In dynamic words and dramatic pictures, Earthdance invites young readers to become not just part of the earth, but Earth itself.
Earthdance In dynamic words and dramatic pictures Earthdance invites young readers to become not just part of the earth but Earth itself

  • Title: Earthdance
  • Author: Joanne Ryder Norman Gorbaty
  • ISBN: 9780805062311
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Well first kinder class - older kids at TK level - that were pretty wild possibly because they had a sub the day before, and also I suspect they have a first year teacher - almost shut this book down. It's only a few minutes read - but they complained about the pictures and one outspoken child said it was boring. I'll try it out one more time. Today I have a high level, K-1 class, which is usually pretty focussed, can discuss, etc.This 2nd class thought it was boring, too. One student said it wa [...]

    2. This book was very different from what I thought it would be. Earth dance takes you on a descriptive journey from the very foundations of our planet to the animals, rivers, and people that make up our home.What makes the literary elements of this book interesting is that the book is written in first person, you the reader are planet Earth. For example, "Your whisper is a breeze murmuring through the reeds," explains the winds and "wiggle your shoulders and mountains tremble and quake" describes [...]

    3. Yuck. Our excellent school librarian ordered this for me when I read in a teaching resource book that this one would be great for teaching writing. I appreciate her doing it, but ICK what a book. The idea is that the book is written from the Earth's perspective. But, the prose reads as overblown and the artwork is icky. It reminds me of a book they would have read to us in the 70s in elementary school on Earth day.

    4. Beautiful pictures and poetic text lend to a great description of Earth. Particularly moving for Earth Day, this book helps a child to relate to and almost feel like Mother Earth in order to have compassion for this planet we call home.

    5. EarthdanceRyder, Joanne" a poem about the earth and all that it is and does and moves as it is the center of our worldreads better with the kids eyes closed."

    6. Author Joanne Ryder & illustrator Norman Gorbaty have done a brilliant job bringing to life our place in the world.

    7. Pretty story about taking care of Mother Earth through the teaching of similes and metaphorical statements. I used this book in class to teach all similes and metaphors.

    8. The artwork in this book delights the eye, and really challenged the artist within. My kids loved the book when they were younger, and now that they are older they enjoy the artwork more so.

    9. Guided imagery while exercising the imagination. The illustrations are cheerful and supportive of the poetry.

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