Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle & Delight (Tools for Transformation)

A pocket book of riddles, full of fun and illustrations.
Aha Gotcha Paradoxes to Puzzle Delight Tools for Transformation A pocket book of riddles full of fun and illustrations

  • Title: Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle & Delight (Tools for Transformation)
  • Author: Martin Gardner Brenn Lea Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780716713616
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle & Delight (Tools for Transformation)”

    1. [Warning: This review may contain an unexpected tiger. You won't know where the tiger will be until you encounter it. Now you know the tiger can't be the last word, because then it wouldn't be unexpected; having read all the words but one without finding the tiger, you would know the tiger was next before you actually saw it. By the same logic, the tiger couldn't be the penultimate word, either, because if you read up to the third-to-last word, you'd know the tiger would come next, and you'd exp [...]

    2. Buena recopilación de paradojas MATEMÁTICAS. Resalto esta palabra y la pongo en mayúsculas porque sí, no a todo el mundo le gustan las matemáticas. Y yo creo, y esto es algo a debatir, que si NO eres amante de la física o la biología, bien puedes disfrutar un libro de divulgación sobre física o biología; pero encuentro algo complicado que alguien a quien no le llamen las matemáticas, aunque sea un poco, pueda disfrutar de un libro de matemáticas.Dicho esto, el libro trata sobre parad [...]

    3. Maravilloso libro. Recuerdo haber devorado este libro a los 14 años. Recuerdo mi asombro al aprender sobre el hotel de Hilbert, que con sus infinitas habitaciones llenas de huéspedes era capaz de admitir a un huésped más (cada huésped en la habitación n pasa a la habitación n+1 y el huésped nuevo se queda con la habitación 1) e incluso admitía a infinitos huéspedes cuando las infinitas habitaciones estaban llenas (cada huésped de la habitacion n pasa a la 2n y quedan libres las infin [...]

    4. The world is lesser without Martin Gardner in it. Martin Gardner was a supremely intelligent mathematician with a real talent for explaining complex mathematical problems in a way that lay people could understand. Gotcha! follows the same lines. It's kind of an odd book, in that the cartoony style is a little dated and it really looks more like a kid's book or a Young Adult book. Make no mistake, it's not, though young adults could certainly benefit and enjoy. Gardner primarily approaches logica [...]

    5. Lógica, probabilidad, filosofía, trucos de cartas y curiosidades varias. Imprescindible para cualquiera que disfrute con las matemáticas lúdicas o que tenga interés por evitar caer en falacias o intuiciones erróneas en la vida diaria. Divertido, bien explicado y con un gran número de referencias bibliográficas para el que quiera profundizar más.

    6. Libro interessante e adatto anche a coloro che, con matematica e logica hanno poco a che fare! Getta le basi di queste due discipline attraverso una serie di spiegazioni ed illustrazioni sui paradossi più comuni.

    7. Not to be overlooked by the casual reader who might not see themselves as the puzzling type, "Aha! Gotcha," is that rare breed of puzzlebook that has universal appeal. It's a book that focuses almost entirely on those special singularities in our minds where the standard logic of a situation breaks down to allow a loophole, a shortcut a "Gotcha!".The book jumps lightly from puzzle stories, to light math, to trivia, and a wide variety of applications and puzzle types. This buffet-style approach m [...]

    8. Cuando ves este libro piensas que en tu vida te lo leerás. Y así es. Yo tuve que leérmelo de forma obligada debido a mi Proyecto de Recerca de 2n de bachiller, ¡y no dudaría en volver a leérmelo! Siempre he considerado que el mundo de las paradojas es un sinfín de cuentos carentes de lógica o que, simplemente, te invitan a pensar. Estoy muy satisfecha de haber elegido este tema para mi proyecto porque me obligó a leerme este libro que, a pesar de mi afinidad por las paradojas, jamás en [...]

    9. Un libro lleno de matemáticas amenas y muy bien explicadas, basadas en las paradojas que se presentan en diversos campos, como la lógica, las estadísticas o los mismos números enteros.Más en[makgregoryspirit/arch]

    10. This is the first "math" book that I bought for fun. I got it when I was 10 or 11, and it's as entertaining to me now as it was then. Cute drawings, clever humor, and all around fun. This is a great book for paradox fans of all ages, and it's wonderful for beginners but still worthwhile to the seasoned puzzler.

    11. If you want to read a book that has cool paradoxes and puzzles, this book has what you want. This book contains paradoxes, puzzles, explanations, and a miniature comic to go with each. Some paradoxes are very common, while others are not so common.This book is short, but full of interesting puzzles and paradoxes to think about.

    12. Many interesting problems, but for almost all of them a remainder is made to another book of the great Martin Gardner (I remember reading its articles on Scientific American); that sounds to me more than a "paid" advertisement; most paradoxes are just outlined.A bit disappointing.

    13. Gardner at his best! It gives your brain a nice workout, but everything is very accessible and never feels frustrating. This book is much more than just a collection of puzzles to solve, it really makes you think about some fascinating ideas relating to paradoxes.

    14. Very thought-proking and dispells some common myths. Help spot trickery in advertizing and political assertions.

    15. I have to admit I didn't get all of this even though it was clearly targeted at middle school readers. At least the cartoons helped!

    16. This book twisted my brain up as a childuntil the day I came home and found it torn into shreds by my dog.

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