Quiet Anchorage

Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, is like any other sleepy small town until Jake Robbins is murdered, and his fianc e Megan Connors is arrested for it The laidback, good old boy Sheriff Roscoe Fox feels smugly confident he s got the right culprit, Megan Connors, locked up in his jail It s a feather in his cap to help give his re election campaign for town sheriff a boost HowevQuiet Anchorage, Virginia, is like any other sleepy small town until Jake Robbins is murdered, and his fianc e Megan Connors is arrested for it The laidback, good old boy Sheriff Roscoe Fox feels smugly confident he s got the right culprit, Megan Connors, locked up in his jail It s a feather in his cap to help give his re election campaign for town sheriff a boost However, not all the townies believe Sheriff Fox has so niftily solved Jake s murder Megan s feisty septuagenarian aunts, Isabel and Alma Trumbo, are angry with Sheriff Fox They decide they better roll up their sleeves and get busy doing some shrewd detective work They are avid mystery fans with their large home library filled with every whodunit they ve read, so they know the tricks a clever killer might employ They befriend the twentysomething Sammi Jo Garner who takes no guff off anybody and becomes the sisters s assistant as they snoop away and unravel Jake s murder mystery Isabel and Alma also enlist the aid of their other local friends, the Three Musketeers, who are the gray haired benchwarmers on Main Street, and Sammi Jo s eccentric aunt Phyllis Garner Together, they follow the right clues to track down Jake s actual killer and clear Megan s name Everybody wishes they had a determined, loyal pair of aunts like Isabel and Alma Trumbo in their corner This first book launches the humorous cozy mystery series that offers a clean read and a traditional whodunit Join Isabel and Alma when they set off on their new life adventure as amateur sleuths that is as fun and challenging for them as it is for the reader.
Quiet Anchorage Quiet Anchorage Virginia is like any other sleepy small town until Jake Robbins is murdered and his fianc e Megan Connors is arrested for it The laidback good old boy Sheriff Roscoe Fox feels smug

  • Title: Quiet Anchorage
  • Author: Ed Lynskey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I love a good cozy mystery and this one fit the bill! The characters were fun and the book was a fast and easy, yet extremely entertaining read!Isabel and Alma Trumbo are sisters. They are upset when their niece, Megan, is accused of murdering her fiance and the two set out to clear Megan's name. However, Sheriff Fox is not going to let it go that easily. The aunt's will stop at nothing (and I do mean nothing) to help.I enjoyed the small town atmosphere (very much like the town I live in) and th [...]

    2. I was so charmed by this first book in the 'Alma & Isabel' mystery series, I have already downloaded the next two into my Kindle. Alma and Isabel are two elderly sisters who are young at heart, wicked of tongue and do not suffer fools gladly. Their niece is charged with murder and they are determined to find the true murderer. These are the kind of mysteries that I don't really care who did it. I am entertained by the sister's relationship with one another and to all they encounter. I love A [...]

    3. Megan Connors is arrested for the murder of herfiancé, Jake Robbins. Megan is the niece of theTrumbo sisters, Isabel & Alma. These two seniorcitizens have been helping solving the small town of Quiet Anchorage, Virginia mysteries. Now theyare about to form the Trumbo Detective Agencyand help solve this murder to prove their nieceinnocent.Small town characters that are quirky, vivid, colorful and well created involved in a puzzling plot.A quick, humorous, enjoyable read.

    4. I liked it! Love the quirky characters. Right out of any small town USA. I have shared my review on gbmysteries.

    5. A really cute story. Good detective work and some pretty good use of dumb luck. I'dd reccomend it to anyone who like cozy mysteries or anyone who likesw small town stories.

    6. Not a bad mystery , with some decent twists and turns. The main problem I had with it is that it leaps straight into the plot without really setting up the location or the characters - whereas with cozy mysteries, you normally get a bit more of a feel for the setting than that.

    7. Quiet Anchorage is a debut cozy mystery for Ed Lynskey in the tradition of Anne George's Southern Sisters series. In the small American town of Quiet Anchorage, sisters Isabel and Alma Trumbo enjoy sipping iced tea, reading mystery novels, watching 'stories' and completing the odd crossword or two but these two spry septuagenarians are incensed when their niece, Megan, is accused of the murder of her fiance and set out to prove Sheriff Fox wrong and unmask the real killer.With just enough misdir [...]

    8. My 2 cents:What a great cozy mystery this was to read. This is the first book I have read by the author and what a read it was. I throughly enjoyed reading about Alma and Isabel the amateur sleuths of Quiet Anchorage. They end up trying to help their niece Megan get our of jail. If they can, with Megan's prints on the murder weapon she might not stand a chance up against Sheriff Fox. He is bound and determined to make this case stick right before election time. Alma and Isabel really make this b [...]

    9. Quiet Anchorage by Ed Lynskey is a fun read of the cozy mystery variety. While I probably won't reread this one, I'm certainly going to be on the look-out for the further adventures of the elderly sleuths, Isabel and Alma. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the small town as well as the relationship between the sisters. And it was a pleasure to have a different kind of detective-or, rather, detectives!Many thanks to Ed Lynskey for the ride and hopes for another one soon!

    10. It was good, the 2 old ladies were fun but it seemed to drag quite a bit in spots. I thought there was a few sections that really didn't advance the plot and seemed as if they could have been deleted with no one being the wiser. I did not actually guess who it was though so that's good.

    11. This introduction to the Trumbo sisters is an easy reading, cozy, murder mystery with an unexpected ending. Isabel and Alma are two smart seniors who find more than a little excitement when their niece is arrested for murder and they decide to enlist help and bring out their detecting skills. Quiet Anchorage is a small town with small town characters and slightly crooked law enforcement with political aspirations. The sisters are up to the task and run into danger and close calls but nothing mak [...]

    12. Written by an acquaintance of mine through the Cozy Mysteries Club. The two 70+ sleuths are delightfully amusing foils. Can't wait to read the second book.

    13. First few chapters were OK. They introduced the reader to the mystery plot and the main characters, although I found some of the descriptive words were odd.However by the time I got to Chapter 8 I found I was having to re-read two or three sentences on every page to try and make sense of what the author was trying to convey. Here are a few examples where I got bogged down;On page 40 the author used the word kibbutz (meaning Israeli residential settlement). I think he had intended to use kibbitz [...]

    14. Refreshing new sister sleuth mystery series, October 16, 2012 Alma and Isabel, make up the new Trumbo Sisters Detective Agency. That is after their niece, Megan, was arrested for the murder of her fiance, Jake Robbins, the local mechanic.Megan discovered Jake at his garage dead from a gun shot. Sheriff Fox arrests Megan after finding her fingerprints on the gun. Alma and Isabel are livid to put it mildly. They are bound and determined to get to the bottom of this set up against Megan. But every [...]

    15. Picture Jessica Fletcher of MURDER SHE WROTE teamed up with Agatha Christie's Miss Marple & you would have the Trumbo sisters. Isabel and Alma like reading a good mystery and have used the skills learned from them to solve a couple simple ones in the small town of Quiet Anchorage. But this time it's murder and it involves their niece Megan. To make matters worse, it's an election year for the local sheriff & solving this case would cinch his re-election. So as far as Sheriff Fox is conce [...]

    16. Sisters, Isabel and Alma are on the case when their niece, Megan, is falsely accused of the murder of her fiance. Since they have been reading murder mysteries novels forever, they believe they are experts when it comes to solving crimes. These two elderly sisters are a hoot! Their back and forth conversations are like a pinball machine, jumping from subject to subject without missing a beat. I swear if these two ladies were real people, I would get whiplash every time I had a conversation with [...]

    17. Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, a small town with as many quirky, eccentric characters as any other small town also has the Trumbo sisters, Isabel and Alma. When Megan, the Trumbo's niece, is accused of the murder of her boyfriend the newly formed Trumbo Detective Agency gets busy finding out who the real murderer is.I liked the characters, especially Isabel and Alma as well as their young, bright, friend Sammi Jo. I found their antics quite humorous but frustrating at times. I was a little confused [...]

    18. The 1st in a cozy book series featuring 2 sisters who are fun, feisty and very likeable. I tore through this book and ideally will read the whole series. My favorite genre is British mysteries, and this reminds me of the cozy English village mysteries. Most of the books I read now are not at all cozy, which can become a bit harrowing, so it's lovely to be able to turn to something sweet, fun as well as being a mystery!

    19. This book had a good story. I really liked the sisters and their assistant. The niece they were trying to save was a bit odd. In one part, one of the sisters was looking for something that had fallen into the knitting basket. Being a knitter myself, I wish she hadn't given up on the knitting so that could become part of the continuing story!

    20. Quiet Anchorage is an entertaining cozy mystery. Isabel and Alma are tenacious, outspoken mystery readers determined to exonerate their niece who has been framed for murder.Quiet Anchorage is the first in a planned series of amateur sleuth novels featuring Isabel and Alma's ladies detective agency. I look forward to their next case.

    21. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were lots of fun and very lovable. The mystery was simple and made you feel like you were part of the community and wanted to root on the two sisters to solve the murder! I can't wait for the next one! Thank you for allowing me to read this giveaway edition!

    22. Hope this is the beginning of a series. Would love to know more about the sisters back stories. Enticing tidbits about their past thrown in and now I want to know more about them. Loved the 3 eccentrics on the bench and Sammi Jo. Story good although I thought I knew who did it early on but only started to figure out why later on.

    23. It was a fast, interesting read. I do love cozies, though. It turns out that Quiet Anchorage is almost a hotbed of corruption. LOL I must find others in this series to find out what more is found in town. LOL

    24. Started and then put down. Just did not warm up to the sisters. I has been compared to Anne George's southern sisters so perhaps my expectation level was too high. I may pick it back ip later but for now giving it a pass.

    25. Good cozy mystery about two sisters retired, widowed, and senior citizens working to solve a murder that finds their niece accused and behind bars. This is the first book in the series. I plan to read the next one "The Cashmere Shroud".

    26. It took a little while for me to warm to the protagonists, but once I did, the novel ended too quickly. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of trouble they stir up in the second novel of the series.

    27. It's like a mixture of Jane Marple and Nancy Drew, who both happen to be the first detectives I encountered in books. Long live the Trumbo sisters and their friends. I now have to shop for the following installments in the series.

    28. Oh boy. Another mystery series I want to read. I enjoyed these Virginian sisters and their town. There were a few typos but I expect those to be cleared up. A few awkward sentences and phrases, also. But none detracted from this engaging book.

    29. Good first book.I enjoyed this book very much. The main characters are likeable intelligent and entertaining. A bit of editing would have been nice. I just purchased the 2nd book in the series so we will see how things continue

    30. Delightful read, Alma and Isabel are super sleuths! Loved the plot and the sisters eagerness to save their niece. This is a series I will certainly read more of.

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