Daredevil, Vol. 12: Decalogue

The wait is over Exactly what happened during Daredevil s year long reign as the new Kingpin His historic cleaning of Hell s Kitchen will finally be revealed in bloody detail Framed around the Ten Commandments, this epic story is like nothing you ve seen before Collects Daredevil 71 75.
Daredevil Vol Decalogue The wait is over Exactly what happened during Daredevil s year long reign as the new Kingpin His historic cleaning of Hell s Kitchen will finally be revealed in bloody detail Framed around the Ten Com

  • Title: Daredevil, Vol. 12: Decalogue
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Alex Maleev
  • ISBN: 9780785116448
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Some Hell’s Kitchen residents form a support group in a church basement to talk about Daredevil, the new Kingpin, and how he’s affected their lives. But one of them has a terrible secret…Daredevil, Volume 12: Decalogue is more of a short story collection than a single narrative and, like most short story collections, some stories are good, some are bad. Daredevil saving the junkie girl from her crappy life and the dude whose dad was in prison because of Daredevil were pretty forgettable st [...]

    2. An interesting narrative take on Daredevil during the time he was the top mob boss of Hell's Kitchen told from the perspective of several regular people in a trauma group, who have more intimate connections to one another than they realize. As usual for the recent Daredevil artwork it's heavy in shadows and grittiness.It's hard to discuss the merits of the story without spoiling it so I shall just say it was well done even if not perfectTWORK PRESENTATION: B minus to B; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B pl [...]

    3. The most disappointing of the Bendis/Maleev run yet.A bunch of people get together in a church and talk about how DD made an impact on their lives, discovering a mystery that more than one of them is liked toThe mystery wasn't that good, btw.After this, there's only one volume left till the end of the runHope it's good.

    4. A support group meets in the basement of a church, made up of everyday people whose lives have been affected by Daredevil in the year since he took over as the "Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen". As more people share their stories, something sinister and terrifying begins to link all of them together. Something only the Man Without Fear can handle.Coming back to Bendis and Maleev's Daredevil run from a long sequence of the Silver Age Avengers is like re-entering the real world from an overlong vacation [...]

    5. Hard to rate this one actually. Somewhere between 2 (the twist) and 4 (all the rest). I'll settle for a half-hearted 3.Good basic plot (a bunch of strangers found themselves in a church basement to discuss the effect Daredevil had had on their lives since he declared himself the new kingpin of Hell's Kitchen but found themselves more connected that they thought), solid storytelling, nice creepy atmosphere but the Hidden (as in the Jake Sholder movie) stuff just lookedgoofy.Though déjà vu this [...]

    6. This is on my top 5 graphic novels of all time; it's a story (or a series of stories) told by everyday citizens who have been affected by a super-hero. Besides Alex Ross' "Marvels," It's the only (good) comic to make you and me the central figure and the super-hero a minor oned it works brilliantly.

    7. I liked this a lot better than most fans do. I think it might be lowered expectations, having already read it and there being quite a few years between then and now. I understand that the promise of learning what happened in the "missing year" was far too intriguing, and the actual payoff being something like the Doctor Who episode Love & Monsters was ultimately disappointing for most readers. But, for me, the result was a personal story, and a fairly bizarre one--one of the stranger one, ac [...]

    8. This is one of the best Daredevil stories of all time. It is self-contained, but then not. It deals with larger issues involving Brian Michael Bendis's run on Daredevil at the time, but the story itself, of what is really happening on the pages, is self-contained to this one book. This is a demonic posession story. It doesn't seem that way at first. At first it seems like a group of people sitting in a church basement talking about Daredevil, as a support group. What it becomes is a demonic pose [...]

    9. This is possibly the greatest story arc yet in the entire Daredevil Volume 2 run. Good enough that I read 80% of it in one sitting. Good enough that I placed this story arc on my "Best of the Best" shelf here on GoodReads. Good enough that I wanted to re-read it immediately, but I didn't just so I could see if Bendis & Maleev could top it.Decalogue is a 5-part story (issues 71-75) that takes place predominately in the basement of a church. Different people of Hell's Kitchen are gathered for [...]

    10. What happens at a support group for people influenced by Daredevil's actions? I'm glad you asked. Not only do we get a great set of stories as people share their tales of how DD has affected their lives, but we get a big finale and some seriously creepy moments. The main story actually breaks out of what I consider standard Daredevil fare, and lands deeply in supernatural territory, but it's done with such a nice psychological build-up that when it arrives, I have no complaints. Masterfully told [...]

    11. A little weird. Bendis's rambling dialogue style combined with guilty introspection made for a lack of momentum during DD's speech, which is supposed to be the whole impetus for the book. The vignettes themselves were interesting, although they could have used a bit more detail sometimes. Still a fun read.

    12. This one.…… this one is so good.Maybe one of the best I've ever read. Bendis does what he does best, he flips the script. In this arc you see how others see Daredevil. How he has impacted some of the people of Hell's Kitchen. Some he's saved, others he's busted, some he wish he had saved, and it all raps up in this little bow of perfection. If you are a Daredevil fan this is a MUST READ.

    13. The "Daredevil support group" is a nice storytelling framework to tell short stories about how the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen affects a bunch of people's lives, though the ending is a bit too weird and inexplicable.

    14. Ultimately, the experiment fails, but I have to give Bendis credit for trying to flesh out the history of Daredevil's reign by flashing back with members of a support group in stories loosely tied to some of the Ten Commandments. Great attempt, even if not a wholly successful one.

    15. Nice fill in of the year daredevil was away, pretty brutal story involving a support group for people dealing with the fallout of daredevil's reign over hell's kitchen. He's definitely back in control by the end of it

    16. Fun little group therapy session. Nice and gritty like sand. Though the supernatural twist falls a little flat.

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