It s almost midnight Cat s on the bed, facedown and naked She s Sam s former girlfriend, the only woman he s ever loved Sam s in the closet, with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other Together they wait as the clock ticks down because the vampire is coming.When Cat first appeared at Sam s door he couldn t believe his eyes He hadn t seen her intern yIt s almost midnight Cat s on the bed, facedown and naked She s Sam s former girlfriend, the only woman he s ever loved Sam s in the closet, with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other Together they wait as the clock ticks down because the vampire is coming.When Cat first appeared at Sam s door he couldn t believe his eyes He hadn t seen her intern years, but he d never forgotten her Not for a second But before this night is through, Sam will enter a nightmare of blood and fear that he ll never be able to forget no matter how hard he tries.
Bite It s almost midnight Cat s on the bed facedown and naked She s Sam s former girlfriend the only woman he s ever loved Sam s in the closet with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other T

  • Title: Bite
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780843945508
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. i like the storyline and it's structure, i like the author's way of telling the story, i like the storyi think i've been a longtime fan cuz i've collected over 20 books of hiswhat outrageously stunning books he cud write if he hadn't died so early(oh, michael mcdowell as well)?can i say some F word?他媽的!

    2. I've said this with previous Laymon reviews and I will say it again - Richard Laymon does not beat around the bush with detail and in-depth description, he writes slash horror like that seen in b-grade horror movies. Generally, there are assorted sex scenes and he usually tries to push the boundaries. This is Richard Laymon's style. He is NOT Stephen King, Clive Barker or Poe. This is what you will get from every one of Laymon's books and it is what I expect, therefore my ranking is based on thi [...]

    3. I really liked this. The plot is weird with twists and turns that lead everywhere and nowhere. As always, Laymon finds a ridiculous number of sexually deviant psychopaths everywhere, but isn't that part of what makes him fun to read. While this isn't one of his best, I thought it was one of his better books.It was a fun summer read and since I didn't go into it too seriously, I was able to enjoy it. Laymon has been my favorite author since I discovered him a decade or so ago.

    4. Bite is Laymon in top, if not peak, form. Fun, witty, danger around every bend. I won't declare it essential Laymon (unless you, like me, want to read every word he wrote) but it is a great example ofe thor's talents.

    5. I gave this book a 3 only because even though I was disappointed in the material, when I truly thought about it, I really shouldn't have expected anything different. Once he had introduced Snow White and the idiot twins (Donny and Peggy) I should have known this would be more about them than a supposed vampire who spent the majority of its time in the trunk of a car. Despite these flaws, it did have me guessing and gave me a few laughs on the way. Definitely not his best and not a good place to [...]

    6. Wow what to say about this book. Nothing like I expected, and I was really disappointed because I like most of Laymon's works. But this one, just did not do it for me. Nothing to take from the book at all. Hell I probably won't even remember in a year or two. The begining, the set up of the story, was a bit ridiculous, so this supposed Vampire is introduced, and then the title "Bite" came into play for a moment and that was it. Where was the fear and the intensity at? Then towards the middle it [...]

    7. Boo to whoever wrote the synopsis on the back of this book, and Boo to Richard Laymon for what this book turned into. This book is sold as a vampire novel… it’s not, in fact the “vampire” has metal fangs and spends 90% of the book in the trunk of a car with a stake through him, looking very very dead. This book follows Cat and Sam through a series of bad luck and even worse choices. The choices they make are so dumb, that the reader will find themselves hoping that the vampire WOULD come [...]

    8. This was a little different for me & definitely a different style for Laymon even tho there wasn't as much action in it as his others it did still grab you. I was a little disappointed because how the plot turned out, but there were some really suspenseful moments & not too mention a lot of funny moments. I feel Laymon tried something different with this book compared to his others it wasn't bad but it wasn't exactly what I expected, & because the plot that's why I have it 4 stars, b [...]

    9. This had all the things I consider Laymon. Dumb, adolescent-like boy, manipulative girl, bizarre sex and of course a lunatic. It wasn't his best, but it kept my interest and I enjoyed it. The ending was the best part for me.

    10. I will always be a huge Laymon fan. That being said, I can totally see how a newbie could start a book like Bite and decide prematurely that Laymon sucks. The beginning of Bite is a bore fest How much description do we really need about Cat and Sam trying to move the dead body of a so-called vampire? I have to say that I was even more irritated by the fact that I was going to have to slug through a whole vampire tale as I am sick to death of the neighborhood Nosferatus. But, as a true Laymon fan [...]

    11. What to say about this book? Well it was 'interesting'. One of the things that I am finding about Laymon's books, at least the ones that I have read, is that his main male characters always seem to be easily lead around by the women by their little brain instead of their big ones. lol I mean some of the stuff that Sam goes along with in the name of love really makes you wonder just what kind of idiot this guy is. I kept waiting for Cat to say 'Surprise' this was all a set up to get you back, or [...]

    12. Initially, I thought the book started great. This was shortly interrupted by a lot of boring details and lots of frustrations regarding "can we just get on with the story now?!". I realize some of this was for suspense, and that's great and all, but, when it starts impeding the progress of the story, maybe you should quit while you're behind. Eventually, the story ended, which I often found myself eagerly awaiting cause at least then I could say the story was progressing. Now, having said all of [...]

    13. Ok, I gave this three stars only because I have to admit, the author did in fact write "well". There was good description, character developement, and tension for climax. Howevere story sucked.First and foremost, this is NOT a vampire thriller. Not even close. Its more about mass murderers, and is basically a descent into depravity, stupidity, and intense sado-masochism.I never could like the main characters; they can be described in three wordsdirt-dumb-stupid. I came to feel they deserved what [...]

    14. I'm a great lover of character driven stories probably beacuse human reaction is what life is made of. After having a Laymon book read to me over the phone, I fell in love with his character building abilities. So, when this book came highly recommended by someone who knows me rather well, I had to read it.In this book about the murder and disposal of a vampire, the question of whether or not they are real is a steady theme. Bite takes the reader on an adventure that consists of a series of unfo [...]

    15. After reading Darkness, Tell Us, I was intrigued by Laymon's rather eccentric writing. Not to mention his sexual take on things. I really thought I would like this book but it turned out otherwise.What took the book down was the nonsense dialogues that just add up in the book's pages. I also observed 3 to 4 pages of Sam's peeping at Cat. 2 pages would do, Mr. Laymon.What's more, Elliot's not really mentioned in the book. He just lay there in the car's trunk and that's pretty much his action.To s [...]

    16. This book was dreadful. A total waste of time. It's about a guy & a girl who kill a supposed vampire and stick him in the car trunk, and drive around the desert looking for a place to dump the body. Along the way, they meet up with a freak named Snow White who terrorizes the hell out of them.It's just SUCH an idiotic story, that I honestly have no idea how the thing even got published in the first place. It's books like these that are times when I KNOW that even I can write a better story th [...]

    17. I get so frustrated with this author. He's telling a great, imaginative story about a maybe vampire and then he does it, once again. He throws in a scene or two or three (in one afternoon!) of what can only be described as a series of Penthouse letters written by a horny, overly sentimental 14-year-old boy. Laymon fans, is there a single novel that doesn't get interrupted by his silly juvenile sex fantasies?

    18. This book was awful! I tend to read a lot of campy horror and sci-fi but this was worse than most. The characters were horrible and the dialog as painful. The plot lacked any interest at all. The first chapter was mildly entertaining but all I can say is it was a waste of time and that is saying a lot for the stuff that I tend to read!

    19. Where do I even begin describing this one? I bought it in horror section so I didn't expect the giggles it gave me. Heck, you are reading a vampire book review so I'm sure you're familiar with a special type of movies which I, for some reason, loved as a kid - you know, the type where there was a lot of blood and gore, scantily clad women, absolutely stupid dialogues and action defying all reason? I bet you do know what I'm talking about. So, this book was exactly it. But in a written form.A wom [...]

    20. Pretty typical Laymon. Nerdy Guy, multiple hot girls, crazy person. The most unbelievable sex scenes ever. It was fun, but not very memorable.

    21. I've enjoyed a few Laymon books in the past, but between this and the underwhelming Flesh, which I also read recently, I'm starting to recognize him as more of a "hit and miss" author. For those not familiar with Laymon's extreme style, it can be best summed up by saying his go-to thing is constantly escalating the stakes. It often feels to me like he sits down to write a story without the full plot in his head, but instead just writes for a certain amount of pages, and then decides how he could [...]

    22. This book has a plot that does not make sense and unbelievable situations that aren't convincing even in the context of a horror book (which of course no one expects to be "realistic"is goes way beyond just being unrealistic to being silly-unbelievable). The main characters are such morons that by the end, you are not sympathetic with them and wondering whether they're going to get killedbut are rather wondering if they're going to get killed to put them out of their stupidity and so the book wi [...]

    23. Bite was easily one of the best horror novels of 1999. The story begins when the protagonist, Sam, gets a late-night visit from his former girlfriend Cat, who he hasn't seen in ten years. She comes knocking at his door wearing only a silk robe. It turns out that Cat is being victimized by a vampire named Elliot, and she wants Sam to hide in her closet with a stake and destroy him. Sam sums up his own predicament: "Things had started fairly simple: weird but simple. I was supposed to ambush Cat' [...]

    24. A complete summer simply can’t be had without curling up with one of Laymon’s novels. With a catchy title implying vampires, this seems to promise fun, excitement and plenty of thrills. Unfortunately, the book fails to deliver. Sammy, a 26-year-old teacher, reverts immediately back to his adolescence when his high school love, Cat, mysteriously shows up on his doorstep at eleven o’clock at night, clad in only a silk robe. Sam’s narration and his almost sweet (but very childish) obsession [...]

    25. I didn't really like it. What would you do if the girl you loved and lost showed up one day and asked for your help in killing a vampire? If you're Sam, you agree to it, and now you have a dead vampire on his hands. Though whether or not he actually is one is a toss-up, so you need to go out and dump his body far away. From there on, it gets worse.The problem is that the titular vampire Elliot wears metal fangs, and the book is oddly coy about him being one. He spends most of his time dead in th [...]

    26. When Cat shows up at her old boyfriend Sam's door at 11PM asking him to kill a vampire after ten years of not having seen him, we are thrown into Sam's world as he takes on many questionable characters. First of all Cat, is she telling the truth and was she involved in the murder of her husband? Then, there is Elliot, the supposed vampire. A weird guy, creepy, but is he a for real vampire or just an evil guy more deranged than the usual oddballs? What about Snow White, the strange Indigenous Ame [...]

    27. right off to bat, you're in the middle of the action. And at first it's really good, but I thought this book would have a little more to do with vampires and a little less to do with rapists and child molesters. there is a /disturbing/ amount of sexual abuse in this book. any amount is disturbing, but I lost count of how many times Cat drudged up another story about her enduring some horrific abuse. also what was with having sex in the most ridiculous, inopportune places? like right after you're [...]

    28. Laymon knows how to write an excellent story. Cuts, Darkness tell Us, Body Rides, and Island are just a few of my favourites. However, this book did not excite me the way his other novels have. For one, its called Bite, but the Vampire was there for a minute and then gone. The characters ran into a madman, which is the true premis of the story. For some reason, this book was easy to put down and get back to later, something that almost none of his other novels has done to me. O well, I have a fe [...]

    29. Not my favorite Laymon. Not as good as The Stake, which is a better vampire story. Though I'm sure The Traveling Vampire Show is his best, though I've not read it. The vampires in these books are really dormant after one scene in the beginning of the book. Bite had its moments but there were many times where I felt bored. It just didn't have enough of his magic. The dialogue seemed to go on and on forever. I love the guy, but he sure did have his share of poor books. This has to be the poorest.

    30. Loved This book Only a Richard Layman hero covered in blood would find it erotic because it is the blood of his childhood sweetheart. Moments later he remembers his sweetheart's blood is all over him because well fighting a Vampire it threw up her blood all over him. Not as erotic when he remembers that part but still pretty hot at least in his mind. Richard Laymon creates an unique world different ten any other. You need only read one of his books to know if it is a world you wish to explore.I [...]

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