Necessary Evil

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  • Title: Necessary Evil
  • Author: Ian Tregillis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: None
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    1. This third and final volume in the Milkweed Triptych was enjoyable, but ultimately a disappointment. Tregillis continues to deliver on the fast-paced action, and handles the rewriting of the timeline of Bitter Seeds and The Coldest War well. With two Raybould Marshes running around, his decision to make Old Marsh's perspective first person and Young Marsh's third person kept the two narratives clearly separate. Some of the suspense is lost when it becomes clear that this "new" timeline is our ac [...]

    2. The plot of Necessary Evil is just as fast paced and intricate as all the other books. In fact, with the time jump going on, I’d say it’s even more intricate than the other books. It’s detailed and riveting. Tregillis ends his series with one hell of a bang, but somehow that fits. It’s dark and atmospheric. His characters are raw and real, but it’s the details that really make Necessary Evil stand out. It’s those details that show Tregillis for the literary grandmaster that he truly [...]

    3. Lielbritānija ar saviem eidoloniem līdz šim ir izdevies veiksmīgi turēties pretī Trešajam Reiham un vēlāk Padomju Savienībai un to pārcilvēkiem. Taču šis konflikts, kurā maģija cīnās pret tehnoloģiju beidzas katastrofāli abām pusēm. Tikai Asinzāles aģents Reibolds Māršs iespējams spēs izmainīt vēstures gaitu, lai atrastu to vienīgo notikumu scenāriju, kas ļautu saglabāt pasauli. Taču arī viņš ir tikai daļa no ārprātīgās gaišreģes Grētas lielā plāna [...]

    4. You know how sometimes you fall in love with a book--say Tregillis' first novel, Bitter Seeds? You love the WWII spycraft, you love the action, the Nazi superheroes and the British warlocks. You love the explosions and the way momentum is totally conserved. And then you're afraid that the rest of the series might not live up to the awesomeness that was the first book? Then you read book 2, The Coldest War, and it also totally rocks, but really, how likely is it that the third book in the series [...]

    5. A solid end to an impressive trilogy. Definitely going to get round to Tregillis’ next series soon, which involves robots! And who doesn’t love robots?

    6. Necessary Evil is the final instalment of the Milkweed Triptych trilogy, I must admit war novels are not my thing and usually I don't even consider picking one up. This series however has some riveting aspects that are sheer genius, the first we encounter is the German technological advancement in the form of scientifically engineered supersoldiers with incredible abilities. The second being the British answer to this supersoldier, the use of blood magic to communicate with the Eidolons, beings [...]

    7. Review of Necessary Evil by Ian TregillisAWESOME CONCLUSION TO A BRILLIANT SERIES(No spoilers)I really loved this series and it was fun to read the third and concluding novel of the Milkweed Triptych, Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis. The plot threads were nicely tied up, and I was constantly surprised with the direction of the book.The first two, Bitter Seeds and Coldest War were amazingly good (see my reviews of both) and Necessary Evil kept up the tension. I won’t ruin the first two books he [...]

    8. I liked "Bitter Seeds", although it was a bit rough. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Coldest War", despite its cliffhanger ending. I had great expectations when I picked up "Necessary Evil", but it ended up being a considerable disappointment in an otherwise promising series.Ultimately, it's pretty pointless to review the finale of a series. Either you've read the rest of the series or you haven't. If you haven't, go read someone's review for the first book. If you have, then you've most likely alread [...]

    9. WARNING: Great big spoilers for the first two books in the Milkweed trilogy.In the first book of the Milkweed trilogy, British secret agent Raybould Marsh and his poncy toff friend Will Beauclerk tried to find a way to fight supersoldiers created by Nazi science. The solution was the top-secret Milkweed project: gathering Britain's warlocks, who can bargain with cosmic horrors called Eidolons, they used magic to destroy the Reich's armies and counter the supermen, at the cost of sacrificing thei [...]

    10. My enduring fondness for both time travel and alternate versions of history is probably all that saves this concluding book of the trilogy from a heap of unmitigated disappointment.The problems for me were largely technical in nature, the result of a narrative that finds itself frequently switching tenses and perspectives. I guess this was the necessary outcome from the way the story developed, in that it required both the perspective of the older and younger/alternate Marsh and the easiest way [...]

    11. This is still one of the most original concepts I've come across in quite some time. I was very excited to see what would happen when Marsh is sent back in time, as has been foreshadowed since the very first book. However, I didn't get quite the book I expected.There was a lot of unrequited love to deal with that I wasn't expecting. Old Marsh (as I'll refer to the Marsh who was sent back from the 60's to the 40's) becomes obsessed with his wife, Liv. He is still trying to change the future, but [...]

    12. Non-stop adventure and intrigue with very poignant human drama. Like a good spy/adventure novel with a healthy dose of weird/supernatural/sci-fi fiction thrown in.Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Bitten by Books: bittenbybooks.

    13. A more than worthy final book to end the Milkweed Triptych.A book with a stubborn character who is full of love, passion, determination, endurance and will.The whole series is one of the best alternate history series I read so far.

    14. In theory, I should have loved the Milkweed Triptych. The inside flap reads like a fantasy-lover's wet dream. I mean, alternate history, time travel, superhuman powers, wizardry, blood sacrificesand precognition? What's not to like?I can't fathom why it didn't click with me. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, or the weather was wrong or something-- reading other reviews, I'm sure that it's a super series, so I'm convinced the problem may be personal here.That being said, there were still a few good thi [...]

    15. This third and final novel in Tregillis' series faces a tough task: how do you top the first two instalments, follow through on the plot setup from the end of book 2, provide a satisfying resolution to the trilogy as a whole, and still maintain the atmosphere of horror and tension that fuels the first two books?In the event, the book achieves all of these things. Raybould Marsh's determination to avert the catastrophe that destroyed his world in book 2 (not many trilogies end the world in book 2 [...]

    16. Asinzāles triptiha trešā grāmata. Asinzāles triptiha grāmatas, manuprāt, ir savstarpēji tik cieši saistītas, ka nav vērts tās lasīt vai aplūkot atsevišķi. Tāpēc šī recenzija ir par visām.Karš, tumši, melni, ar līķiem un visāda veida ļaunumu. Ideāla atmosfēra. Īpaši bonuspunkti par otrajā grāmatā ieskicēto Padomju Savienības raksturojumu, kas ar it kā nelielu detaļu palīdzību rada tik vēsturiski precīzu izjūtu, neskatoties uz it kā tik atšķirīgo alte [...]

    17. The third (and final, of course) installment in the Milkweed Trilogy by Tregellis.In the previous book, our rather sad characters were stuck in their very depressing, very cold-war alternate-timeline future, and we discovered what the name the Eidolons gave Marsh meant, so he goes back in time to 1940 to work with his arch-nemesis Gretel to prevent the end of the world (as we know it, as it were). I have to say, I'm rather surprised that this trilogy isn't more popular because the entire trilog [...]

    18. Ah nuts, this awesome trilogy rather fell apart in the last book.Mostly due to technical issues. The switching of writing style didn't work. The first person was poor. The narrative has to reflect the character, and it frequently did not sound like Marsh. It was also nowhere nearly as tightly plotted as the previous books. So the unravelling of the time-travel story didn't pop in the way the build-up promised.There was also way too much focus on Old Marsh becoming completely obsessed with Liv. U [...]

    19. A pesar del buen nivel que ya ha venido demostrando el escritor norteamericano Ian Tregillis en entregas anteriores, la conclusión del Tríptico de Asclepia no hace sino confirmar que esta trilogía bélica con ligeros toques de fantasía y ciencia-ficción es una de las apuestas más originales, trepidantes y satisfactorias que se pueden encontrar entre las últimas novedades. Si Semillas amargas y La guerra más fría me gustaron precisamente por esa extraña pero acompasada mezcla entre acci [...]

    20. Upon finishing the trilogy, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, because I'd grown to really enjoy Gretel's company, and she's been relegated to a fate worse than death. Humanity, that is. Am I so wrong to want a demi-god to remain a demi-god?On the other hand, Raybold has been a pleasure to follow, in all of his incarnations, despite the pudgy and worthless husband incarnation from the second book. He's learned to redeem himself several times over. The main question is: did I like the co [...]

    21. I KNEW they were going to kill Will I just knew they were going to gut me-- and it's STILL all Marsh's fault!If you can't tell, I am not a Raybould fan at ALL. However, damn you for making me feel sorry for the older Marsh and over the fact the new timeline son is named after Will! As for the series, I enjoyed how they rewrote the timeline and resolved the issue of the "random old guy". My husband and I were so excited when we pieced it together before they announced in the book! I also liked th [...]

    22. Satisfactory wrap-up of alternate history with Nazi supervillains. I don't know how much I need to say; if you read the first two you've already decided to buy this, and if you didn't, ferchrissakes don't start with the third.The plotting is *perhaps* a little awkward. At one point, to make certain dates line up, a character is thrown into an SS prison cell for a year. Chapter break, escape, return to Britain, plot continues. I forgive it. Gretel's fate could be viewed as deus ex machina, but si [...]

    23. I'll say right off that my ratings are a bit off-kilter for this whole series. Looking back, I can't remember why I only gave four stars to the first one. That's what I wanted to give the conclusion, though it maybe wasn't quite as good as the others (but only by a smidge, and only because I thought the biggest emotional punches came early in this one). Reading my earlier reviews reminded me that these aren't so much about the plot, but about the thudding tone that gets inside your chest when yo [...]

    24. Final installment of the Milkweed Tryptich by Ian Tregillis. I must say, it doesn't disappoint. It's impossible to say much about the plot without spoiling anything, but I suffice to say this book also picks up right where there previous one left off. Most of the familiar characters are back again, and the plot thickens, as they say. The quest to stop the evil plans comes to a mostly satisfying conclusion, and the journey there was a pleasant one. Overall I certainly think so. Style and pace are [...]

    25. It probably says something about the series that returning to a WWII era England under attack by the Luftwaffe is actually a much more cheerful experience than the last outing. The miserable home life of our protagonist has been left behind, so we can focus for the most part on the various different secret organizations that are trying to destroy each other, and insure victory of the war for their side. We even get a rather nice super powered brawl, which is something I feel like we were promise [...]

    26. Necessary Evil is a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. The way the story unfolded in the previous two volumes, it can't help but deliver a bitter-sweet ending. It's a book that almost forces you to keep reading. Tregillis managed to pretty much constantly make me wonder how he would twist events from the frist novel to fit this new timeline. When you look at the entire trilogy, it is a remarkable bit of plotting. In hindsight, I may have underappreciated the quality of Bitter Seeds a bit [...]

    27. Sometimes you come across a book or series that makes you go WOW that was fantastic.This is one of those series for me.It is a mix of alternate history, fantasy and sci fi. The closest comparison I can draw is to the Back to the Future film trilogy but set during WWII through to the Cold War and back to WWII with evil Nazi experiments, British Warlocks and time travel.Its a great story with good strong characters, if you like the genres mentioned above check it out.

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