The Time Machine (Classic Starts Series)

Illus in black and white When a turn of the century scientist travels into the distant future in his time machine, he expects to find progress and superior people But instead he discovers a world in decay Reading level 2.4 Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 8 18 1990 Pages 96 Reading Level Age 6 and Up
The Time Machine Classic Starts Series Illus in black and white When a turn of the century scientist travels into the distant future in his time machine he expects to find progress and superior people But instead he discovers a world in d

  • Title: The Time Machine (Classic Starts Series)
  • Author: Chris Sasaki H.G. Wells Troy Howell Arthur Pober
  • ISBN: 9781402745829
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Time Machine by Chris Sasaki is a fantasy mystery of when an inventor who lives in old London builds a time machine. The Inventor, who remains nameless throughout the book, travels to future London where he observes and lives with the people of the above ground called “Eloi,” and the underground people called “Morlocks.” He realizes how nice the Eloi people are because of their peaceful ways, like walking around with robes and sandals on. Though when he comes to discover the disresp [...]

    2. I really liked The Time Machine.A summary of this story would be,a man invents a time machine.He travels in to the future and meets a little eloi thing named weena.Then she gets eaten by a morlock.Then the time traveler went home again,but the time traveler forgot a camera,so when he got back he grabbed a camera and a knapsack and went back in to the future again.

    3. This book is a good introduction to the classic book The Time Machine. My only problem with it is that it is intended for readers aged 6 and up, but the ideas in the book are still a bit complicated for an eight-year-old to muddle through. It did lead to some interesting discussions, though, and maybe he'll be willing to read the 'real' book when he is older.

    4. It's a classic, of course. I found the allusions to current society interesting. It is a quick read & worth your time.

    5. Although I didn't read the original version, after reading this shorter version (meant for juvenile readers, technically), I'm very interested to track down the original. The story is about the Time Traveler, who is the unnamed narrator for a good chunk of the book as he describes what it was he saw in the eight hours he'd been gone.Though it's easier to read, the literary themes and possible discussions about humanity and where our actions take us in the future are easy to spot. If someone was [...]

    6. The time traveler, who apparently didn't have a name, is the hero of the story. He lost his time machine because the villain in the story, a group of creatures called the morlocks, hid his time machine. He ran into the morlocks in the future, and somehow they took it from him. He eventually found the machine with help from his friend Weena in the base of a building called the Sphinx. I liked about this book: there were really interesting scientific facts, but some of the facts were science ficti [...]

    7. We have this feeling of wanting to know the future or expecting the future to be always better than the present.What if we found out that instead of developing the human race retrocessed? And the only hope was love all over again? "The flowers tell me that the human heart is still filled with kindness and love - even in the distant future" Loved it. Now I'll read the unabridged version.

    8. Great beginner/introduction to the classics. I read most books along side my son and this was a neat take on time travel and our society.

    9. Read this to my big girl and it was a great journey together. Given that Rod Taylor died the week we were reading it we will have to watch the movie.

    10. A nice book. I wish there were more illustrations (since it is intended for children). And perhaps it could be even more abridged.

    11. The Time Traveler went 8,000 years in the future. He thought that people were rich and knew more stuff but they were poor and weak. They got their food from human ape monsters.

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