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  1. 6 ianuarie 1955“Nu aştept. Nu mai am oare putere de anticipare, sau nu mai dau importanţă celor pămînteşti? […] Seninătate? Sau uscăciune? Sau lipsă de elan creator? Nu-mi lipseşte nimic esenţial, […] dar îmi lipseşte nebunia fecundă a nădejdilor pt. persoana mea.”30 iulie 1955“Nu aştept nimic precis, aştept viaţa.”

  2. this refers to the first volume (covering 1929-1942, though the later years take the largest part of the book)starts a little tentative, but slowly the journal of Alice Voinescu (1885-1961) becomes more assured and offers a great glimpse of Romanian social and intellectual life in the years; after the death of her (jealous, philandering, big spender and party-loving lawyer) husband in October 1940, the journal starts changing its tone as the author addresses to the departed husband as her main r [...]

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