Editha is a patriotic young lady who convinces her lover, George, to join the army to fight in the Spanish American war a war she claims is just and will, once justly fought, raise their status in society.
Editha Editha is a patriotic young lady who convinces her lover George to join the army to fight in the Spanish American war a war she claims is just and will once justly fought raise their status in soc

  • Title: Editha
  • Author: William Dean Howells
  • ISBN: 9780886825850
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Library Binding
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    1. Editha in Howells short story represented the Americans who believed that war is about glory and honouring their country -and a great portion of them nowadays if you ask me-, doing good by getting freedom to other nations!!Howells was a realistic who didn't believe in war, and he brought Editha the idealist who sent her fiancee George to war for some "Glory"/"Honour"/"Your Duty toward your Country" nonsense without even considering the consequences of killing or being killed, and even if he was [...]

    2. Stereotypical sugar-coated romance. Open-minded woman urges lawyer beau to join the war because apparently fierce, unquestioning patriotism is the only key to her heart. Lawyer beau has misgivings?! Well, I daresay open-minded woman must call off the engagement to give lawyer beau time to think about what exactly he wants. (Seriously, sweetheart, what the hell daring acts of patriotism have you done to make you Uncle Sam's #1 Niece?) Open-minded woman feels a little bad when lawyer beau is on th [...]

    3. Someone Editha needs to be punched in the beginning to see if she changes her mind about war. Such a terrible end! WTF, people!

    4. I actually agreed with Mrs Gearson. I mean it's good to serve your country and protect your nation, but I don't like the notion of war, so I agreed with Mrs Gearson. I liked how she was glad her son was shot before he shot other people, and how she thought of all the innocent families of the other soldiers. It shows her selflessness, and I really respect her. However, I didn't really Editha. I enjoyed the polite but loving relationship between her and George, but I think she's probably one of th [...]

    5. I liked this story in the way I like the message and its imagery and it's well written. However, the story drives me nuts. It's the kind of story that gets its point across by showing the wrong way. Editha bugs the hell out of me. I think that she doesn't know what she's talking about and she's not a good person and the worst thing about her is is she didn't learn her lesson. She doesn't live in the real world and she didn't realize her mistake. The maddening part is not the character Editha her [...]

    6. This is probably cheating but I am going to count what I am reading for school (except for poetry, because I don't even like to read it let alone review it) so that I still make my book goal for the year. I have 4 classes and two are lit classes so I am pretty sure I won't have time to read anything that is not on a syllabus in the next few months. This was a pretty decent story about how we fail to see war for what it really is. It has one really nice moment where it is pointed out that we mour [...]

    7. Howells' critique of romanticism shares certain parallels with the masterpiece of American realist fiction, Twain's Huck Finn, chiefly the movement from romantic perception to horrifying, darkly satiric realism and back again. But where Huck overcomes the reemergence of Tom Sawyer's absurd inability to distinguish fiction from reality, Editha traps herself in her insular self-delusion. Howells doesn't have Twain's touch, though, and the short story barely justifies its minuscule length with pros [...]

    8. A very powerful piece of anti-war writing - a bitter one at that. It's also a good piece to analyze regarding roles of men and women as soldiers, wives, and mothers during wartime at the time, which, arguably, is a fine piece to critique from a feminist perspective. I'm particularly intrigued to look at the characters of this story as representations and symbolizations of ideals and ideas instead of them being physical human beings. Editha being the absurdity of idealism and patriotism embodied, [...]

    9. I liked the story, it was annoying has hell to read Editha quoting the papers and not sharing a word of her own to justify her reasons for supporting the war. I especially cringed at her audacity to think Gearson should join the war to be even more worthy of her. The best part was the end of course- Mrs. Gearson telling Editha off was satisfying, then became tarnished when she decided to forgive her. Who is Editha to forgive her?It should've been the other way around I think.

    10. This story invoked emotions! I wanted to shake some sense into this young woman, Editha. She reminded me somewhat of Scarlett O'Hara. Both were selfish women and determined to have their own way. I applauded the mother for telling Editha how wrong she was. It did no good, however, because Editha didn't change, just as Scarlett didn't change.

    11. I loved this short story. It's like an anti-war satire. I was amazed but delighted at the amount of sarcasm the soldier and his mother had. Editha is a shit person but a good character for the story.

    12. A short, well written story, that gives a look into the thoughts of a couple at the start of war. A quick read and worth it.

    13. Really enjoyed this story, despite having put off reading it for about a year, almost. Reminds me of Stephen Crane.

    14. Short, quick read. Reflective of the literary movement of the late 19th century contrasting romanticism with realism. I really liked the 'twist' at the end.

    15. I kind of like it , it was not bad . Yet , she was indeed a person who wanted "impose" her thoughts , opinion etc

    16. Something I don't know whether I like or not about this short story is that you absolutely cannot tell through Howells William Dean 1837-1920 actually feels about war, simply through his characters. On one hand, that's good that he makes his characters and plot so varying that you cannot tell how he feels about his subject, but on the other hand, it is impossible to tell what point he is trying to make, especially since (view spoiler)[Editha's character does not change throughout the story. (hid [...]

    17. Editha is a fascinating study of ideology, the harms of toxic masculinity, the misconceptions of war, the damage inevitably resulting from those misconceptions and how ideology perpetuates itself to grind men and women into the lifeless automata needed for "God's war" and "the country" and for "honor." I really like this short story.

    18. The main character may have been dislikable but the writing is exquisite and the plot is fine. I also like the message driven home by the old lady and the highlighting of the foolishness of viewing war as a path to glory.

    19. Pretty strong anti-war piece. Editha convinces her beloved to fight in a war, only for him to be killed and for her to be confronted with the fact that war is nothing to glamorize. The ending was not a favorite of mine, but I manage to get from it the fact that as a country, we realize the horrors of war but are okay with sending off our men and women to fight and kill for us.

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