To Kill A Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia

Drawing on a wide range of unpublished material and observations gathered from his visit to Yugoslavia in 1999, Michael Parenti challenges mainstream media coverage of the war and uncovers hidden agendas behind the Western talk of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and democracy.
To Kill A Nation The Attack on Yugoslavia Drawing on a wide range of unpublished material and observations gathered from his visit to Yugoslavia in Michael Parenti challenges mainstream media coverage of the war and uncovers hidden agen

  • Title: To Kill A Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia
  • Author: Michael Parenti
  • ISBN: 9781859847763
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If you want any sort of "balance" to your understanding of the Balkan Wars, start here. See how the Europeans (particularly Germany) allowed the wars to unfold (and indirectly encouraged them), and then sat by passively as Croats, Serbs and Muslims butchered each other in Bosnia. The Serbs were then systematically demonized across the board to justify Western intervention. The reality on the ground was much, much different. Until today, the official "Serbs bad, everyone else good" story is large [...]

    2. This book should be required reading simply to balance the biased media coverage of the break-up of Yugoslavia. Parenti makes a compelling argument that the demonization of the Serbs served the purpose as a decoy; as a scanty (but effective) fig leaf meant to cover up the fact that the Western intervention in Yugoslavia was driven by the forces of free-market globalization rather than humanitarian principles. A well written and thought provoking book. I read it several years back, and originally [...]

    3. Well documented account of US motives in the dismemberment and destruction of Yugoslavia. Although my Hungarian brother-in-law, from a bit closer to the action, understandably disagrees, it certainly highlights the hypocrisy by which political actors like Milosovic and undisputedly brutal dictators like Saddam Hussein are put through show trials by far greater criminals who (sofar) act with impunity. The Spanish trial of Pinochet and the recent Malaysian conviction in absentia of Bush, Cheney, R [...]

    4. "Portraying the Serbs as evil and everyone else as good was not only counter - productive but also dishonest. According to my experience all sides were guilty but only the Serbs would admit that they were no angels while the others would insist that they were." - Lieutenant - General Satish Nambiar, former deputy chief of staff of the Indian Army and head of UN forces deployed in Yugoslavia (1992-93)

    5. I found this to be an exceptional informative book and having a very personal interest in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia I was keen to see what it had to say. To be honest, I half expected another character assassination of the the Serbian people & their culture as is the norm in the western media. How wrong I wasFrom the start it is made clear that the western knowledge of the breakup of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) was manipulated and at times manufactured by the western poli [...]

    6. This book will be controversial even more today than when it was written due to the evidence we have gained on atrocities committed by Serb military forces in Bosnia, which this book disputed. This does not make it any less important or satisfying to read. The universal level of support NATO was given for the attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by the media and political thinkers is unparalleled in my generation's lifetime, so any well written and factual criticism of that message shoul [...]

    7. This is a surprising, eye-opening book that reveals that much of what we heard in the West about the goings-on in Yugoslavia as it broke up and in Serbia, was manufactured. It also shows convincingly that the NATO aggression against Serbia in 1999 was an illegal action and that things during those times (from the Bosnian war in 1992 to Kosovo in 1999) were not as simple as the Western press made them out to be. I was surprised to learn that much of what we thought happened turned out to have bee [...]

    8. Absolutely essential reading for understanding how NATO operates. The most important historical book I have read in years.

    9. amazing book i cant recommend it enough,"Leaders and media find authentication for the images they propagate in the images they have already propagated."this quote embodies us propaganda during their demonization and ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people in the name of free markets and anti-communism.It is important now that were are at the eve of the neo-liberal imperialist destruction of Syria that we look back on the neo-liberal destruction of Yugoslavia and displacement of the Serbs.we need [...]

    10. tidy little portrait of how US public relations firms managed perception of the Yugoslav wars on behalf of imperials interests. I still see plenty of well-meaning liberal types parroting the US propaganda of those years, which makes them structurally identical with teabaggers, on the question of US empire.

    11. Easy to readgood to knowary to think about (the kind of world we live in)'s sad that more people know about & are interested in Harry Potter land than their own lands

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