The Soldier

Drake Glauco, now a successful nourisher and happily joined to Vernon, comes to realise it s time for a Priaxian human alliance to come to fruition The joy he had experienced too great for it to not be used to benefit mankind The mutual need too important With each passing day, Drake and Vernon s symbiotic relationship grows just as much as the hatchlings inside the eggDrake Glauco, now a successful nourisher and happily joined to Vernon, comes to realise it s time for a Priaxian human alliance to come to fruition The joy he had experienced too great for it to not be used to benefit mankind The mutual need too important With each passing day, Drake and Vernon s symbiotic relationship grows just as much as the hatchlings inside the egg the Priaxian carries as the hope of his species.But trouble stirs in the dark places of the galaxy A once sleeping giant, an enigmatic race known as the Herdsmen, stirs Their awakening brought about by many events, including trespassing into their territory The result of them becoming known is devastating for all the sentient species, especially for humans The Herdsmen have developed a taste for mankind s flesh.Can Drake and Vernon negotiate an agreement with the Herdsmen before it s too late Offer some alternative to the slaughter that will result if they enter human space Or will their plans to dominate the galaxy obliterate all in their path, including their allies All hope once falls on Draked a mysterious Priaxian soldier who communicates to him in his dreams.
The Soldier Drake Glauco now a successful nourisher and happily joined to Vernon comes to realise it s time for a Priaxian human alliance to come to fruition The joy he had experienced too great for it to not b

  • Title: The Soldier
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: 9781554878291
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “The Soldier”

    1. This the the second in the Borders of Worlds Saga. We have more characters joining Vern and Drake on their adventures in saving the universe. It is fun and interesting to see more about the culture of Priaxians. The conflict heats up even more in this sequel to The Nourisher. Most of this one is the group running from conflict to conflict but that makes it fun and impossible to put down. I'm so looking forward to the next in the series.

    2. This was a fantastic follow up to the first book in the series. I continue to adore Vernon, and I love all the new characters that were introduced in this book too! I think it's amazing the whole world that Mark Alders created in this series, and I love how complex everything is, the nonstop action, and hot sex of course. Great readw I am eagerly awaiting the third (and final??) book in the series!

    3. More like 3.5 starsWe continue the story of Drake who's the human nourisher of the Priaxian spider (and big sweetheart) Vernon. The incubation is going well but there are constant threats from other alien species. I was confused some of the time trying to keep all the factions clear in my head. I did enjoy learning about the soldier/servant caste system

    4. Exciting Adventure in Space!Space wars bring me a lot of joy as they're nostalgic for me. The first show I was ever "interested in" with more than a passing fancy as the original Star Trek where I always wanted to be the one "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." [I love you, William Shatner!) Mark Alders managed to go above and beyond any battle The Enterprise ever engaged in while chronicling the adventures of Dra [...]

    5. Further exciting adventures for Drake and Vernon. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first but it was no less exciting as our intrepid heroes bouncy around the galaxy with their merry band of cohorts. This installment was a bit repetitious in places and like the first book really needs professional editing. I did however move straight onto The Incubator because I must know what happens to everyone!!

    6. Considering how quickly I inhaled 'The Nourisher', book one in this series, I'm actually surprised it's taken me a few weeks to get to this next book. Believe me when I say that it's in your best interest to read these books in order. There is so much backstory and setting the stage, plus the world building that occurs in the first book, that in my opinion you'll be completely lost if you try to skip the reading order. I was thrilled that the author picked the story up, essentially, right from t [...]

    7. Same thing that applied to The Nourisher applied here, as does my review from the first book: /review/show/To add a few things unique to this book: Sern and Braken's relationship was cute but lacked depth - but since they're secondary characters, I won't count it against them. The whole book reads like those sci-fi movies from the seventies/eighties featuring bad CGI, stiff hairdos, and over-the-top villains without actually having any of those. Maybe it's the constantly escaping from one enemy [...]

    8. The continuing tale of Vernon and Drake. I liked this story but not as much as the first one. I truly cannot believe the vivid imagination of this author though! Wow, he must be quite interesting to spend an evening with. The world he has created is pretty ingenious. Onward to book 3 in the series.

    9. to come.Very fast paced, action packed adventurentinues where the first book ends - off on a mission Drake and Vernon get down and dirty with the Priory and the Aurorians. We learn more about Praxians and some secrets come to light. With war looming.who's the enemy and who is friend?

    10. The story gets a heck of a lot more complicated in this book. There's a lot more intrigue and a lot more things going on.I'm really enjoying how cuddly the relationship Drake and Vernon have with each other.

    11. The sequel continued where the first book left off and was just as amazing.Drake and Vernon have as strong a relationship as ever and enjoyed the brief rest just living and loving in Vernon's nest, but the Queen now needs them along with Jankin and his wife to go back to earth to negotiate the treaty between the two worlds.Along the way, trouble catches up with them and their original plans turn into another string of dangerous adventures when they learn of intrigue and betrayal that leads to al [...]

    12. I´m glad I´m the type of reader that can´t leave a story unfinished.After struggling with The NourisherI´m happy I gave Mark Aldersanother chance.The Soldier was so much better.Fast, way too fast and with so much going on.I am not going to pretend I can remember every race´s name or every character, tho Brake and Sern made an impression, I can just say that by reading the Saga you will let your imagination go wild.It´s amazing how as a reader I get to forget Vernon is a huge 8 legged spide [...]

    13. I thought book #1 of the saga was fast paced and action packed, but book #2 is a rollercoaster ride from "they're doomed" to "thank goodness, they made it". And of course my favorite "how the heck did they pull THAT off?" :)Situations keeps moving forward and so many ripples in the pond after the first and second stones are thrown.I continue to find the closeness and love between Vernon and Drake fascinating and so will you.Highly recommended.==============================1st read - Feb 15, 2012 [...]

    14. I'm not even sure how to review this one. I have a love hate relationship with this series!!! All I can sayspiders will have a whole new level of hold on you after reading it. You will either love them hate them more of run around afterwards with wet panties

    15. The second part of this Saga starts where first ended. The plotted adventure was easy readable and enjoyable. The main male couple, Vernon and Drake, were sweet together. Anyway this was easy funny read.

    16. This is why I don't read space sagas. I want to get to the end and I start comparing everything to Star Trek. I try not to but I do. There are now way too many bad guys and double crossing and aliens for me to keep straight. Someone, somewhere just tell how this ends.

    17. This was a great story, lots of action and sexy men. I liked the first story better but this had just as much entertainment value, oh and hot nakedness *G*

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