What a Duke Wants

What woman would refuse a Duke s kiss Running from a dark secret past, Isabella Masters craves peace and stability, a life far from the prying eyes of society.She does not dream of landing a lord.But in the arms of a stranger with magnificent eyes, she loses herself in one breath stealing kiss only to discover she has been misled by a reluctant Duke.Angered but enthralledWhat woman would refuse a Duke s kiss Running from a dark secret past, Isabella Masters craves peace and stability, a life far from the prying eyes of society.She does not dream of landing a lord.But in the arms of a stranger with magnificent eyes, she loses herself in one breath stealing kiss only to discover she has been misled by a reluctant Duke.Angered but enthralled, she dares not submit though her passionate heart begs her to He cannot wed her but he must not lose her.Only one possibility remains one too scandalous to consider yet too tempting to resist.
What a Duke Wants What woman would refuse a Duke s kiss Running from a dark secret past Isabella Masters craves peace and stability a life far from the prying eyes of society She does not dream of landing a lord But

  • Title: What a Duke Wants
  • Author: Lavinia Kent
  • ISBN: 9780061986314
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Escaping to the horse barn one night, Mark Smythe, Duke of Strattington, overhears a young woman muttering about "who covers a cock?" and naturally his interest is quite ummm, aroused. The woman in question is Isabella Masters, or Isabella Smith as she introduces herself to this man whom she believes has come to the barn to take care of the problem that is bothering the high and might Duke. Little does she know she is rambling on to the actual duke about his wretched steward man and all his ridi [...]

    2. Posted at Oh My Books!I decided to read What a Duke Wants following the reviews. Almost all said this was a great book, so why not? I was not disappointed.Isabella has a secret past that can't be discovered by anyone. She just want an easy life, away from society. So when she meets the man of her dreams, she's very sure he's going to ask her to marry him and have a wonderful life.Mark doesn't know how to be a Duke. He just want some nice and quiet time alone when he met Isabella. She's beautiful [...]

    3. Isabella Masters isn't thrilled to be nursemaid to a harridan like Mrs. Wattington. However, it's better than going back to her family. Yes, they're good ton but they also didn't support her when she well, that's a (view spoiler)[She killed the man she was supposed to marry (hide spoiler)]. So, when a handsome man offers her a few moments of happiness, Isabella jumps on board. She's not excited to find out he's the Duke of Strattington. When he was a simple groom, she had hopes of marrying him. [...]

    4. What a Duke Wants is a very lovely, exciting and captivating tale.Isabella and Mark are incredible together! I loved all their dialogues and every little interaction between them. This book is packed with twists that will delight and surprise the reader. Lavinia Kent has the power to create scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat desperatly turning the pages to know what will happen next. It has hints of mystery and suspense but they never overgrow the fact that it’s a very HOT rom [...]

    5. A true "it was OK." It started promisingly, but then didn't fulfill the promise. Too much purple melodrama. Too much ickyness in the hero's behaviour. Too unsatisfying a grovel. All in all, it wasn't as awful as the cover and its cheesy fonts suggest, but also far from as good as the reviews I've seen promised.

    6. One novel was enough to make me a die hard fan of Lavinia Kent and everything I have read from her since reinforced my appreciation and enthusiasm for her writing. What a Duke Wants is a great sensual and cute historical romance, one I gobbled up in less than a day it was so addictive. I give What a Duke Wants 4.5 stars. My review will be posted soon.

    7. Entertaining.I have read all of the Madam Rouge books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I then found this book and couldn't put it down. Lavinia certainly knows how to draw you in from the first page! You certainly don't need four or five chapters to introduce you to the plot I loved the two main characters and thoroughly recommended this book to anyone wanting a good romance.

    8. Review posted here: thebookpushers/2011/10/03/Publisher: AvonPublish Date: Out Now!How I got this book: NetGalleyI had the pleasure of being able to read this book while on vacation in London, so I have to admit to being in the spirit of historical regency romance books while I read this one.Isabella is on the run from her past, hiding out as a wetnurse for families in the country, but when the woman she is working for is called back to London, Isabella starts to worry that her past will catch u [...]

    9. I reviewed this book for Romance Reader At Heart website:RRAH's THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS: We finally have Isabella's happily-ever-after, but you won't be lost if you don't read the previous books in the series. However, I'm one of those people that just loves to read them in order, because the family dynamic is something I can't get enough of when it comes to series of any kind.Isabella Masters has been on the run from bad men for a while now, and under those circumstances, it is imperative she h [...]

    10. First, I have to mention the cover, Nathan Kamp is aging nicely. What a sexy, sly look and it fits the hero of this book perfectly. Mark Smythe, Duke of Strattington is a reluctant duke, not at all comfortable with the strictures of a dukedom. One night at an inn, he overhears a woman talking about 'who covers a cock.'. A wonderful way to begin this story. Mark is of course, intrigued and when the young lady in question begins to bad mouth 'the duke' Mark pretends to be an employee. I was immedi [...]

    11. My very first of Lavinia Kent. I really have to say I enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down. In fact I made it to read the book within one day. It's very rare since I'm a slow reader. I admitted that I was skimming some parts like when they made love. The plot was actually quite good, and interesting. I really enjoy the beginning, especially when Isabella and Mark started to bound. Through the whole story, I was wondering who's the Blue Coat, the whisperer. But somehow, the climax was a bi [...]

    12. DNF at 35%. It was like a chore reading this book. There was no attraction between the characters. The hero was boring, he had no charm, and I was surprised to read how "bewitched" he was of the heroine. After two days of knowing her, he knew she was "special," blah blah. Yes, I can see you like to say that, Mr. Duke, but I never truly felt that supposed connection you had with the girl. Even when they kissed or had "steamy" scenes, the inner monologue of both characters, who kept analyzing thei [...]

    13. After waiting almost three years for this book to be released. I can say it was 100% worth the wait!If the first line of the book "who covers a cock?" don't get you interested to "read" I don't know what will!This is a very interesting and entertaining story with some mystery, suspense and a lot of sex appealIsabella Masters "Smith" left the scene a few books back and now after three books she appears, and finds herself traveling back to her past. In the mist of this she finds her "prince" or ra [...]

    14. WHAT A DUKE WANTS by Lavinia Kent is an exciting and interesting historical romance set in Middleham,England 1821. It is the story of Isabella Masters(Isabella Smith) and Mark Smythe,the Duke of Strattington. Whenm Mark Smythe, Duke of Strattington, overhears a young woman muttering about "who covers a cock?",while escaping to a horse barn,how could he not be aroused. Isabella, is running from a dark secret,working as a governess to a small infant,and has escaped to the horse barn,where she meet [...]

    15. What a Duke Wants is a thematically rich novel with interesting characters and sustained suspense. Watching Isabella and Mark discover significant things about one another even as they protected their secrets was a joy. I found Isabella a particularly sympathetic character. Her reasons for running away are credible, and surviving on her own given her youth and inexperience is a testament to her strength. I did have some problems with Mark. His unease with his title and his feeling that who he is [...]

    16. Another really good Regency romance. The hero, Mark, was a most reluctant duke. He never wanted the title and had received it when his cousin unexpectedly dies. And he is not comfortable with it. He meets the heroine, Isabella, at an inn. She is working as a nursery maid and has taken her charge to the stables one night to walk with him so he wouldn't wake the entire family with his crying. Mark is there because he is unable to sleep. They start talking and develop a friendship, neither one awar [...]

    17. After much waiting, Isabella’s story is here! You will not be disappointed. In this tale we find Miss Isabella Masters, who has deliberately disappeared from her home and family. She is a nursemaid traveling on her way to London with her charge (Oh, no, not London!) when into the picture steps Mark, an estate agent. Isabella is keeping a few secrets, but then Mark has at least one big secret of his own.What will Isabella decide to do about Mark? What will Mark decide to do about Isabella? To f [...]

    18. A nice twist on the typical regency tale. The heroine falls in love with a man named Mark, whom she believes is just an ordinary man. It turns out he's a Duke. Not quite as lovely. She doesn't tell him she's actually the granddaughter of an Earl so he offers to make her his mistress because he can't marry a peasant. Despite all of this they truly fall in love. Some aspects of the story are a stretch, but it was a fun read. And an added bonus, the book never describes the heroine as coltish nor d [...]

    19. Fun, though a tad logically flawed. Enjoyable overall. Great opening, anything that somehow has a duke walking a stranger's baby to sleep is a masterful feat of creative manouvering. Story changes direction so often you barely have the chance to notice the plot holes. Lots of situational or scene changes in a short amount of time. Issue of murder alternatively dwelled on as major problem then glossed over as if it were nothing which was odd, as it seemed no stand was taken, not even legally in t [...]

    20. I did not really enjoy this one. Maybe it was the characters, which I feel were underdeveloped or perhaps it was the storyline. For whatever reason, I couldn't connect and ended up skimming through the majority of this book.I felt that Mark, as the newly minted Duke of Strattingham, was so immature. I grant that he has no idea what he has to do as the new Duke but he seemed completely clueless about life in general. I liked Isabella a little bit better but her reactions to everything also seemed [...]

    21. The first Chapter started nice And funnye next few were a bit slow building the relationshipbut then it started to drag on and on and oneven the love scens took bags and bags between actual sex and the H/h thoughts! The thoughts keep on repeatingeven the expressions they used are repeated! The Duke is total clueless and sometimes childish! on A second thought, may bet should change the rating to 1 star!

    22. I enjoyed the book. This is the second time through. I had to re-read it because I finished a few books that included several secondary characters as well as the heroine of this book as a secondary character in earlier books. This book was good as a stand-alone, but I enjoyed it more after reading the others. I would like to see a book written for The Duke of Brisbane, who was a secondary character in several of the books. He seems more like the hero I would want I my life.

    23. This was such a childish book. I was so disappointed especially after Peter and Violet's book. Isabella is unbelievable as a heroine, really how did she survive on her own for three years? Mark what a disappointmenthe didn't ever do anything.

    24. It was ok. Just ok. There were lots of things that just didn't fit for this book for me. Mainly the end drama wasn't very dramatic at all. Big climax to a little solution. *shrug* It was ok, but not memorable.

    25. 2.5 ish - steamy with a good plot but the heroine was super weak and I thought the hero didn't do enough to protect the heroine

    26. Four stars!I loved how mark and Isabella met, and how both of them try to find themselves. However, the ending felt like it wasn't finished.

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