Blue sky Yellow sun White clouds Then, suddenly, gray clouds Gray sky RAIN Using bold graphics and few words, Rain explores concepts like weather, colors, and a changing landscape It s a book for very young readers to enjoy and learn from, rain or shine.
Rain Blue sky Yellow sun White clouds Then suddenly gray clouds Gray sky RAIN Using bold graphics and few words Rain explores concepts like weather colors and a changing landscape It s a book for very

  • Title: Rain
  • Author: Robert Kalan Donald Crews
  • ISBN: 9780688104795
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book didn't have much of a plot. The pages didn't have full sentences on them. A page would have a few words at most along with a simple illustration to go along with it. Now that I think about it, there actually were several pages with MANY words; in rainy scenes, the word "RAIN" was used in place of the rain drops. Basically the sky was blue and sunny. Then, clouds came, followed by rain, followed by a rainbow.I like the simplicity of the book. It wasn't very deep or challenging, but it w [...]

    2. This book is simply about rain and the way it travels. I would use this as a read aloud in a lesson on weather.

    3. Read at Baby/Toddler story time on 5/24/11: storytimesecrets/Read at Baby/Toddler Story Time on 9/6/11: storytimesecrets/Read at Baby/Toddler Story Time on 1/17/12: storytimesecrets/Read at Preschool Story Time on 8/10/12: storytimesecrets/Read at drop-in story time on 3/12/13: storytimesecrets/Read at Drop-In Story Time on 8/2/13: storytimesecrets/Read at MOPS Story Time on 2/17/16: storytimesecrets/

    4. First sentence: Blue sky. Yellow sun. White clouds. Gray clouds. No sun. Gray sky. Rain.Premise/plot: Rain is a simple concept book for young children. It's a book about the weather, and, a book about colors. The rain coming down from the gray clouds--the word rain over and over again. My thoughts: I really like this one. I do. I am most familiar with Donald Crews' Freight Train. And by familiar, I mean essentially have it memorized. This one has a very similar feel. Is it my favorite picture bo [...]

    5. I really like this, but I'm a bit confused with the art style. It feels very basic, but little ones sometimes enjoy basic. Anyhow, the idea of rain falling in words from the sky is very unique from anything else we have in our room. It's almost like concrete poetry. The little boy I read with like it, and enjoyed saying "rain rain rain rain rain rain" every page. We got to the end where he said "FINALLY. It's over!" (meaning the rain, not the book). Rainbow greeted us, and we were done.Yup. It's [...]

    6. Rain is a book that, surprisingly, has no words. It is comprised solely of pictures. The pictures show the conditions that are necessary for the rain to come. It also deals with themes such as colors and a changing landscape. This would be a good book for children to look at who can't quite read yet. Another use of this book would be to spur on a classroom discussion of how stories can truly be told with just pictures. The pictures seemed a bit dated to me though; seeing as how this book was dra [...]

    7. I enjoyed the simplicity of this book. The bright colors, limited words, and simplistic images were attention grabbers. My son is 18 months and many of the words in the book are words that he knows so he could point to the clouds, car, sun, trees and tell me what they were. I really like that the word rain is used as both text and imagery. This will be a book that he can grow with abs some day read to me.

    8. I was surprised at how well received this was at lap time. One toddler seemed fascinated with the pictures and several commented on what was in the pictures. 7/3/13Went over well again in Lap Time. A child asked her parent to check it out after the program. 4/12/15I love this simple, graphic story for my last Baby/Toddler Story Time book. (Seemed to work even after the disruption of a screamer).

    9. This is a wonderful book to explore colors in our environment. This book shows what happens before, during, and after a rainstorm. This would be a fun book to explore during weather and ask the children to then tell you what happends before, during, and after a rainstorm making an organization chart and coloring the pictures with the same colors in the book. For lower kids it would just be a fun way to explore colors to help the children make text-to-world connections.

    10. This is a great book to explore colors in our environment. This book can also be used in a science lesson on weather because the book shows what happens before, during, and after a rainstorm. After reading the story the teacher could ask the students to draw a picture of what happens before, during, and after a rainstorm. Then they could share their pictures with the class.

    11. This story is predictable and great for students learning their colors as well as simple words. The illustrations bundles of the word that describes the illustration so the students can use picture clues to read the story.

    12. Beautifully illustrated, simple text, approachable also felt like concrete poetry throughout.

    13. Liby likes this book and how the rain is spelled over and over. She has had me read this one quite a few times.

    14. A short book that helps kids that are learning to read read their color words. Lots of picture clues help the kids read the book. The sentences are all only a few words each.

    15. The illustrations in "Rain" are definitely different. Raindrops are depicted as the word Rain falling from the sky. Great for emergent readers.

    16. Wow, this is the best book of all that I read in the library. I really like rain falling in this book.And very easy!

    17. The book just shows an item and in the picture it was the word of what it is. This is a good book for little kids to know what each object is.

    18. Beautifully designed! The "rain" pouring down in the pictures is composed of the word itself, over and over.

    19. This is a perfect book for beginning readers. I loved how the text was the same color as the object being shown in the illustrations.

    20. This book is awesome to show how rain comes down. It also shows multiple colors.This book would be great to help learn colors.

    21. Really clever book using the word "rain" as the actual raindrops for its illustration of a car driving through the countryside.

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