The Blackberry Bush

Who are you, and what are you doing here Two babies Kati and Josh are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls You d think such a potent freedom metaphor would become the soundtrack for their lives, but nothing could be further from the truth Despite his flawless image, Josh, an artistic and gifted California skateboarder, struggles tWho are you, and what are you doing here Two babies Kati and Josh are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls You d think such a potent freedom metaphor would become the soundtrack for their lives, but nothing could be further from the truth Despite his flawless image, Josh, an artistic and gifted California skateboarder, struggles to find his true role in the world, and his growing aggression eventually breaks him Kati, a German with a penchant for classic Swiss watches and attic treasure hunting, is crushed with disappointment for never being enough for anyone most especially her mother.Craving liberation, Kati and Josh seem destined to claimt heir birthright of freedom together After all, don t the chance encounters transform your life or are they really chance
The Blackberry Bush Who are you and what are you doing here Two babies Kati and Josh are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls You d think such a potent freedom metaphor would beco

  • Title: The Blackberry Bush
  • Author: David Housholder
  • ISBN: 9781609361167
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. ARC copy received from David Housholder.zimlicious/2011/0This book first got my attention when I saw its cover and its name. And then I was totally sold when I read "Two babies—Kati and Josh—are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls." Seriously, how wrong can you go with a story line like that? Not very, but I so did not expect it to be as beautiful as The Blackberry Bush.The story does start with two babies being born just as the Berlin Wall is falling [...]

    2. Is it true that when Satan was banished from Heaven he fell into a blackberry bush and cursed the brambles as he fell into them?Brambles and fruit, a “bush” that grows snarled within itself, wild with the veracity of a holy terror. Angelo starts this story telling of his witness at the birth of a baby girl born in America on 9/11 simultaneously bearing witness to the birth of a baby boy born in Germany on 11/9 (European style) the day the Berlin wall fell.What they share is a seemingly rando [...]

    3. David's insight into the thoughts and fears of young adults brings me right back to those yearsIt is gratifying to see that, despite not being picture-perfect, his characters have the ability to make something good out of their lives, and find their purpose. A good read for anyone in their "child-launching" years, and also for those young folks about to launch!

    4. A genuinely unique entry in the Young Adult genre. Housholder seems to have paid close attention to the practical reality of "spiritual awakening" experiences, and crafted a journey that feels authentic in its portrayal of such things. Perhaps his most successful creation is Kati, angst-ridden arty teenager, and one of the primary POV characters, who could very easily become a stereotype in the wrong hands (I've read this type of character far too many times). Housholder handles her inner monolo [...]

    5. I was drawn to this book by the the title cover and eagerly awaited an unfolding tale of two families on different continents their destinies intertwined. The potential for the storyline could have been so much more than Housholder delivered. I kept hoping that the charecters would rise from the pages and enthrall me. However they never did. Yes the relationship between Kati and her Opa was warm and supportive but still it lacked depth.Possibliy my attitudes were affected by my families personal [...]

    6. I love the look of this book with its tattered pages and paperback hardcover look. The story is about an intertwined family, who really don't know each other.The book begins in 1989 in both the US and in Germany when two babies [Kati and Josh] are born, and the Berlin Wall is coming down. Watching this while eating Blackberries is Angelowho is either a Spirit or an Angel. We go through their lives and the book ends in 2032ere are chance meetings of the two in the book. The heartbreak the unites [...]

    7. From beginning to end I was captivated. How remarkable it was that you captured personalities of both young and old, male and female. I found myself laughing, nearly crying, at the edge of my couch, huddled in a ball. So much truth and wisdom put into this wonderful story. I definitely have learned a thing or two. To be awake Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    8. The Blackberry Bush by David HousholderRelease Date: June 1st, 2011Publisher: SummersidePage Count: 172Source: The B&B Media Group for reviewAn invitation to a treasure hunt through the landscape of your soulJosh grows up an artistic and gifted California Golden Boy, but for all that life has handed to him, he struggles with his identity and role in the world. Surrounded by unrealistic expectations, he feels hedged in.Kati's German heritage presents its own obstacles to understanding herself [...]

    9. I was intrigued by the books cover. When I received my review copy I liked the feel of the book and loved the tattered pages. I highly recommend reading the author interview in the back of the book first. This helps set up the story and allows the reader to understand how this book was put together. In the interview the author reveals his heart and the meaning of the Blackberry Bush. This story was gripping and heart wrenching at times and is not one you want to rush through.I personally found i [...]

    10. Absolutely stunning! This is a book that everyone needs to read. There are so many things that are quote worthy that my copy has pencil markings all in it and page references marked in the back. As if the story was not compelling enough the author has been gracious enough to include a section of questions. If you are looking for an excellent book for a book club this is it! You will not be disappointed in the storyline nor will your group have a shortage of discussion regarding the topic.This is [...]

    11. When David Householder asked me whether or not I would like to review his upcoming novel, The Blackberry Bush, I read the synopsis on , and the very first line caught my attention: Two babies, —Kati and Josh, —are born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls.This is actually a novel about family relationships, interweaving destinies, and journeys of self-discovery. David Householder successfully brings out this story in a creative way - the story is layered wi [...]

    12. Title: THE BLACKBERRY BUSHAuthor: David HousholderPublisher: Summerside PressJune 2011ISBN: 978-1-6093-6116-7Genre: fiction/generalIn 1989, on the same day the Berlin Wall began to be knocked down, two babies were born, at the exact same time, but due to time zones, different times were recorded. One was a boy, named Josh, who lived in California. The other was a girl, named Kati, who lived in Europe. THE BLACKBERRY BUSH is kind of a difficult book to review. I read the story, parts of it made m [...]

    13. The Blackberry Bush is about real life lived by real people. You can actually relate to these characters on a page who quickly become part of your family. Maybe you will recognize them, because you will see yourself, your children, your friends, your parents, grandparents- They are all there.I began reading The Blackberry Bush because my friend asked me to, and I finished reading the book because I needed to share life with my new friends Kate and Josh, and all the rest. Not since reading A Rive [...]

    14. My buddy, David Householder's Novel, "The Blackberry Bush" is debuting June 1st. I've read a pre-release copy and it's incredible. A story of two kids born on opposite sides of the world the day the Berlin wall fell and how their fates intertwine and their lives collide in a crisis of faith. David's intense and beautiful writing style will captivate you, his story will move and refresh you, and his message will give you hope. This is a great "Beach read" but make sure you bring your sunglasses b [...]

    15. The author has a degree in ministry in the Lutheran faith, but based on the books cover, seems to run more of a non-denomination type church.Basically, it's a story of two kids leading parallel lives, and how they come tofind their place with God. The story isn't really religious, though there is talk of church etc. throughout, and it bounces around a lot telling their story, their grandparent's stories, etc, little bits and pieces here and there. The religious message is towards the end and it [...]

    16. When I first started to read The Blackberry Bush, I thought that it would be an easy read. After all, it is only 176 pages long, the shortest book I’ve reviewed to date. But I was mistaken. The Blackberry Bush focuses on many realistic, deep issues that it isn’t possible to just skim through it. Josh and Kati are complex individuals with common problems young people have today. An aspect of The Blackberry Bush I absolutely like is the way the two main characters, despite one being a male and [...]

    17. The cover of this book is initially what caught my eye, but once I started reading the story I found myself drawn in completely. The writing style easily brings the story to life and allowed me to connect with the characters easily depicting them during different stages of their life. On Nov. 9th 1989 as the Berlin wall is tumbling down two babies are born. In Bonn Germany baby Kati is born, and Joshua is born a world away in Zaramora, California.Two babies destined to meet, with more in common [...]

    18. This story follows the story of a boy and a girl born on the same day. They are connected by generational history and both move continents and struggle with much through their journey. Both Josh and Kati have fascinating stories. As the characters unfold across the pages, we come to a fast pace climax where their paths cross and their destinies are changed forever. to read more t/c7PxjGP

    19. It's hard to explain this book. An interesting story about two families and their generations. I wouldn't say it is religious, maybe more spiritual.

    20. The day the Berlin Wall fell uniting the two Germanies, two babies were born into the world, free of all worldly ties. Kati and Josh were the babies born in two different continents- Kati in Germany and Josh in the USA. The felling of Berlin Wall signified freedom to the people of the world, however the lives of Kati and Josh born during that historic day becomes more and more tangled in the thorny bush of life and expectations with their each passing year. Josh, a skateboarding prodigy is fille [...]

    21. Most of you have probably figured out that I love to read. But over the past year and a half, most of what I have read has been review copies of new releases.A while back, a friend reminded me that it is important to read for pure pleasure sometimes. So when my local Christian bookstore ran “bargain books” on sale for buy one, get one free this past weekend, I bought a whole stack of them!One of the books I purchased was David Housholder’s The Blackberry Bush. A small book, at only 200 pag [...]

    22. I have strong feelings about this book. I just don’t know what they are. I must endorse it, because it’s unforgettable.The Blackberry Bush was authored by a Facebook friend, whom I picture as a conservative “Christian teacher-leader” (David’s words) living 2,000 miles away. I’m not sure that’s how David pictures himself, so I’ve probably already insulted him. And I’m not much of a fiction reader; this will be my last for a while—I’m burned out. But on a whim, I asked for a [...]

    23. The Blackberry Bush had a unique literary style in the way the author crafted the story. The author's approach to storytelling was also unique and engaging. At first I found the story a bit challenging to follow due to the many points of view, but then I started to see a flow that made sense. The use of a narrator was a bit odd when the author could have merely used the omniscient point of view, however, when I saw Angelo as an angelic being in the story then it fit better. It kind of gave a hea [...]

    24. I must say that I really enjoyed this book. I was capivated from the very beginning in how their life's were intertwined and how it all came together in the end. The plot was very good. I really enjoyed the feel of traveling into the past and seeing the characters then. All the secrets, and betrayals they habored, you really didn't think how it would connect with the future characters but it did. It also makes you think a lot. It makes you see how even things done in the past can have such a pro [...]

    25. The mysterious cover and interesting premise intrigued me, but that's about it. Soon after browsing the first chapter, the book lost me.The novel is about two babies born at the same time on opposite sides of the Berlin wall, right on the day it was torn down. The novel follows their lives, how their chance meeting changes their destiny.Unfortunately, the novel doesn't deliver. A narrator named Angelo hints at an epic saga and life-changing lessons, but the storytelling is awkward and badly in n [...]

    26. I felt like the story didn't reach its full potential. A lot of jumping around in the telling of the story in small snippets making it hard to connect to any of the characters. The character development overall was really lacking.Two things that bothered me about this book. 1. I felt that the author had something really important he wanted to say and tried to use a story or parable to tell it. I don't have a problem with this type of story in general but I felt that it was poorly done. (similar [...]

    27. This was a novel seemed to have all the elements to a great story and opened with a great start of two children born as the Berlin wall came down but the story went flat after that, I liked the story of Walter and Nellie and wanted to learn so much more about them but all the characters seemed incomplete to me and I never really got to know or understand any of them and therefore had no real connection with the book. This is a very short book I felt the ending was rushed and was really disappoin [...]

    28. I was really drawn to the cover and the feel of the book. The book took awhile to get into, it is written in a style that I am not use to and I really had a hard time getting into the flow. Once I did I really did enjoy it. I really enjoy books written in the WWII era, so I was glad when the book started to flow.

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