Daredevil, Vol. 10: The Widow

Daredevil s fiery, reheaded ex partner returns to Hell s Kitchen to help the new Kingpin keep the streets clean But why is she really back One of Marvel s greatest love stories takes an interesting turn, and all in the horrible face of JIGSAW Guest starring Nick Fury and the Avengers.Collecting Daredevil 61 66
Daredevil Vol The Widow Daredevil s fiery reheaded ex partner returns to Hell s Kitchen to help the new Kingpin keep the streets clean But why is she really back One of Marvel s greatest love stories takes an interesting tu

  • Title: Daredevil, Vol. 10: The Widow
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Alex Maleev
  • ISBN: 9780785113942
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Madame Hydra is captured in Bulgaria but the local authorities won’t give the Avengers the collar – unless they give them Black Widow in exchange. The US government quietly sends someone out to capture Natasha who decides to hide in plain sight with Matt Murdock – who also has a big target on his head now that he’s the Kingpin! Ah, quiet reunions are never a thing between exes anyway! Daredevil, Volume 10: The Widow is an ok read but it feels like Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev have stoppe [...]

    2. A four-issue interlude featuring Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) teaming up with his ex, the Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanova), and bookended with Matt dealing with a request for annulment from his current estranged wife, Milla Donovan. Matt and Natasha angst-flirt as they go up against Jigsaw and a strangely chatty sniper.This short volume seems to be a nice excuse to bring Black Widow into the Bendis/Maleev run and show how Matt reacts to someone he has a good history with when trying to sort ou [...]

    3. Natash Romanova, a.k.a. the Black Widow, is in trouble, so she comes to Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil. Also, an annual (I think?) is thrown in.First, lets begin by saying that the run still hasn't gotten its tone back, save for that one spread page, where the many tiny panels design reminded me of the first couple of volumes.Second, I wanna talk about the Black Widow storyline.It was entertaining, and the art was, as always, good Though, it wasn't anything wow. The annual? It wasn't good.Most o [...]

    4. So, Milla files for annulment, on account of Matt's mental problems being thefalse pretenses' under which he married her, and Matt torments himself, torn between his reverence for the sanctity of marriage and love for Milla, and respecting her enough to give her what she wanted. Meanwhile, Natasha Romanova aka The Black Widow is on the run from her own agency and decides to hide in plain sight. With Matt.Published as a 40th anniversary special for Daredevil, it works because it doesn't necessari [...]

    5. Bendis and Meleev bring us yet another winning volume in which Matt Murdock's wife of less than a year, Milla Donovan, requests an annulment (she's learned that Matt may have been in state of personal crisis during their courtship and marriage and therefore doubts his love is sincere), when who should turn up on his doorstep, but an old flame. Natasha "The Black Widow" Romanov is an ex-Russian spy and agent of the peacekeeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Her life is on the line becausewell it's a lot to [...]

    6. BMB and Alex Maleev continue to hammer out gems with this series, and The Widow (issues #61-66) is no exception. This arc features Black Widow returning to Hell's Kitchen. There she teams up with Matt Murdock, the self-proclaimed new kingpin of the Kitchen, and the duo cleans up the streets a bit. Matt's life is one giant, complicated mess, and the addition of the Black Widow only makes things even messier. I'm consistently impressed by the artwork of Maleev and the excellent plotting of Bendis. [...]

    7. The Black Widow is a fun character, especially for this series, where the tone can sometimes get so bleak, but I really felt the pacing was a little off here. With all the crazy stuff that was going on with Matt Murdock's life at this point in the run, devoting 6 issues (half a year to anyone reading monthly), to Natalia's visit seemed like a bad case of "writing for the trades." That said, the Bendis run as a whole was just bananas, and there is no reason not to read the whole thing straight th [...]

    8. Losing a number of graphic novels in a basement flooding issue cost me money, but it did provide the opportunity to re-read all of Bendis' run on Daredevil when I went out and replaced them.This volume Black Widow. 'nuff said. Bendis writes conspiracy, secret agent superheroes better than anyone, and no hero is more conspiracy/secret agent than Natasha. We've got SHIELD, and assassins and legal issues and melodrama awesome all around.

    9. While the drawings and graphics are amazing, the story line, dialogue and everything else is far less acceptable than say Spin-offs, White Tiger written by Tamora Pierce and Timothy Liebe or the far more awesome "Hatter M Volume 2. Mad with Wonder", by Frank Beddor. While graphics are far more rudimentary in Beddor's comics, the story line, themes and ideas are intense and amazing. Perhaps meant for a far more mature audience, Hatter M, appeals to more of my current studentsd me too!

    10. Very good example of the Bendis and Maleev run on Daredevil, complete with nostalgic team up with Black Widow. A reprint also features her first adventure with DD, from 1971 or so. The pin-up illustration by the late Bill Everett of the Widow is smokin' hot

    11. The Black Widow brings a surprisingly easy transition from Daredevil's established gritty realism to an entertaining espionage interlude.

    12. 3.5 stars, maybe? I don't really care about Daredevil but I care a LOT about the Black Widow, so here we are. Pretty okay!

    13. Excellent, photo-realistic artwork, believable characters, good storyline. I like. The extra stories towards the end are silly, I think, though.

    14. I really enjoyed this black widow arc with the outed Daredevil. At least they write Natasha slightly better than they do in the movies.

    15. I liked everything about this except for Nat's covers because goddamn does it shit me the way she's posed on the cover of male-protag books.

    16. Man oh man am I ever in love with the Black Widow. She's a superbad lady in every sense. Bendis handles her superbly. I like her chemistry with DD and relish seeing them together sometime soon.

    17. Good work here. Bendis gets wordy, like he does, and I love it. Good stuff and great Marvel world drop-ins from other dudes (the part with Spidey is very cool). Good one here.

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