. It's just disturbing and kind of sick.The art is good, [...]

    9. NO. This volume annoyed me beyond belief. What the hell happened to Azusa's character? He's going to humiliate Hatsumi because her dad had an affair with his mother, which led to her demise? He was so sweet and nice yes, I know that makes it all the more shocking, since he was so sugary, but he it just feels like: "BOOM - I hate you now."It's deliberate pandering to the Hatsumi x Ryoki crowd. But the ending did pique my interestSomeone stop me reading these. They're just too addictive.

    10. While the male characters in this book are really messed up, I still feel like their behaviors are more realistic than a lot of those I've read in the past few months, so I am still enjoying this series. I like the way it's going and how the protagonist female is aiding to the interesting progressions. I was not crazy about the shove (and of course I hated the apartment scene, even though it at least made sense), but I am continuing on. I wonder how things will unfold with the brother.

    11. This one is even more rape-y than the first two. It reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl and that's probably why it's so addicting. It's soapy and the main protagonist is helpless which is annoying, but the characters are developing some depth and the secrets are coming out so I'm definitely into it. 6/10.

    12. Ridiculously lame, and if I could remove it from my YA GN collection based on the fact that it's utterly stupid, anti-feminist, and truly offensive, I would.I was kind of hooked on the first two, but the portrayal of the main female character in this volume really pushed it over the edge for me.

    13. Getting a little better. Come on Ryouki, admit your feelings for Hatsumi. Don't be that rough and acting like a j*rk.

    14. Wow. This series is really messed up. I hope little Japanese girls aren’t reading this and thinking that any of these relationships are normal.

    15. Yikes!! The drama gets more intense! Okay, I've been totally sucked into this series. Yup. okay, now where is volume 4? :-p

    16. How dare Azusa do that! And how dare Ryoki make any attempt to make Hatsumi his girlfriend! Many this is just getting more and more twisted.

    17. I still have no idea how I feel about this series. I kinda like it, but I know I probably shouldn't like it. lol. I'll just keep on reading it.

    18. This is getting darker and more twisted as it goes along and I hate, hate, hate Azusa now. Without giving giving away the plot, his actions in this are beyond redemption for me. Yuk.

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