I am Rembrandt's Daughter

With her mother dead of the plague, and her beloved brother newly married and moved away, Cornelia van Rijn finds herself without a friend or confidante save her difficult father Out of favor with Amsterdam s elite, and considered brash and unreasonable by his patrons, Rembrandt van Rijn, once revered, is now teetering on the brink of madness Cornelia alone must care fWith her mother dead of the plague, and her beloved brother newly married and moved away, Cornelia van Rijn finds herself without a friend or confidante save her difficult father Out of favor with Amsterdam s elite, and considered brash and unreasonable by his patrons, Rembrandt van Rijn, once revered, is now teetering on the brink of madness Cornelia alone must care for him, though she herself is haunted by secrets and scandal Her only happiness comes in chance meetings with Carel, the son of a wealthy shipping magnate whose passion for art stirs Cornelia And then there is Neel, her father s last remaining pupil, whose steadfast devotion to Rembrandt both baffles and touches her Based on historical fact, and filled with family dramas and a love triangle that would make Jane Austen proud, I Am Rembrandt s Daughter is a powerful account of a young woman s struggle to come of age within the shadow of one of the world s most brilliant and complicated artists.
I am Rembrandt s Daughter With her mother dead of the plague and her beloved brother newly married and moved away Cornelia van Rijn finds herself without a friend or confidante save her difficult father Out of favor with Ams

  • Title: I am Rembrandt's Daughter
  • Author: Lynn Cullen
  • ISBN: 9781599900469
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book is an example of why I am a hypocrite. Really, and here's why. I write reviews and I constantly tell people how important they are, but then I read a book like this, disagree with many of the other reviews and shake my head at people. In other words, I disregard everything I read and come to my own conclusion. Now about the book: I fell in love with this book just as assuredly as I fell in love with the last book I read by Lynn Cullen (Mrs. Poe.) I believe this book was marketed as a y [...]

    2. A lyrical and fascinating book, based on the real family of Rembrandt. The author has richly incorporated some of Rembrandt's greatest works into the story, and it's a beautiful book.

    3. This was a good historical fiction book, but I found it somewhat boring. It took a long time for the story to evolve and sometimes it was not very interesting. It was the story about a girl named Cornelia who's mother died during the plague. Her father was a once-well-known painter who has since gone soemwhat crazy. Cornelia's life seems to be spinning out of control but she finds love where she leasts expects it to make ends meet.I would not necessarily recommend this book to everyone because i [...]

    4. Cornelia has always been defined by her father, Rembrandt, the once-celebrated now notorious painter. Most call her the crazy artist's bastard child.But when a man of esteem, Carel, takes an interest in her, she begins to think maybe she can escape her impoverished home, just like her brother, Titus did with the beautiful, bitchy Magdalena(can you tell I hate her? A lot?)When the her father's apprentice, serious Neel, begins to notice her, she brushes him off- why would she want to be further as [...]

    5. cornelia is a failed painters daughter . cornelia is embarrassed by her father because to her and other he seems insane because of his relationship with God . Only neel remains at her fathers side when eveything turns for the worst . cornelia has an encounter with a boy named carel . they both take a liking for each other but when things get rough carel turns his back on her unlike neel. Cornelia has a brother named titus who has a different mother who used to be rich but when rembrandts gets il [...]

    6. I'm torn on this book. I really liked the writing and the imagery and the characters. But the plot? It was just way too predictable. True, it is historical fiction but the main storyline was imagined by the author and not based on fact as far as I could tell from the Author's Note. The back cover practically gives away that Cornelia is torn between two boys and you can tell she will pick the serious moral one over the very pretty, rich one. Isn't that what always happens? So the first plot stran [...]

    7. Cornelia is the bastard daughter of a reputed madman, the famous Rembrandt—a once wealthy painter brought low. When her brother marries into wealth—and she captures the smile of a young man named Carel—she begins to dream that maybe life will improve.A dream quickly squelched by her father’s careless attitude toward tradition, his failure to bow to the demands of Amsterdam society, and his complete disdain . . . for her. A disdain Cornelia cannot understand.But then the boy, Carel, retur [...]

    8. I loved I Am Rembrandt's Daughter! I started reading it this morning and finished this evening. What I most enjoyed about the book was the author's vivid descriptions. Although I have never been to Amsterdam I felt like I knew it because of how she portrayed the city. I also liked reading the parts when they talked about what it takes to make paintings, about how important the light is and about brush strokes and the other things. Because I am not a painter and did not know much about painting i [...]

    9. After visiting Rembrandt House this week, in the museum shop I noticed this book and downloaded the Kindle version. A very good read. Although fictional, and very little is known about Rembrandt's illegitimate daughter, the story is about her and her life with Rembrandt. Many of Rembrandt's later works are mentioned and it was fun to look them up and in some ways see the story come to life.

    10. The writing was very good and the author talked about actual Rembrandt pictures. she did a lot of research on Rembrandt's life and art. But I had a very hard time believing the "surprise revelation" she put in her book.

    11. 2.5I loved reading about Rembrandt and his family, but the love triangle was so incredibly exasperating and the made up parts were too frustrating for me to really enjoy.

    12. I thought this book was quite enjoyable. It was super intriguing, and the history in it was fascinating. I simply found that it lacked that spark that makes a book great.Although I wanted to know what happened, and for the most part it was interesting, at times I found I was a bit boredOTThe plot in this was really interesting. It was, as the title suggests, about Rembrandt's daughter, and she's been left to take care of her father all on her own.They're broke, and Rembrandt, once a great painte [...]

    13. This is an interesting historical novel, giving us an idea of what it might have been like to have been Rembrandt's daughter at a point when his career was rapidly going downhill. The author also portrays Rembrandt himself in great detail and in a fascinating way. I'll read more by this author.

    14. Cornelia van Rijn is the daughter of the once famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn and his maid. Cornelia feels shame and anger towards her father for not marrying her mother, making her life miserable and leaving Cornelia to be labeled illegitimate. Shunned by society and mostly ignored by her father, Cornelia longs for love and acceptance. She has only her older brother Titus to love though she's a bit jealous of her father's obvious love for Titus. She also worries about how her family is going [...]

    15. Although I was a bit sceptical at first, I really did enjoy reading this YA novel about Cornelia van Rijn. There are two story lines going on, in between the first and last chapter which take place after Rembrandt's death. You can easily recognize which story line is which as one is in italics and one is in roman. We get to know Cornelia as a kid, and the story is told by using Rembrandt's paintings, both from that period and earlier. In the other story line we get to know Cornelia as a young te [...]

    16. Pentru cei pasionaţi de artă şi mai ales de pictura lui Rembrandt, cartea lui Lynn Cullen, Eu sunt fiica lui Rembrandt, este lectura ideală: un exerciţiu de imaginaţie care îl transformă pe pictor într-un personaj fascinant, misterios, o figură aparte ce nu-şi trădează stilul în favoarea modei vremurilor sale. Dar este şi un roman care reuşeşte să stârnească interesul faţă de lucrările lui Rembrandt chiar şi pentru cei care, aşa cum a fost şi cazul meu, nu sunt, în mod [...]

    17. I admit it, this book took a while for me to get into. (2 attempts at reading it previously). But after about 2 chapters I was drawn in. I loved the heroine- Cornelia- and she actually had real problems, which is more than I can say about some of today's teen romance books. Cornelia van Rijn is Rembrant's daughter. Her father is a great painter, yet he stubbornly refuses to paint in the popular style and both he and Cornelia must suffer for it. Now that Cornelia's brother is getting married and [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book especially since I've been to Amsterdam and seen the Rembrandt House. I couldn't get in since the line was so long, but saw many of his paintings at the Rijkmuseum. Cornelia, is the daughter of the elderly Rembrandt and his common-law wife. Because they are not married, she is scorned by most. On top of that, Rembrandt is no longer the darling of Dutch painters. He's irascible and paints what he wants, the way he wants. Because he is not selling many paintings, they are poor [...]

    19. I like art as much as the next person and while reading this book, I was curious enough to google the works of Rembrandt. It was okay but not really my style. I prefer the works of Gianlorenzo Bernini and Sandro Botticelli, romantic and not so dreary.About the hook, I was really surprised on how dull it was and how I kind of felt underwhelmed by the main character, Cornelia. For some reason, I can't shake my thinking that she was this slatternly and gauche ignorant girl. True, she knows art and [...]

    20. The story is told through the eyes and heart of Rembrandt’s daughter, Cornelia. Very little is known about her. The woven story is the pure imagination of the author.There are two plots intertwine by difference of a few years. In the first one, Cornelia is a seven year old girl with her mom still living. In the second, she is coming of age when girls start thinking about marriage, her mom is gone, and her half-brother is getting married. In both stories, the famous painter is already strugglin [...]

    21. 2.5 starsI began reading this book back in the early part of the year 2012. then got sidetracked and here it is in August and I finally picked it up again and finished it in two days. SoLynn Cullen is a decent writer. The writing is perhaps a little basic. Though her use of Dutch was interesting and enjoyable.The characters.Cornelia was a selfish and just not a very strong character. In the sense that I was expecting a good change of heart in her. And her heart did change but it just wasn't "dra [...]

    22. Recommended for those who appreciate the art of the Dutch Masters.Written from the perspective of Cornelia, the illegitimate daughter of Rembrandt van Rijn, this excellent depiction of Rembrandt in his later years is a haunting tale of a man, once at the height of fame, who has lost his sanity, his standing in society and is bankrupt.Difficult to put down, I found this book fascinatingly filled with wonderful tidbits of accurate facts and marvelous portrayals of real life characters that seem to [...]

    23. Rembrandt van Rijn was born in 1606 and became a famous artist during Amsterdam's Golden Age. He became well-known for his portraits, but he also etched or sketched in pen and ink or chalk. He often did 'history pieces' which consisted of biblical, mythological and allegorical scenes, contrasting light and shadow. Cullen does a good job of showing Rembrandt's progression from famous to shunned as he started to paint in a style not popular at the time, layering gobs of paint to somehow 'portray t [...]

    24. A beautiful romance which shows the realistic complications of love, but which doesn't stop at the self-focused stage but moves beyond it to the discovery of something greater: the love of the goodness in another, their courage, heroism, worth, discovered in small things which make a very big difference. An excellent example of what I was trying to explain in this article on romance in teen fiction: goodreadingguide/blog/There are some mature themes (children born out of wedlock; the shame of mo [...]

    25. Loved this one! Next to Mrs. Poe, it is my favorite of Ms. Cullen's.Ms. Cullen does an immense amount of research in all her novels, and this one is no exception. Historical fiction is a favorite. of mine for that reason, but Me. Cullen's novels differ from most in that she actually bases her novels on real characters and possibilities (hence, the "fiction"). You feel transported to the Dutch Republic in the 17th century in this novel. It is written in the first person by Rembrandt's daughter, C [...]

    26. This was a very good historical fiction. I learned to love the characters. Cornelia alternates between her five year old self and her fourteen year old self. Both are important. There is some mystery with not knowing who everyone is and the role they play. But it all ties together in the end. I have to be honest, I bought this book to read based on how much I loved Mrs. Poe. I did not love this book as much. It seemed to be drier. But not dull. I applaud the author for being able to write this b [...]

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