The Noisy Book

Voici le livre des bruits, de presque tous les bruits Pour bien se rappeler que la trompette fait pou t , que le p tard fait boum , que le loup fait ooouuuh et le hibou ouh ouh , que rhume fait atchoum et les pinards beurk.
The Noisy Book Voici le livre des bruits de presque tous les bruits Pour bien se rappeler que la trompette fait pou t que le p tard fait boum que le loup fait ooouuuh et le hibou ouh ouh que rhume fait atchou

  • Title: The Noisy Book
  • Author: Soledad Bravi
  • ISBN: 9781877467523
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “The Noisy Book”

    1. I thought Ivy would enjoy this book, and she totally loves it. And she loves the inside front and back covers just as much as all the pages in between, because they have miniature pictures of all the items in the book and she can tap on each one after the other and Granny obliges by making the noise. Not so brilliant on Granny's view, and entailing a little gentle persuasion to go back to the beginning and turn all the pages one by one, again. And again.Each double page has a bold and colourful [...]

    2. I was digging the sounds in this book, which range from animals to everyday objects until the sheer number of pages got to me. I lost interest and some of the subjects included didn't quite fit the frame of the book for me. I could've done without the spinach, snail, power outlet, and pain; those noises were strange choices to include. The artwork consists of thick black outlines and simplistic renderings of familiar animals and items. The illustration of the pig freaked me out a little because [...]

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    4. The Noisy Book is long for a board book, but simple enough to engage a young baby. The pictures are stylized, outlined in thick black, and brightly colored. The plotless list of noisy things, "The donkey goes heehaw," is fun to read to a child. I have read it to my baby a lot, because he prefers it over other books. (Or at least he is quiet for this book and whines when I read Mouse Paint.) I have not yet gotten tired of it.It is easy to "accidentally" skip pages, because they are pretty thin fo [...]

    5. Borrowed this book from our local library when my son was 6 months. Very quickly became a firm favourite so I bought a copy. Although it can seem long (especially when a toddler demands you to read it several times in a row) the simple words followed by the sound definitely helped with his language development. At almost 2 years we are still reading it regularly. Worth the investment.

    6. My 18 month old loves this book. She can imitate sounds like you can't believe because of this book. Super fun book!

    7. longest. board book. ever. bold pictures with mildly rhyming words. lotsa fun sounds, except for rabbit, I couldn't think of how to make that sound. really fun.

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