Red Flags

Army cop Erik Rider prefers to fight his war in the saloons and streets of Saigon, so he is less than thrilled at being sent to a tiny American outpost in the remote wilderness of the Central Highlands to take down a Viet Cong opium operation hidden in the jungle When Rider lands in Cheo Reo, things get complicated Viet Cong battalions are gathering in the surrounding hiArmy cop Erik Rider prefers to fight his war in the saloons and streets of Saigon, so he is less than thrilled at being sent to a tiny American outpost in the remote wilderness of the Central Highlands to take down a Viet Cong opium operation hidden in the jungle When Rider lands in Cheo Reo, things get complicated Viet Cong battalions are gathering in the surrounding hills like storm clouds, while the corrupt South Vietnamese commander and his troops sit idle And sixty thousand Montagnard tribespeople want their mountain homeland back Soon Rider is entangled with the local CIA man and an alluring doctor serving the indigenous tribes As he closes in on the opium fields, he learns the hard way that that not all enemies are beyond the perimeter someone in Cheo Reo wants him dead Easy enough in a combat zone where killing is common and loyalties are for sale Red Flags is a masterly novel of soldiers and spies grappling with forces beyond their control and striving for the most basic goal in war survival.
Red Flags Army cop Erik Rider prefers to fight his war in the saloons and streets of Saigon so he is less than thrilled at being sent to a tiny American outpost in the remote wilderness of the Central Highland

  • Title: Red Flags
  • Author: Juris Jurjevics
  • ISBN: 9780547564517
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Books about the Iraq war are beginning to come out. But here is yet another one about Vietnam. I think you are going to continue to hear about Vietnam for a couple more decades. There are too many of us who lived during that time and who died there.Red Flags is set in the mid 1960s when the U.S. had “advisers” by the score in Vietnam rather than soldiers by the thousands. What do the Vietnamese think about the advisers? “They’re embarrassed to have us land on them with all our strategizi [...]

    2. "We kill for peace," could be the motto of the US Army. The story is a nice mix of mystery, espionage, and social criticism. Eric Rider is a CID agent on his second tour of Vietnam who is sent to the Montagnard area to interfere with the flow of money into VC and NVA coffers from the production and sale of drugs. His ostensible cover is that of an intelligence officer sent there to collect information. This provides the perfect mechanism for the author to reveal one of his themes: the ignoble tr [...]

    3. Red Flags is a very well informed book about the realities of the VietNam War.I had recently read the rather well reviewed "Matterhorn" by Karl Marlantes and found Red Flags to be a far superior novel. The depiction of the war in the Central Highlands circa 1966-1967--1968 is very accurate. The detail on intelligence collection by both sides is unusual [and only partially complete] but quite informative.The primary characters all know that the war was losing effort and yet as professionals conti [...]

    4. Eric Rider is an Army Cop, a member of their Criminal Investigative Service during the early days of the Vietnam War. He is sent to Cheo Reo, a remote base in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, on a secret mission to find who is growing opium in the highlands and using the proceeds to fund Viet Cong activities. Its partly a spy mission, partly combat duty and partly a cop mission, but its a superb novel of the early days of the war. Rider goes on spy missions with the local CIA agent, while also [...]

    5. Last year saw the publication of a masterpiece of Vietnam War fiction, Matterhorn, which was a searing and existentially bleak example of the battle novel. This year sees the publication of this very different, and only just slightly less impressive Vietnam War novel. At about half the length of Matterhorn, this book falls roughly into the crime genre, as it tells the tale of an Army CID officer sent undercover to a small base in the Central Highlands kind of near Pleiku. It seems that the North [...]

    6. Red Flags hooked me in the opening and then quickly lost me again for quite a while. The premise of the girl wanting to learn about the father she never knew was compelling, particularly given Rider's hesitancy to speak. Knowing all the awful things that occur in any war, and the especially unique and terrible things that transpired in the Vietnam conflict, it set my mind spinning and prepared me for serious drama.Instead, the novel is not propelled forward by any real plot or constant action. T [...]

    7. Eric Ryder, an Army cop, is sent to a remote American outpost (80-some Americans in a province crawling with VC) to investigate a major opium smuggling operation that is funding the VC effort. He goes under cover as a captain who is both intelligence and communications officer at the outpost, accompanied by his fellow agent,"SGT" Miser. (They're both warrant officers, but CID agents assume ranks and identities as it suits the mission.) It's 1966 and the war is in its early expansive phase, but i [...]

    8. An absolute must for anyone who has ever had an interest in the backroom, self-serving antics of all constituents of the early days of the Vietnam"conflict". Having served in Vietnam shortly after the time described in the story, I can justify my feelings of betrayal that were instilled about 1/2 way through my tour. I believed in being there for awhile but by the time I came home I remember thinking "what the hell just happened"!! Thanks Mr. Jurjevics for letting me know my post-war inclination [...]

    9. One of my favorite books ever set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war. Tohroughly researched, well-written, great characters, good dialogue. The usual frustrations associated with a corrupt, ill-conceived way, except that, in the end, the good guys come away with a bit of a win. Well done. Looking forward to reading more Jurjevics.

    10. This novel, almost more than anything else I have read on the Vietnam war, explains why the US could not win. The corruption, the in country politics of doing anything, the sheer waste of life is all brought during the course of this excellent thriller/war novel/detective story. I could hardly stop listening and was dismayed when it was over. Damn fine read.

    11. Solid realistic depiction of a corrupt remote Vietnamese province torn between sides and the American soldiers sent to help. The color and vivid milieu pictures often outshine the plot. Worth a read.

    12. I recieved an Advance Reading Copy (Through ) From a marketing manager of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt named Hannah (Again Thank you!).I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every second spent in this book and was disappointed only by the fact that it had to end! It sounded somewhat interesting when I signed up for the free give away, but having not been an avid vietnam fiction reader I did not really know what to excpect. I am somewhat ashamed to say outside of the Korean war, there is probably no e [...]

    13. Soldiers, Traitors, Spies, and Contraband: another side of the Vietnam War”“Red Flags” was written by Juris Jurjevics. He emigrated from Latvia as a young lad and settled in the United States after the end of WWII. Jurjevics served in the Vietnam War in the “1967” to “1968” era. His adult profession since then has been centered on writing and publishing books. Jurjevics is cofounder and publisher of SOHO press in New York.“Red Flags” is a work of fiction whose root is planted i [...]

    14. “Red Flags” is a murder mystery set in a war, a very interesting premise. The story was well-researched with books, documents and personal stories. Fortunately, the research didn't bog down the story. It carried it along.“Red Flags” is about conflict between ranks, militaries, enemies, and friends. Although it is about the Vietnam War, it isn’t solely about soldiers, but also includes actions of missionaries and USAID who were in country. There is also the conflict of clandestine love [...]

    15. I seldom rate a book with 5 stars but this one is special. In the early 1960s there was one irrefutable fact about Vietnam: no one had any firm grasp on what was taking place there. This book presents all the confusing details of the reality that was Vietnam in a story told through the eyes of an American investigator who is sent to the highlands to discover the driving force of the ever-increasing opium production, the profits of which were funnelled into Viet Cong bank accounts.There were many [...]

    16. Red Flags is a book that I was interested in because it took place during the time of the Vietnam War. Though it takes place in the war, it is mostly about a drug ring that some US special forces are trying to take down while the war goes on around them. I don't want this to sound as if the war isn't well represented, because I felt as if it was, but there were times when my attention wandered while reading because I didn't quite have enough to hold my mind to the book. I wasn't disappointed, bu [...]

    17. Crime novels are pretty far outside my normal reading habits but, for whatever reason, this one caught my eye at the library so I gave it a shot. I'm really glad I did! Red Flags is the story of an Army criminal investigator who is assigned to go under cover as a Signal Officer (guess that's why it's called Red Flags?) to break up a drug ring in rural Vietnam during the war. The author, Juris Jurjevics, is a Vietnam veteran himself; he couples his memories of the war with a great deal of researc [...]

    18. This novel is a journey of memory back to the adviser days of the Vietnam war. A daughter of a slain soldier never knew her father and visits one of the men with whom he served. From there it's off to the early days of the war. Not a time often written about, the story weaves the friend/enemies (often the same people,) the Montagnard tribesmen, CIA, opium, beautiful aide doctor, with the American advisers. In many ways, this was "my" war in that my contemporaries were the cannon fodder of the ti [...]

    19. The story of the book is a flashback of one Erik Rider, back to his days during the infamous Vietnam war when he conducted a covert operation in Cheo Rheo against the underground weed business supplying the NVA with resources. The narration is quite nice, interestingly encapsulated as a recollection told by the main character years after, though not as gripping as it could have been – it might as well have been shrunken down a notch, because it felt a wee bit repetitive (killing, corruption, i [...]

    20. An aging man is approached by the adult daughter of his former colonel in the Vietnam War. She wants to know how he died since she has never really believed the stories she's heard from her mother and others. Erik Rider, the aging man, tells his story about using Montagnards ethnic groups to stop drug running in a Cheo Reo province to fund the North Korean and Viet Cong troops. Montagnards is a general term for several groups of people who are not ethnic Vietnamese and lived in the mountains and [...]

    21. At first, I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this book since I found it started a bit slow for me. And yet, I couldn't seem to put it down. I have read many books on WWII, and none on Vietnam. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the end. While there is much misunderstandings about the Vietnam, this book has further inspired me to read on My heart does go out to all of those innocent soldiers that fought representing out country. Amazing yet, to see that corruption really does occur in that [...]

    22. Audiobook: Narrator did a good job with pacing and different voices. Written as a flashback narrative of Eric's Vietnam experience on his second tour. His commander's daughter comes asking about the father she never knew and how he died--usual military bs as to why. It's a compelling tale, giving us youngsters a glimpse into the early days of the "conflict" when US military "advised" the South Vietnamese government. Eric's weary tone makes it seem more like the end of the war rather than the beg [...]

    23. Red Flags is a great book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in finding out what being in Vietnam was like on a personal level. It is one of those rare books that you don't want to set down after you start reading. The story is about a young lady and her search for information about her father, but it turns out to be so much more. The ending was totally unexpected. This is a must read book.

    24. This story flowed nicely and left me wanting more. I was shocked to find how little I knew about the Vietnam War. Well at least some of the scummier elements. It makes me want to learn more about it and thank our armed forces for having to deal with what went on. Great job by Juris Jurjevics. A thanks to too for the advance copy.

    25. Disheartening account, yet ultra interesting, of everything OTHER than normal combat during WWII. Implicit profit off the clear by all sides while destroying a generation of soldiers and breaking families of said. Always question war. It should feel right, it should feel obvious, America. There should be no worse shame than war profiteering.

    26. This is a free book from the First Reads giveaways. This book is set in Vietnam '66 and reminiscent of "Apocalypse Now." Graphic descriptions of war in the jungle told from a US Army soldier's point of view. At times it is difficult to figure out who are friendlies versus enemies. The author does an excellent job keeping the plot moving and wrapping up loose ends.

    27. A really good book, both in terms of the writing and the content. The book manages to tell a compelling story that captures the realities of the situation from a first person perspective without straying into political correctness or laboring over the horrors. I am very much looking forward to the prequel which is due out soon.

    28. This book was won from and offered a different view of the way things were in Vietnam. Our troops faced many conflicting rules of engagement that led to many unnecessary deaths. The climax was a "hooray" moment for this reader. I will pass this book on to a friend.Peggy

    29. Not one of the better Vietnam war novels despite some of the lofty praise and comparisons to Matterhorn. It was OK to enjoyable but no more than that and on occasion a bit too whiffy of being anti-Vietnamese.

    30. This is a unique story, told by a veteran who was there, about the situation in South Vietnam in the mid-60's, before the U.S. was fully involved. Very interesting.

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