Dead Man's Ransom

The year is 1141 and civil war continues to rage When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner, arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis, a young Welshman But when the sheriff is brought to the abbey, he is murdered Suspicion falls on Elis, who has fallen in love with the sheriff s daughter With nothing but his Welsh honor to protect him, Elis appeals to BrothThe year is 1141 and civil war continues to rage When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner, arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis, a young Welshman But when the sheriff is brought to the abbey, he is murdered Suspicion falls on Elis, who has fallen in love with the sheriff s daughter With nothing but his Welsh honor to protect him, Elis appeals to Brother Cadfael for help And Brother Cadfael gives it, not knowing that the truth will be a trial for his own soul.
Dead Man s Ransom The year is and civil war continues to rage When the sheriff of Shropshire is taken prisoner arrangements are made to exchange him for Elis a young Welshman But when the sheriff is brought to t

  • Title: Dead Man's Ransom
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: 9780449208199
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. The Cadfael series has a well established reputation of being high quality historical mysteries. They do fall into two camps- the narrative dominated by the mystery, and the book that progresses the historical events that are effecting England at that time. This book in the series is part of the latter. Much of the story revolves around the civil war and the way the lords of the land manipulated the unrest to their own advantage. We return to the border country to the west of Shrewsbury and to t [...]

    2. This book doesn't come up in a title search, even if you combine a keyword from the title and the author's name. I had to search for it by ISBN #. [2015--this seems to have been corrected]Up until the middle of this book in the series, the Sheriff of Shropshire is Gilbert Prestcote. He's not particularly adequate. He's dour, he's prejudiced, and he sometimes takes advantage of built-in cruelties in the law to 'solve' problems that could have been solved a lot less ruthlessly. Would a man who acc [...]

    3. "On that day, they had offered prayers not for the victory of one party or the defeat of the other, but for better counsel, for reconciliation, for the sparing of blood-letting and the respect of life between men of the same country."In Dead Man's Ransom, the intrigue of the civil war crashes to new heights. The Earl of Chester, self-styled king of the north of England, has defeated king Stephen at Lincoln and taken the monarch captive. Gloating from his success, both Shropshire and Gwynedd in N [...]

    4. Another entertaining installment in the Cadfael canon. This is the first one chronologically that was never made into a TV episode. Perhaps because it has Cadfael in Wales for a good part of it and the ensemble cast that they assembled for the TV series would have had precious little to do. The episode is a good one though. There are actually two sets of star-crossed lovers and a Welsh border incursion along with the re-appearance of Avice of Thornbury from Leper of Saint Giles now as a Benedict [...]

    5. I found this one of the series very convincing and engaging. The interest lay in the motivations of the characters - their loyalties, responses and obligations. Peters manages to draw the reader into another time and place, to connect us to the context. The story unfolds with ease. It mattered not that I could guess how the mystery might unfold. I was part of the world and wanted to know how each character would fare, where the logic of their world would take them within the framework of histori [...]

    6. When Sheriff Prescote is taken captive in battle, his deputy, Hugh Beringar, seeks to exchange a young Welsh prisoner for him. The deal is made, and the injured sheriff is brought home, only to fall prey to murder. The resolution is complicated by a love quadrangle and a bromance. I didn't love this as much as the earlier books in the series, but it's still a pretty good read. I'd have given it 4.5 stars, but I knew who the murderer was as soon as the murderer knew it.

    7. Yet another great tale of love, murder, and a troubled country in the grips of civil war -- Cadfael is as understanding and clear-sighted as always, a paragon of what it should mean to be a "good Christian". The side characters are vivid and their plights powerful; I'll never tire of Peters' flawless skill of evoking a time long past with stunning clarity and modern presence. History, mystery, and romance in a perfect blend -- what more could a girl want?

    8. Cadfael series: excellent historical fiction. Ellis Peters draws the reader into the twelfth century with modern story telling but holds us there with a richness of detail which evokes a time and place which might as well be fictional. Though the foreground of each chronicle is a murder mystery, behind it a nation and a culture are woven in a wondrous tapestry.Dead Man's Ransom: Honor and duty clash with unrequited love and racial animosity.

    9. The civil war has flared up again and once again comes close to home for the population of Shrewsbury. When an exchange of prisoners of war leads to coldblooded murder, the prime suspect, a young man from Wales, appeals to Brother Cadfael for help. As always, an entertaining historical mystery read.

    10. Another really solid book in this series. I figured out pretty early on who was in love with whom, and I also figured out the murderer (and was not happy about it!) but it all worked out in the end, whew, nicely though not so neatly. Yay!

    11. Again a lovely time with Brother Cadfael and Hugh Beringar. They actually find themselves a bit at loggerheads in this, but it's nothing that Sister Magdalen (so happy to see her again!) and Cadfael's young-lovers-of-the-month can't sort out while Cadfael gladly turns a blind eye. I was rather aggrieved with these young lovers (there are actually two sets of them this time!). Normally I don't mind them but Melicent struck me as light-minded what with her stupid accusation and then her equally st [...]

    12. Cadfael novels are my go-to comfort read when I'm not sure what to read and I've tried a few things but nothing catches my interest. I'm eking them out so they last a long time. This one has a bit more about the civil war going on in England in the 12th century: there is a battle that the Sheriff goes off to fight in, but he is taken prisoner, wounded. The deputy sheriff and others in Shrewsbury come up with a plan to exchange their sheriff for a young man taken in a related skirmish. As usual t [...]

    13. I tried the first Brother Cadfael novel way back in the early '90s, when I first came out to California for my master's. I don't remember much of it beyond the fact that I was disappointed.A few months ago, I picked up this volume at a library used-book sale for $0.25, hoping for a better experience.For me, the novel's greatest weakness is that it's boring. The writing is pedestrian and the characters are uninteresting, and there's not much of a mystery. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

    14. During a civil war, Shrewbury finds itself caught between a king, an empress, and several hundred loot minded Welshmen ready to cross the border at a moments notice. Then the king and the sheriff are both taken and the Welsh pick their moment. Brother Cadfael must help the deputy sheriff win the day and find the murderer.

    15. Fairly predictable and more of the same. Definitely need a break from the series as I found my attention often focusing elsewhere. However these stories are well written and always an enjoyable quick read. Cadfael has that subtle strength people naturally trust and of course a tremendously rich vocabulary.

    16. Another charming Cadfael tale. Once again set in the midst of political strife, this story centers on the exchange of prisoners with a welsh prince. Love at first sight and murder complicate matters

    17. The book was interesting, I loved the writer's style and choice of words, especially the descriptions. I was surprised by the ending.

    18. The standard Cadfael novel. If you read the previous books, you know what to expect; and you won't be disappointed.

    19. As always Ellis Peters delivers a great thoughtful recreation of a time before the enlightenment when people were more concerned with practical matters and less with being seen as right.

    20. Em fevereiro de 1141 a guerra civil continua. O conde Gilbert Prestcote de Shrewsbury é ferido e capturado pelos galeses. Um jovem nobre galês também foi capturado por Freiras do Convento de Godric que o entregam a Hugh Beringar, que substituía o Conde Gilbert. A troca é pensada e feita com participação do Irmão cadfael.Só que o Conde gilbert é morto quando estava na enfermaria do mosteiro de Shrewsbury, apesar de moribundo. Elis, o jovem galês aprisionado e Eliud , seu irmão de cria [...]

    21. I like Cadfael. I even want to learn more about the war between Maud and Steven, but sometimes there is too much history at the beginning of these books. I was bored at the beginning of this one. "Get going with the story already!" I wanted to tell the author, but I stuck with it. Not too much intrigue in this one. I ticked off the suspects, knowing who didn't kill just because the author set them up ahead of time to be made suspect too readily. I love going back to Cadfael between reading new a [...]

    22. The ninth book in the Brother Cadfael series [1], this particular book trods on fairly familiar ground, but immensely satisfying and with some twists. For example, like some of the other books, this novel finds Cadfael dealing with a Welsh context to a complicated murder, political, and romantic mystery. Sheriff Prescote of Shrewsbury leads the local contingent of soldiers to battle at Lincoln, only to find himself captured by some renegate Welsh, one of whom is a carefree lordling that is captu [...]

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