A Wise, Blue Autumn: A Novel about Fathers, Daughters, and Remembering

A Wise Blue Autumn A Novel about Fathers Daughters and Remembering None

  • Title: A Wise, Blue Autumn: A Novel about Fathers, Daughters, and Remembering
  • Author: Donald S. Smurthwaite
  • ISBN: 9781573459228
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Like the fictional Marcus, I'm a storyteller. I see (and feel) stories in everything, and take joy in bringing those stories to life for my family and my students and my friends. And occasionally, the people to whom I tell my stories seem to enjoy them. Perhaps that is the reason I am drawn to Donald Smurthwaite's novels of Marcus Hathaway, himself a storyteller.Or perhaps it is simply that his stories are humorous and warm and gentle and filled with the joy that comes from a life lived well. To [...]

    2. Totally tender story filled with little pearls of wisdom. My biggest beef with it was that the dialogue was SOOO. phony? Scripted. unrealistic. No one ACTUALLY speaks that way. But I really liked the ending I probably won't read it again, unless I go to it digging for some cool quote that was in there by the authors favorite person in the world: Brigham Young. I also went into it hoping that it would remind me of my Dad; thinking that this would make a cute Father's Day present, but it did't rem [...]

    3. This was a book that my mother insisted that I read. Thinking it might be one of those not well written LDS novels, I wasn't keen on in reading it. However, Being the dutiful daughter that I am though, I wanted to make mom happy and read it. This was a really delightful little book. It is a story about a 73 year old man who loves to tell stories and as he reminises about his life we learn of his family and the lessons that life has taught him. This book is full of wonderful wisdom and is well wr [...]

    4. The books by Donald Smurthwaite are gentle reminders of how good life is. I like this quote from the book:"Brigham Young said that we could live a thousand years and we would still have experiences each day that would teach us and bring us closer to God. Sometimes I like my experiences and sometimes I don't." The book is fiction, but it is also a collection of experiences that the author uses to show us how we can gain wisdom from our experiences.

    5. Great book for those of us who raised daughters and miss them and wish we could do some of it over. Smurthwaite is probably a bit boring to the younger generation who want to read action books, but he is great for my age when you begin to look back and enjoy remembering.

    6. The sequel to Fine Old High Priests, this is an endearing story about fathers and daughters. Smurthwaite is witty and clever, but he also knows how to reach your tenderest feelings. If you're shy about crying in front of others, take this one to a quiet corner (with a box of tissues) and enjoy!

    7. Read this book a couple of years back. Found it again on my shelf. Remember loving this short easy read. I have a lot of pages dogeared.

    8. Wonderful book, and a really good sequel to Fine Old High Priests. The author's voice is personable and humorous. I recommend this whole series.

    9. A wonderful father book Especially from a daughters perspective I laughed, cried, wrote my father a long letter, and gave him a copy of this books as well

    10. This Mitch Albom-like author is perhaps my favorite LDS fiction writer.And now, the two maple trees in my backyard have new meaning!

    11. This is a great book about the relationship of a Father to his daughters. It is sweet and upliftinge way this author always manages to be. Highly recommend it!

    12. Another great book by Smurthwaite. Read Fine Old High Priests first and this one second. Both are great quick good reads.

    13. I loved his first novel, and felt disappointed with this one. It was ok, but not one that I felt as connected to.

    14. I don't tire of his style of thought provoking writing. I really think it helps me become a better person.

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